Does Mois know what he’s holding in his Hands? ๐Ÿ˜‚ English SUB

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welcome to give a new work today we are shooting a completely new one format with must you are the very first one and we have a box here prepared your hands are about to come reinhard gebauer that looks like you're just thinking anyway you know yes okay you have doubts you mean such a wine box where you can despite right there okay so mallorca i thought that would surely be what we have now namely, something grand before you have to search for it, so I put it now a calm purely do not know which only with my hands I had to do something say yes i have moved for a week man nails were but i would just say it i have passed this designer i donโ€™t have to think of it now buy a new one so I apologize a lot knows that this is not a macro lens okay we start with the first one is just you yes, it's best to do it briefly around we start easy ok we start easy at that will have been very pleased with the first time you can eyes open up and can now feel it for the first time that is very exciting and I say the turkish the typical one love your favorite was or that is actually no you will irritate me that is a picture disney is just even mostly on just was okay, even bosch's goal has been changed [Laughter] I have to say the researchers, we have a great pavรฉ here also sounded great once made clear so i don't have such a good job at all this annually at the just not at all what costs fun topic 18 18 are you nice when you have this 33 and so if you just want to flex look when you have yourself on your wrist, let's continue with the next 1 we already have a point for corn is in it can also have a look that really irritated me that these ears and watches from bracelet mr so similarly built by the president prepares but that is actually an with this black country i don't know how that speedmaster exactly i have a black wall or i have to I say I did I didn't think you knew you I think that others recognized back here and soy already so that's from here it is very similar to a but that it was only as roma who was already at the Sausage is also complete so it is reza song glass and the plastic nice thing about the clock is this from the 90s I even still have the original invoice, yes this one to 590 has cost 1000 euros great there so is nice but are initially lived that's a that's a nautilus he's all partners steal must with i even say or even they equal almost the same but with one difference i expect exactly that this is a model under mine actually how is it easy it is easier but then it noticed that so the model under the is exactly that and patrick with a photographer has two additional presses here were no buttons and that's that sign protecting that you have fulfilled who it is not a sign but do you have general this decision makes the same with them well ok so if you talk to yourself that godmode you will give me a high one is definitely a brand so it isnโ€™t something you donโ€™t know about the brand but the model is there you just can't figure it out is here again this is that wicked ugly this will also be forgotten that means where we is that is not a that remembers to rolex or is there nothing that is of course that is possible do not know can not even be there is a person who has the clock you too kid boah papa class has one like that and waits that's the ugliest one sometimes judge just this makes then it does not make deep so I mean for the great goldmaster years rights is whoever is a great very strong before very strong yes that was such an ugly oh my god or if you have the office on your wrist you have not moved to live half a kilo it's no fun at all I imagine you here in the bottom house everything is broken where it was because it was time for naples, he didnโ€™t have it, itโ€™s itโ€™s more from the standard the standard size that man also at first did exactly like his 400 if I do that with I will with that So other players will be even on the model name it is that is a completely new level here has not been put on the ears what recognized me is this is also about christina because you felt okay but it is also a very good, very beautiful, very stable in value as we ourselves At that time the first time I met she was only at 17 16h is insane and so white dial is also beautiful so one rises from people i would in the blue lycos over 10,000 euros is so nice, yes, but that is the goal of blood by ab he is so like blue eyes it doesn't look nice [Music] but which rolex is it tiger is already very exotic is really it is also now not a standard now not in alex's program it is slightly modified that irritates me because the dnt ran around the surface because just has and The edge of a submarine was reduced so that you can play gas and very very very strong but a data as roma is out, which means that it is a date but it is made with the is beautifully made very beautifully made the is very nicely made thicker but why is the so thick that is again as many of them is that consequently felt against the edge he also talked about milk or the case is very similar to that mega selection the same band but I really do look very nice A brother wrote to me that meant I knew what would be even better if she here also from stone there are places that arise when on here on it the clock face also said who will be here who were here and on it then I would have to buy yes except for one did you actually expect all of them very much that was the last that was the last you just said I did now even said yes with whom I will then rotate the format again think you will definitely be the record holder he doesn't think that the two of them hunt so you do was fierce says master was very difficult so many thanks for seeing people have a lot of fun made and like to stop by, everything is in the infobox and below then see you next time

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