Hey what got to perfected man, if you guys, are looking for watches genuine leatherr to be fashionable welcoming enjoyable? I might have something to stay tuned, so this money to pick up a grantee, the automatic, better watch.

You read a boom. Let me show you how to close the bonus right there. You saw the mechanics of that dials to take in it’s. Sick like there is he doesn’t clear. The shot in detail get the icon right. Above you see the ticker small hand, the big hand, and once each so, once you wind it up other mechanical watches, you literally push it in and twists up.

If you hear it, yeah sound twist him up and basically what is doing it’s. Winding up so automatic watch, so this is no batteries required watch which, honestly, if you’re, trying to upgrade your watch game, then I recommend you do so and switch is something suitable like this for details, the Stott Pilates are interchangeable.

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Over 22 mm Scott bit so get yourself a strap, turns it up for style, personalities and you can join and watch more in one way. I so when you see the back frame use is says all stainless steel up to 5 meters water.

It’s, automatic the style numbers there and the fossil icon right there. So this is genuine leather. Over on the stripe. It’s. Navy blue! You got the embroidery of fossil right there till I want to go to little more details for you, guys box watch.

So if you guys are wondering cutting the frame is 44 mm, so in the watch has an automatic motor ruler. So, basically you wind it up and it you can charge it battery free. We go down to fire, announce employees and your girlfriend.

Is it classic watch you wear downward, so you say: have some casual wear your overthrowing on yeah blossoms accent on, say you have a gold chain or a chrome chains, mostly genuine blue, which I personally would not sure if a with some loafers cuffs the ends of The pen, the ones license, thought maybe say one for your graduation.

You know you’re, just graduated. You need eschewing, difficult, amazing or treat yourself. You know you want ice up with this up. Watch then how it recommends you know. Maybe our community suits, or you can go for great one.

They have a blue navy watch to act in it. The watch roughly cost me about 180 plus tax. Looking around 220 for this watch, you can pick them up in the state for like 150 and plus half so quiet costume, finest monocle firing points 70.

I around there, but in here in kinda, tough to get expensive good. All the students on American dollar right now hi. This is a watch that I truly like and I will enjoy down the road. I do a review. My other watch called the grant chronological you guys can check that.

So if you guys like be more fossil watch stories, hit me up, tell me your favorite watch your YouTube channel, welcome and subscribe to the channel. If you’re, a subscriber leave a comment section down below and we’ll talk soon.

I too, like this man, [ Music, ]