How to pair and unpair an Apple Watch and iPhone

Today, I’m gonna hear you how to pare, unpair and erase your Apple watch with your iPhone. It’s time to strap in because we’re gonna have a lot of pairing fun, but first take a moment and subscribe to our channel.

You’ll, get weekly, tasty how-to videos. So let’s say that you got yourself a new Apple watch or perhaps you have an old one, and you’re gonna, sell it and get a new one. Whatever the reason I’m gonna walk you through how to connect it unconnected erase it and even handle that cellular plan.

So the first thing we want to do is charge up our Apple watch and iPhone. To quote the band snap exclamation point I & # 39, ve got the power or the phone and Apple watch got the power. Next, if you got yourself a fancy-pants band for your Apple watch, let’s.

Install it lip your Apple watch upside down and push it hold on the little band button now slide. The old band out and I’ll push the new band in until you feel the click repeat. On the other side. Clearly, I need to get myself a fancy-pants watch band.

I mean gray next, put your Apple watch on your wrist and find a comfortable fit okay that feels pretty loose. Oh, that’s too tight, ah Goldilocks gesture next turn your Apple watch on by pushing and holding down the side button.

Until you see, the Apple logo appear on your iPhone, a pairing screen should pop up tap continue. If you don & # 39, t see the screen open. The Apple watch app on your iPhone and tap start pairing when prompted position, your iPhone, so that the Apple watch shows up in the cameras viewfinder and just like the Large Hadron Collider beneath France and Switzerland.

It’s all about those particles. After a moment, the two devices will be paired now tap, set up Apple watch then follow the instructions on your iPhone and Apple watch. To finish it up tips. Once you’ve paired your phone and Apple watch, you can now activate the cellular data plan.

If you don’t want to activate it, you can always do it later. Using the Apple watch, app on your iPhone Pro pro tip. You have to use the same cellular carrier for both your iPhone and Apple watch. Just like beer and liquor Nixon is a crime Verizon before Sprint, never been more bent over a toilet vomiting.

I don’t have a rhyme for this. Now let’s, walk through how to unpair your Apple watch. You’re good to go to your iPhone and open the Apple watch app at the bottom. You’re, a tap on the my watch tab at the top of your tap on your Apple watch and they’re gonna select the Apple watch.

You want to unpair by tapping on the information button and unpair Apple watch. Finally, you & # 39, ll, verify it by tapping unpair and in this case Patrick’s, Apple watch, and then you enter your Apple ID password unpair.

Now it’s time to get all men in black and erase our Apple watch to erase your Apple watch. You’re gonna go into Settings General reset, then tap erase all content and settings. Finally, you’ll, be asked to enter your passcode minute black chips, you put like a cool effect right.

Otherwise, look like an idiot and funny shirt. You can also race your watch using the Apple watch app on your iPhone tap. My watch go to general, then reset and tap erase Apple watch content and settings at the bottom will tap erase all content and settings and they’ll tap it.

A second time then enter your apple watch, passcode bro tip to erase your cellular plan open the Apple watch app on your iPhone tap. My watch then cellular tap the info circle next to your cellular plan.

Finally, tap remove Verizon plan or whatever the name of your carrier plan is, and if this doesn’t work, which I’m, not sure why? Because it involves a major phone carrier, then you might have to contact set carrier to have them.

Remove your Apple watch from your cellular plan pro tip, so that’s. All I got if you liked our video give us a thumbs up and if you don & # 39, t, keep your damn mouth shut or look at my men in black pen.