Ellen DeGeneres Watch Collection – Rated from 1 to 10!

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Today on Watch Your Style I'm gonna be reviewing Ellen Degeneres' and you could tell by the pieces that she has. She's very passionate about the Watch Game! [opening music] So the first thing that I realized when I
started compiling the list of the watches that she has is that she's obviously a die
hard fan and I for more don't see nothing wrong with that. Some people will hate and criticize and say,
�Oh, there's no diversity!� But Hey, listen, if you liked the brand you like the brand. I mean, what is there to hate about ? I think they got more than enough watches
that can suit anybody's liking, you know? So let's go ahead with the first couple of
models that she has. She's been spotted wearing a Submariner, white
gold with the blue. Great option. I think for a woman, something about a gold
Submariner on a woman for me that's just always a plus. She also has the GMT yellow gold with the
green dial to complement and have the complete opposite of that Sub.

She's also been spotted with that Yacht-Master
rose gold with the Oysterflex strap. It's kind of a watch that's not my favorite
one, but either way, it's not my problem. That's her watch. I think that's a good solid start for as far
as the sports models go. So for the Presidential models, over the years
because she's been doing this a long time. She's definitely a veteran in the Watch Game. She's had several Day-Dates, but I want to
focus on the most recent models that she's had, one being the Day-Date 40mm in yellow
and the other being the Day-Date 40 in platinum. Both great models and I think she wears them

Any collection if you're serious and you like
obviously , should have some Presidentials. Now, when it comes to the Daytona, Ellen is
a fan. I'm gonna go ahead and say that the Daytona
is probably her favorite watch because I feel like that's the watch that she has the most
of. Like I've mentioned before, any solid collection
should always have the stainless steel, whether you like the white or black is up to you. Preferably, I think both is the best option,
to have both, but she has the black one, steel with the black dial, always a good choice. She's a fan of the rose gold because she has
one in the black dial and the ivory dial. The ivory is one that I like and you don't
see as much. Many people tend to go for the chocolate or
the black dial, but I'm glad she has an ivory dial model in that collection. As far as the strap model Daytonas are concerned,
she's been spotted with a yellow gold, with the Panda dial on a brown strap and also the
Daytona yellow gold, the new style with the ceramic bezel and the Oysterflex rubber strap.

Now, she can't leave our her vintage collection. I'm sure maybe she has a lot more that I haven't
seen, but wow, I mean for me, the main focuses in her collection are the vintage Daytonas
that she has. She has a 6263 in steel, which
for me personally is one of my grail watches. Something about that watch that I just love. I think that it's probably my favorite Daytona. She also has a Daytona 6265 in gold. She's been spotted wearing it many times and
for me that's probably the heaviest hitter in her collection. Also wrapping up her vintage collection is
she has an Explorer 1655 vintage, which is pretty much the Steve McQueen model, always
a good watch to have. You don't see a lot of those, you know? It takes someone that really likes watches
to have that model.

I've always liked it from the beginning. Something about that orange hand. I don't know. For me it's definitely a piece of watch collecting
history. She's also got a GMT with a blue bezel, which
you don't see a lot and she's been seen with it a couple of times and let me tell you,
Ellen really likes Rolex. I think she has a little bit of everything
and who knows what other models she might have that we haven't seen. I couldn't find it and I looked for it, but
I could have sworn that I saw Ellen with a Platinum Daytona and I don't doubt it that
she has it, but maybe I just couldn't find it. When it comes to Pateks, she has a pretty
well rounded out selection.

For the 5711, she has it both in rose with
the chocolate dial and in stainless steel with the white dial. For the Nautilus, she also has the 5990, which
for me, is probably my favorite watch right now from Patek besides the 5980 in steel. She also has a 5960 in steel on a bracelet,
which I don't know if that watch really hasn't grown on me yet, but I can get it. It's a watch that people tend to gravitate
towards. She also has for the Aquanaut, the 5167 in
rose gold on a rubber strap, which is also a stunning piece. You know, one thing that I've noticed about
Ellen is there's not a lot of love for AP and I get it. Not everybody loves AP as much as I do, but
she does have an AP Royal Oak Dual Time.

It's nice, but I'm just wondering maybe she
does have more or maybe that was just one that was a gift and she hasn't really gotten
into the brand that much. I feel like I always recommend that a couple
people need a couple more APs. But there's a couple more celebrities coming
up soon that they don't need any introduction to that brand. As far as the Watch Game goes, I'm gonna go
ahead and say that I feel that Ellen has a rating of about an 8. I know that Connor McGregor has the same rating,
when in reality Conor McGregor is more of a 7.5, but he got an 8 because of how fast
he acquired his collection.

He's only been in the game for about 3 years. I mean, Ellen is a 5-star general in the Watch
Game. She's being doing this for a long time and
she definitely is a solid 8 and I wanna stress to you how hard it is to get to a 9 or 10. So feel free to comment below how you feel
about Ellen Degeneres' Watch Game or what she might be missing in her collection. And if you liked this video, please like and
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