Fashion Watches for Men (my opinion) + Daniel Wellington Unboxing

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What's up guys my name is Brock
you're watching The Modest Man and today we're talking about . If you spent any time on social media
especially right here on YouTube, you've probably been exposed to brands like, and and The:5th and plenty of others and you might be
wondering, are these watches any good? Well, it kind of depends on what you mean by good? In terms of quality, the answer is usually, "No, they're not very good." Granted some are better than others and it's nice
to see some of these fashion watch brands putting a little bit of effort into quality
materials and craftsmanship, but for the most part, these are very cheap watches, cheap as in at low quality materials and
construction and by the way, I'm not just talking about these internet brands, a lot of fashion watches are sold in department stores. You know, brands like Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger and Guess and Armani and the list goes on and on. Now, it's harder to find exactly what a fashion watch is, but I think these fashion watch companies share a few things in common.

Number one, they're selling design and brand. They're not selling high quality materials or craftsmanship. It's all about how the watch looks
and the perception of the brand. Number two is, they're not making any
breakthroughs in the wristwatch you know, they're not pioneering any sort of like water resistance or new types of movements or anything like that. These brands are usually new to watch
making relatively speaking you know, if you look at some of these brands like
Seiko and you know, Omega and , they've been around for 50 or 100 years versus you know, one year, three years or five years, like most of these fashion watch brands. They market aggressively, especially
to young people and especially online and honestly, I got to give these brands credit for getting
younger people into watches because let's be honest you know, , Seiko, Hamilton, Omega, they've done a very bad job at getting younger people than you know, millennial generation into watches.

I wanna give credit where credits do. These brands are doing a good job at raising awareness for watches. Another thing these brands have in common is they tend to position themselves as luxury brands, but they also tend to use lower quality material. So, they're trying to get the Cost Of Goods as low as they can and then they have a hefty Markup, but they're still kind of affordable compared to
actual luxury watches. And last thing that these fashion watch brands have in common is that, watch guys or watch enthusiasts hate them. So, what's going on here, how are these brands selling hundreds of millions of dollars worth of watches, even though so many people hate them so passionately. Well, I'm gonna give you my theory about that in a minute, but first I want to talk about the number one, most important factor that you should
consider when you're buying a watch.

Here it is, do you like it? That's all that matters. You know, if you like the watch, if you like the way it looks, that's it. Watches are kind of like wine that way, it doesn't matter how much it costs, it doesn't matter what the critics or reviewers say, it doesn't matter what your friends think, all that matters is that you like it. And with watches that usually comes down to looks. I mean, if you love the way this
watch looks, then it's a great watch for you. Now, some guys, myself included, develop a passion for watches that goes beyond just the way they look. There are two reasons in particular that I think cause people to really fall in love with watches. Number one is, the engineering and craftsmanship that goes into that, I'm sorry for this part of the video, I can't, I can't wear this , let's see…
Let's go with the .

This is one of my favorite watches, highly recommended, Swiss made mechanical watch, under $300, I did a full review, which I will link to up here and down below. That feels better. You know, for me in this digital age, where almost everything is electronic and has battery and connected to Wi-Fi, there is something kind of magical about having a tiny mechanical analog device on your person at all times.

You know, it's not gonna die, it's not gonna run out of batteries as long as I keep it wound up. I don't know, I just love wearing it and it brings me personally more joy than you know, this kind of watch ever will, even though most people will never notice the difference and the second factor is the history of the company that made the watch. You know, the heritage of that brand. Now, you know, this, this Daniel Wellington is a Quartz watch, it's a battery-powered watch and the reason that Daniel Wellington chose Quartz is you know, maybe they want the watch to be really thin, but really it's because Quartz Movements are super cheap.

But Daniel Wellington wouldn't be able to use a Quartz Movement, if Seiko hadn't invented it. So, no matter how these two watches look, you know, one of these brands is much more important, you know, and to me that matters.
I'm not saying it has to matter to you. So, why all the hate? You know, why do people get so fired up about these brands? After all, we're just talking about watches. Here's the thing, I don't think it's the watch itself. I think it's the way that they're marketed to us.

You know, how many times have
you heard the term affordable luxury. And if you think about it, it doesn't even really make sense because luxury is by definition not affordable. You know, if these brands just leveled with us. If they just said, "Hey, we're using a Quartz Movements and genuine leather, to keep costs down because we want to make an affordable watch
that's accessible to all guys." That'd be fine. They'd be telling the truth, but instead
it kind of feels like they're lying to us. Like they're misleading us on purpose. You know, for Daniel Wellington or any other company, you like them to actually convince somebody that they're buying a luxury good you know, for a 150 bucks or whatever that's just not
true you know, and in my opinion, it's a bit unethical.

So, for me, you know, I would take this vintage Quartz Citizen over this Daniel Wellington watch. I would take this $15.00 Casio F-84W. I would absolutely take this Hamilton or any Seiko over a Daniel Wellington or Movement or or The:5th or any other of these fashion watches because for me, if they check so many more boxes, then this one does. And it's not like these are cheap, I mean, compared to Seiko's and some of these other established brands, these aren't the cheapest watches in the world.
So, you know, even if you're just trying to save money, you can still do a lot better than Daniel Wellington. So, my opinion, should you buy a fashion watch?
Well, if you like the way it looks, and you don't really care about anything else. Yeah, go for it. I wouldn't pay full retail you know, try to buy it on sale or
find a promo code or something because definitely not worth the full retail price.

But if you like the way it looks, and you do want to just put in a
little extra time to do a little bit of research, I think that you can find something better than most of these fashion watch brands with a similar aesthetic for a similar price, but just better because it does have a little more craftsmanship and higher quality materials and the brand is gonna have a little more heritage. So, I personally think it is worth putting
in a little bit of effort and buying yourself an objectively a better watch. But I'd love to hear your opinion you know, this is one of those weirdly controversial subject. So, let me know down in the comments. Have you ever bought a fashion watch and if you have, do you like it? Thank you as always for watching.
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