DZ09 Smart Watch Hands-On & First impressions.

Hello, everybody diseased. I never lose from che negative reviews in this video I & # 39. Ll show how to use the DS 8:09 smart watch this one okay. First of all, I have to insert the SIM card and microSD card.

As you can see, this is 64 gigabyte micro SD card from Samsung; ok, 64 gigabyte; okay, so we have to take off the back cover of the SmartWatch like this. Take off the battery insert the Micro a stick out like this and insert the SIM card here.

Okay, put it like this put back the battery here on the back cover. Okay, so turn the phone on and use it easily. You have to install to your Android device, the fondue smart device application this one okay connecting come on.

As you can read here, we have 3G signal here, so we can call anybody okay. So now we are connected with the SmartWatch. Yes, so here we can change the clock theme just pressing once and you can choose what theme do like again.

Next, let’s, take a look in the menus, and here we have notification area. So we can change the brightness here: okay, turn off the Bluetooth, airplane mode and so on. So we have 3G coverage here. Okay, let’s.

Call somebody local whole because we have the seam inserted, so it’s working. I came by contact list. Let’s, go back or change so we have messages here. We have hollows settings, Bluetooth, dialer, okay.

Next, we have remote modifier remote capture. Okay, next anti lost cannot find form Bluetooth. Here you have to turn on the power. The visibility next pedometer count your steps, sleep, monitor, sedentary reminder, quick response, Moochie, Smart Search, allow calendar calculator profiles, silent meeting Otto and so on.

Fine manager, so he sees the 64 gigabyte, is the guard [ __ ]? So this is the club. Let’s. Try music! This is from the cab. Okay, let’s. Go back file manager, themes, audio player, let’s. Go back FM radio, camera video recorder image via video player, sound recorder, browser and sim toolkit.

So many many many many application here. I just love. This SmartWatch is very affordable. Okay, that’s. It thank you for watching, see you soon bye! You