Festina Men’s Golden F16747/1 || Watches Features, Unboxing, Review

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Hello and welcome to my channel, my name is Paul and in this video I’m going to talk to you about my Festina watch for those of you that are not familiar with this brand. It’s been established back in 1902 in Switzerland, so it’s renowned for their technical precision found in all of their .

The brand has been bought by a Spanish group of watchmakers later on and even though they tried preserving the tradition and soul of the Swiss company.

Latest models, however, found a new heart, some of the most accurate, Japanese quartz mechanism.

Still they continued using innovative features and materials from the high end of watchmaking, which made them establish themselves as one of the leading brands in Europe.

Now back to our watch, you get a really nice impression of the watch you are buying, starting from the box.

It comes in obviously, you’re not buying a watch for its box, but this makes it at the same time a really cool item to buy.

As a present, it looks and feel like one of those boxes you get when you buy jewelry.

The watch comes with a gold plated stainless steel round case and a white dial covered by a hardened mineral glass.

The case is 49 millimeters in diameter and 8 millimeters in thickness, so it’s quite small, I would say – or, however, it’s made with the intention of getting a vintage looking stylish watch.

It has a really nice brown leather strap with a golden stainless steel buckle. The functions are limited to timekeeping and a small date display, which you can adjust by simply pulling the stem in the first position and turning the crown in a counterclockwise direction, and this is the way it looks on your wrist.

The was 85 pounds brand new, which is around 100 US dollars, and it also comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

So if you are still wondering, are .

What I can say is I’m a big fan of Festina, myself, and I think they are well built with good quality parts and offer a good value for money.

So I believe it’s a very good brand that you can trust.

There is a link in the description of the video where you can find this watch so make sure to check it out and that’s it for this video.

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Thank you for watching bye, bye, .

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