I SHOULD NOT Have Bought The Apple Watch Series 6 (Product Red)


hey guys it's craig i have here the version this is the watch i said you probably shouldn't buy if you have a series 5 like i do let's take a look when new apple products come out i get caught up in the excitement of the shiny new products and just want to order immediately i was good about sticking with my series five and i'll tell you why you may want to stick with the five two if you have it then it was late at night i went on amazon it was on sale i thought about getting this for the channel and a gift card later here we are and i'm excited i want to get this thing opened up if you are in the market for an apple watch this holiday season check out amazon this was 50 off and amazon is an authorized dealer for apple like you can get apple care and everything from amazon so if you want to check out any of the watches there's links down in the description along with a video of 10 everyday apple watch uses this isn't a full review that'll be coming later this is just opening it up and some initial impressions the starts at 399 for a 40 millimeter size and 429 for the 44 millimeter if you want the cellular version that's a hundred dollars more you can get the series six in stainless steel gold stainless steel a new graphite stainless steel gold aluminum silver aluminum space gray aluminum blue aluminum and aluminum this is the cellular 44 millimeter with the sports band in the box smaller than what apple has sent in the past there's no charging brick in here and it's about uh two-thirds the size almost half the size okay so we got the white box we got the red apple watch on top this version and the nike versions are the only ones that are really packaged differently like this has the red text on the top and you get this whole unboxing experience all the product red and right on top there's your apple watch apple's so good at this unboxing experience so there's the watch right there and then there's the product red band this is the thing i'm kind of curious about seeing my wife ordered the product red phone and she was not happy with the red on the back of it the aluminum looked good but the red on the back she wasn't thrilled with band looks very similar so let's open that up here we go instructions and the band itself with these sports bands you do get two different sizes you got the medium slash large and then the small slash medium something like that and initially looking at these bands it doesn't look as pink as what i was seeing from people but on the camera it doesn't look pink now it's pinker than probably you prefer but let's move that out of the way and look at the watch itself in the box here's our apple watch but first are designed by apple in california our paperwork here and we're product red and some directions on how to use it and they don't put apple stickers in here apple how dare you this is the first product red thing i had bought i was really hoping for a red apple sticker in here like i said before there's no charging brick so you have the charging cable same charger that you get unfortunately not usbc and we're in this weird world with apple that no usb c here but the new iphones have usb-c but no charging bricks i don't know it's kind of a mess so now the watch itself now if you buy any new apple products there's a lot more paper and use like this feels like paper versus the almost little padded pouch it came in before try not to rip the thing but it's on there tight okay here it is i like that red let's see that that's a nice red but now we put that red next to the band and you start to see how it's like almost the wrong red for this band so here it is the 44 millimeter size looking at this there's new sensors on the back because it has the different led lights it needs to shine and read so that's the difference right there between the sensor um other than that it pretty much looks like my previous apple watch it's a cellular version it has the red around there but you can't tell because it's product red screen size is the same you know nothing nothing's really changed just that sensor on the back it really is kind of an s here but i love this kind of stuff i love the tech and i'm glad i get to play with this sort of stuff let's stick the band on it first get a little look to see how this is yeah see that's where it's looking really pink next to it see that right there that's a pink band the black sports loop i think would look good but yeah that looks so pink next to it but we'll let it fly for a bit we'll check it out see how i feel about it i'm gonna get this charging set up and we'll take a look at it next to the series five i'll be back right now okay i've used this for about 24 hours now even had time to get a haircut um if this watch wasn't red i don't think i'd really notice the difference between them um they're so similar they're similar so minor updates you look at the displays they look the same it says 2.5 times brighter outside always on display so there's always on display and like this one looks a lot dimmer it's supposed to be 2.5 times brighter out in the sunlight we're not in sunlight but it's on camera looks dim a big update other than the colors was the added oxygen sensor which is easy to use this is the oxygen sensor app that's one of the big changes we'll take a look at that in a minute i ran it one time i don't know how much i'm realistically going to use that app again the way this works is there's a new sensor uses infrared and red light to see the oxygen in your blood and then it runs it through algorithms and you get a reading it will do periodic readings on its own that'll be captured in the health app so you could always check in on it next the series 6 has a new s6 chip that's based on the a13 bionic chip that was found in the iphone 11.

It's up to 20 faster than the previous s5 so in doing a speed test i'm not doing anything very scientific except trying to hit the icons at the same time and when i do i'm not seeing a big speed jump i'm trying different apps and they've all been closed out definitely nothing i would run out and go upgrade for pretty much anything i run seems about the same i mean if you're coming from a series 3 this thing's gonna be so much quicker the next change with this is it does have an altimeter uh that'll give you updates throughout your day of your elevation i like to hike a lot but this feature doesn't really interest me that much i will have to go on a hike with both and see if i get different readings because of that altimeter maybe it'll change the readings of my workouts another upgrade that the series 6 gets is the 5 gigahertz wi-fi and a u1 ultra wideband chip now the u1 chip is going to make some cool things possible when they start to really utilize this apple says a u1 equipped device can tell its exact location relative to other u1 devices if you have a newer phone the homepod mini or apple watch it's going to have a u1 chip in it this new homepod mini is going to know with high precision when you're near it because you're wearing your watch or your phones in your pocket that's going to be cool for automations and having a house that changes as you move through it they also increase the size and charging speed now this can be great if you wear your watch to bed to sleep in and then you charge it quickly while you're getting ready in the morning and apparently you can get close to two days battery life out of this if you turn the always on display off so who should buy your upgrade to the series six first these are my opinions so if you don't agree well buy what you want it's your money so and um for me i'm always excited to play with and enjoy new tech and i'm fortunate to be able to do this with the channel if you're an early adopter or always like to upgrade this is a great watch so should you buy or upgrade to the series six after 24 hours with it uh pretty much i'm gonna say if you have a series four or five don't upgrade unless you really want that blood oxygen or you want the altimeter or maybe you need the battery life and the quick charging there's only a handful of after using it though performance wise i wouldn't upgrade uh if you're coming from a series three or older get one if you want they are great i love my series five this only builds on it a little bit so if you're coming from a three to a six huge upgrade if you're buying one of these for the first time in apple watch they're at such a good point they're just so snappy the response time for popping open the different apps is so much better than what it used to be so you're not going to go wrong with this now if you have a series 4 or 5 and don't have a youtube tech channel i highly recommend waiting for the series 7.

I would also consider the apple watch se it has most of the of the series 6 at a nice price there's no always on display s6 chip or blood oxygen sensor but i think this is the watch for most people the cellular options 50 cheaper than the series 6. there are links in the description if you want to check out the apple watch se now let's talk about this product red and how i feel about it um i love the red aluminum i think that looks awesome i really that's a great color i don't like the straps they're just too pink and i don't know if we could see this on camera i realized the color of the strap matches the bright part of the aluminum so it's almost like that's where they got the tone but it's just too bright and bubble gummy to me i feel like if they would have taken the dark part of the red if that makes sense of the shine of the red and made this darker really would have been nice here it is with the sports loop and i think it looks better with the black but if i go and i sell this one this nike edition right here i have to sell the band with it so then i now need to spend fifty dollars getting a band because i'm not happy with the red one here so i'm really torn on what i'm gonna do with it well i don't feel like i should keep two watches performance isn't a big enough boost that red is sweet but apple and uh the sports loop in the red i don't think it looks that great we'll see what i end up doing with it this is kind of slick with that red there what do you think of this i mean bubble gum at the end of the day next to a series 5 which has the same performance basically of a series 4.

i still can't recommend this watch for that reason it is not a huge upgrade it is no huge sweeping changes it's great if it's the first time buying an apple watch or you own an older one so after using it it is good that i got it in red so i could actually tell the difference and remember i upgraded from this do you plan on buying a new apple watch during this holiday season if so which model would you buy next make sure to check out this video over here for 10 everyday uses for the apple watch you're going to need to know what to do with it if you get one i'll see you over there thanks for watching bye.

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