How to set up and use the Blood Oxygen app on Apple Watch — Apple Support

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You can measure your blood oxygen levels with the on Watch Series 6. Here’s how To set up the open.

The Watch app on your iPhone with iOS, 14 or later Tap Blood Oxygen then tap Enable If you set up your Watch with Family Setup, the won’t be available.

Follow the onscreen steps to finish setup To take a measurement, make sure your Apple Watch, Series 6 is snug and on the.

Wrist you selected in the Apple, Watch app Open the Blood Oxygen app on your.

Apple Watch Keep your wrist flat with your.

Apple Watch facing.

Up and stay still, then tap Start.

The measurement takes 15 seconds to complete, so it’s best to rest your arms on a table or in your lap.

During this time, Once it’s complete you,’ll receive your results.

Tap Done to finish, Know your blood oxygen levels, .

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