Invicta Jewelry Men’s 29.5″ Stainless Steel Square Byzantine Necklace | Invicta Watches & Jewelr…

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ninety-five collection you can get them home for under $10 on a value pay six seven nine eight four seven gets the tigereye and the holo light home all right this just deserves a proud dad clap I'm gonna build and then I'm just gonna crescendo because you look at this twenty nine and a half inch Byzantine chain-link square Byzantine necklace this is chunky chunky go big or go home for under $200 54% off look at this you can get this home around your neck for 3327 six eight zero two three nine it's backed by demand because it completely sold out your one option is gonna be the silvertone but Matthew right out the gates I have to ask who is this chain for oh my god it's some it's for somebody who's bold who's confident who wants to make a statement and I'll tell you why I say that it's 29 and a half inches long which is the perfect length for a gentleman you know between 22 and 29 is fantastic but what's exceptional about this chain before I get into the detail of the chain it weighs 730 grams of pure highly polished stainless steel that equals one point six pounds one almost two pounds around your neck I mean it's the coolest this is a beast it's a beast I mean it has been so popular you know I personally wore this on the cruise back in February just to get people's reactions I had the prototype and people saying Mathia you know they were stopping you wherever they saw you they wanted to feel it they wanted to try it on you know you could tell that the reaction was so favorable and they were so excited and sure enough when we initially got our first delivery of the chain it sold out it's so heavy it's almost like tipping the neck form over I mean this is cool and I love that you were walking around the cruise and having people just stop you because this is what this necklace was about it completely sold out in March Matthew we were headed towards another sellout we have it available on the silvertone if you want to get it


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