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Hey everyone welcome back to the channel. Today… Hey Derek, what are you doing? I'm making a YouTube video… On what? I'm teaching the ladies how to choose their first watch. Hey guys I'm Tiffany and I'm Melissa. For you ladies, we're gonna give you some tips on how to choose your first watch. So the first thing we recommend is to think about how you want to use your watch. Now we know with today's technology no one really needs a watch to tell you the time… you have your cell phone, but a watch is not just about telling you the time. Maybe it's a statement piece something that compliments your daily outfit or a watch that matches your personality or maybe you're celebrating a milestone on occasion [Music] or maybe it's a sign of your achievements how about something that can track your steps? [Music] The second tip is to think about what kind of movement you would want in your watch.

This is what powers your watch and gets those hands moving. Here's a quick rundown on two main types of movements today. Quartz: These are watches powered by a battery. Quartz watches are mostly found in smaller, slimmer or jewelry watches. Every two to five years average depending on your model, you will have to change the battery as it will run out. Just pop on over to your local watch shop like us and we can change the battery for you. The benefits of having a quartz watch are they have great accuracy and time keeping and are pretty much low maintenance. Typically these are your watches that you can easily grab and go without worrying about resetting the time. [Music] This is the most celebrated movement in a timepiece because it requires labor craftsmanship and the watchmaking knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Of the mechanical watches there are two main types: hand wound watch and automatic watch. To power a mechanical hand wound watch, you must wind the crown to give it power hence the name "hand wound". To power a self-winding automatic watch, you simply wear the watch for your wrist movement to hopefully create enough power to wind the rotor. This in turns powers the gears inside the watch. If it is not enough power, then you can also simply wind the crown just like you do with a hand wound watch. What I like about mechanical watches is that you have all these little parts engineered to make a watch move and create that sweeping movement of the hands. In some models you can even hear the watch's heartbeat ticking.

The service interval time is also longer instead of every two to three years it is now every five to ten years depending on the model. Timekeeping on mechanical watches can vary depending on the model these can range from 0 to plus 15 seconds. Chronometer Certified movements from COSC are minus 4 plus 6 seconds. Overall mechanical watches do require a bit more care because you have to continuously wind the crown or create movement to power the watch.

Beyond your average three hand watch there are many other functions that you can have in your watch. To name a few… date chronograph diamonds, phases of the moon and Day and Night indicators. And the list goes on and on. Think about what kind of uses you could have for these features. The next tip we have is to think about the watch materials. There are many materials that can make up a watch, for example you have stainless steel, gold gold-plated PVD, ceramic, titanium, platinum diamonds and more.

Each material can play a role in the type of style, weight and durability of a watch. Also a pretty important question to ask yourself is are you allergic to any types of materials? If yes then you probably want to stay away from gold and look for hypoallergenic metals such as titanium or ceramic. My favorite part of the watch is the dials hands and markers. Watch dials play a role in the aesthetics of a watch. Dials can come in various colors, textures and materials. Markers can be Arabic, Roman, or adorned with diamonds. There are so many options to choose from. And our last tip for today is to think about what kind of strap or bracelet you would want for your watch. If you're wearing the watch every day, maybe a bracelet works best for you because it's easier to clean and last longer in wear and tear. Or maybe you prefer a strap there are many straps available such as satin, leather calf, rubber and NATO.

Having a strap gives you more choices in style and colors. [Music] These are good questions that you should ask yourself because there are different styles of watches for different uses be sure to check out the links below for our top picks. Alright, thanks for tuning in! We hope you ladies found this video useful in choosing your first watch. Please like comment and subscribe if you want to see more videos. Now go out there and have fun shopping! you.

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