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Hey Guys, my name is Jenny and a lot of you
may know me as from CRM Jewelers. So I'm actually here today because a lot of
you asked for me, so I just wanted to get on here, break the ice as my first YouTube
video, so let's see if you like it. I'm going to discuss a little bit about my
history, how I started in this business. I'm also gonna talk about some watches, which
I think it's going to be super fun, so I hope you guys enjoy this video. [watch falls] [making funny noises] And what my… [laughing] [making growling noises] [music] First things first is that I'm going to give
you a little tour of me Jenny right before I became “.” So for those of you that do not know and have
no idea, I did not study anything that had to do with watches, jewelry, nothing.

I actually went to school, after High School,
I went directly into Nova Southeaster University and I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in
Pre-Med. So I did take a whole bunch of very hard classes,
but definitely nothing that had to do with watches and then from there, I went ahead
and I went into Barry and did my Masters in Biomedical Science. The whole idea for me was that I really wanted
to become a doctor, always thought of becoming a plastic surgeon, cuz that's always what
has been my interest.

After that, I graduated and I decided that
I was going to get married and that's where it all changed for me. I went ahead and I graduated mid 2015 and
I needed to start working somewhere, so as you all know Carlos, my uncle, many of you
know him as my dad, he told me that I could come in and take the opportunity to be able
to start working and actually start as an assistant to Accounting, which is my mom. It ends up being that I started doing the
work. I would finish the work ahead of time and
I told them, “Hey, you know what? Give me the opportunity to sell. Give me the Instagram. Give me the emails and I'll just assist.” I knew nothing about watches. I'm sure that you guys probably even know
me from once posting up on my page about a stainless steel Day-Date when it was a platinum
Day-Date and I got my head bitten off for it and guys, I'm so sorry for that, but now
you guys know that everything has been a learning process.

Everything that I have learned, I have learned
on my own and thanks to the help of Carlos as well, but definitely everything I've learned
has been on my own, so definitely when you speak to me and all that over Instagram, Facebook,
email, over the phone, you know that I'm self taught. So something that I actually thought was a
short term job, something that I didn't see developing whatsoever because like I said,
my idea was to become a doctor, a plastic surgeon, it actually became something so much
more than what I thought it was going to become.

I decided to stay in the business just because
I started to develop this passion for watches and I just wanted to learn more and more and
more. And still to this day I'm learning. Still to this day I'm not a pro, but I definitely
have a passion for watches. I love what I do. I love being able to talk to you guys and
sometimes I even learn from you guys the same way that you guys may learn from me. Before this, I actually the most expensive
watch I would wear is my Michael Kors, which is actually here in the safe and it has a
broken glass and everything. I would show it to you guys, but it's kind
of embarrassing. This has just been something that I never
expected and honestly I'm just in love with it. [music] You guys already know a little bit about me

I wanna go ahead and discuss one of the topics
and one of the questions that I get asked the most and it's, “What watch do I wear
on a daily?” Well guys, don't be disappointed. I don't wear a luxury watch on a daily and
there is a reason why. I actually wear an . Don't kill me! But I actually wear an because
I do have a one-year-old baby. Many of you that have walked into the store
did see me pregnant last year or saw me on Instagram Live pregnant. She's one year old and it's just super comfortable
for me to wear. Usually most of the time I'm carrying her,
carrying her bottle, wearing her baby bag as a backpack and I put my phone back there
with my keys and everything, so it's just very, very easy for me to slip on that Apple
Watch and if a customer of mine sends me a message or anything like that, I can go ahead
and respond to him from there or a phone call or anything like that.

So it's definitely one of the most comfortable
things for me to wear. The times I'm not with the baby and I'm nor
wearing my , I actually like to wear my 36 millimeter Datejust. This Datejust it is a 116200, OK, this one
has a custom diamond bezel and it has a Jubilee Roman dial. I know guys, this is a Jubilee Roman dial,
not bracelet.

A lot of you confuse…I get this call all
the time. A lot of you confuse the bracelet with the
dial. This bracelet is an Oyster bracelet. The Jubilee bracelet is the one that a lot
of people confuse with the Presidential bracelet. OK, so that's not the case. As you can see, it is…the dial says ,
, and that's the one that is considered the Jubilee Roman dial, and obviously it has
the Roman numbers. This one is a self winding caliber 3135 movement
and I think it's actually an awesome, daily watch with a little sprinkle of diamonds. I mean, what girl doesn't like diamonds? And, I know it is a men's watch, but I think
it looks awesome. [music] So apart from getting asked what I wear on
my daily, I also get asked what is my Holy Grail watch, which watch I need to have in
my collection? Which I do not have yet, I will one day, but
that is an .

This is as a 41 mm. This specific one is a 26320ST, but my real,
real favorite one is the rose gold, the 26320OR. So even though you see this one steel and
the other one rose gold, basically the only difference between one and the other, where
the other one is 18-karat gold. This watch is something that I know a lot
of you like. I know a lot of you, I don't know what you
guys are gonna be thinking about me wearing this watch. Again, it is another men's watch, but it's
just something that I really love. I don't know if you've gotten the trend of
this, but I really do like the idea of women wearing men's watches, but that's something
that's for my next video. But this watch is just an amazing watch. It's a self-winding caliber 2385 and it has
a 40-hour power reserve, so those of you that don't like winding your watch, this one has
a higher power reserve than some other ones.

So, I mean this watch is something that I
would definitely wear to go out. OK, so now that you know a little bit about
me and a little bit about the watches I wear on my daily, my must-have, Holy Grail watch,
which I don't have yet. Like I said, I will be acquiring soon…I
wanna make sure that you guys are happy with this content, I wanna hear more about you. Our goal this year at CRM Jewelers and with
this channel is to be able to convert it a little bit more about our audience, a little
bit more about you.

So let's us know, talk to me, tell me, what
is it that you think that would look nice on my wrist. What do you think I should add to my collection
or also tell me what it is that you wanna hear from us, whether it be YouTube content
or anything like that and we are definitely here to help. We are here to cater to you guys and that's
something that we're trying to get done this year. OK, so to finish off, I really wanna say thank
you, just because this is not possible without you guys.

We really wanna cater to you and we wanna
make sure that you guys love these videos. If you do love this video, make sure you give
me a thumbs up and you share it with all of your friends and all of those people that
may love watches. It doesn't have to be a girl. It doesn't have to be a guy. Just go ahead and share it with anybody you
know that may love watches. I wanna thank you guys once again and this
is Watch Jenny. [kiss sound].

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