Ladies watches – a thing of the past?

All right, I think it’s time. We talked about ladies watches [, Music, ], [, Music, ]. Welcome back to the timeless watch channel guys I’m back on Lido. It’s supposed to be Thunder all week ahead of us, so I guess the season is properly changing, moving into the extreme hot weather and that’s, always that always the overture, for that is always a crazy tempestuous sky.

What am I wearing? I’m wearing the Daytona. It’s hard, not to wear that eight! Oh no and you’re in Venice. It’s just too elegant the city is too beautiful. Of course I made this, you know the video the first video would vanish with this watch and the whole thing just married beautifully.

That was back in November. That was just before they were hit with crazy plugs here, worse than a hundred years, and and then of course, mr. virus came along too so the place has been kind of on lockdown for a very long time, much longer than everyone.

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Everyone else in the in. In the country at most in the world, so what am I talking about? I’m talking about ladies watches. It’s, a whole side to them to the watch world any ladies, I know any women I’ll.

Stop saying ladies sounds a bit freaky the women. I know who care about watches it all the hate. Ladies watches they can’t stand them. They like them. The men’s stuff. Now they can’t wear all the men’s stuff.

I gave my ex she’s, it really into watches, and I gave her a speed. Master reduced, looks amazing on her and I gave her see master. Actually. She did pretty well with the watches, see master 336 mil used to be the man’s size years ago, but now the man’s.

Size is 41 42. Now they’d in 2018. They changed that they got ta. Leave it bigger. I keep hearing the same thing like they look in the window. Look at all the men’s, watches beautiful stunning stuff, very interesting, full of complications and so on, and then you look next to them and you see the ladies area and it’s horrible.

There’s, nothing complex about the stuff. There’s; no nuance: it’s, all just diamonds and love hearts and it’s, a little chauvinistic, guys and gals. If there are any girls watching it’s jewelry and it’s kind of assuming that women aren’t into the history of you, know the man on the moon with the Speedmaster and the sports aspect of the Daytona And the deep-sea diving aspect of the sea dweller and the sub women don’t care about that.

Apparently, all women care about is shiny things with diamonds correct, so they have the same tastes as a as a next music producer lives in Los Angeles, [, Music ] right behind me here is the masa Internacional little art of cinema graffia, which is where they hold.

This in the Venice Film Festival it’s, like you know, con Film Festival and then, of course, the Academy Awards the Oscars and the bachelors in England. Well, the Italians have their one, they lay on their or they the Golden Lion very prestigious.

Every year around September, all the stars come in here they stay at this hotel here, which is right across the street from the Excelsior Hotel stayed there many times myself absolutely wonderful place and they crossed the street over.

They got a red carpet set ever across the street and there’s, thousands of people last year it was Phoenix. You know the the Joker premiered here, so he was here screaming screaming girls and all that stuff, quite a spot.

A lot of people think the Venice Film Festival happens in Venice City, but it’s. Now it’s across from Venice. It’s on Lido here on this island, which i think suits the big stars perfectly, because they they’re, able to kind of get away from all the crowds of Venice City and uh sit over here in paradise and go to The screenings go pick up their awards or whatever yeah beautiful spot.

Excelsior has a history to it as well. It’s uh, you know it’s been that epicenter for celebrities and film stars for decades now and quite a miraculous, wonderful spot. I recommend it to any of you guys it’s, a lot of money to stay there, but you can get deals at certain times of the year like late night summer.

Just before the festival starts, you can get yourself a an okay. Do I mean still three four hundred bucks a night, but it’s. Nothing like it normally is. I get some 1/10 of what it normally is during during the high season and it’s.

Well worth it because it’s, stunning stunning hotel with a lot of history, and it’s right here, staring out of the Adriatic. The blue bar is so nice sitting out there getting a cocktail and looking at this view it’s, really a wonderful spot.

I definitely recommend it. My daughter, when we went looking for watches she couldn’t stand any of that stuff. She said no, no, she liked plain plain and simple stuff. She’s, not even a big Rolex font for her.

It’s too guardian too. They have a word here initially papiano and it means kind of someone who & # 39. S has too much money and not much taste and wears a lot of gold and stuff like that. You know it’s, a it’s kind of an insult, really actually the word, but any Italians watching probably got a good giggle out of that word.

She saw me explore one, my two ones for two-seven-zero and she’s like oh. I like that now think about that. This is a girl who’s. 23 years old. She likes the simplest Rolex possible stainless steel, satin brushed black dial.

No diamonds, no frills, that’s. What she’s into think about that that’s, what the girls are going for. My axe was the same yeah the speedy that’s. What she wanted on a vintage leather bracelet, now there’s, a lot of celebrities.

Now Ellen DeGeneres has approached Daytona Sandra Bullock, wears Daytona Sharon Stone. She wears a Saab. Now you have to be a woman of a certain of a certain stature, obviously to wear soap, to wear a Daytona.

The Daytona is surprisingly small. A lot of people think it’s. A bigger watch than the other Rolex is because it looks being in those photos online, but it’s. Actually, once you wear one it’s, it wears more salt.

As more of a gentleman’s fits you know. I have a huge risk by the way, if you guys don’t already know I’m sure anybody who watches the channel knows a lot of enormous, like 7.6 inch wrist it’s, not five.

It’s, just large. You know I could lose a few pounds like everyone else. I’m sure, especially after the pandemic, but it’s. Not a fad. Are I don’t have a weight issue on my arm. It’s just on a big guy.

I’m, a big ox of a dude, the garish Celtic Man. So but I mean the Daytona wears fine army, but a woman. If you’re, a woman with a certain arm size, you can’t, be a super dainty little thing. My daughter’s, a dainty little thing she can’t even go near a watch, the 38 mils so that alone something that’s, forty or forty to forget about it.

So what’s happening? Why? Why is this happening? Why are women looking at watch world, saying to screw that I don’t want that I don’t want that thing with Diamonds on little hearts, on the on the dial and so on.

I noticed a lot of women buying young girls buying those Daniel Wellington watches, but not fancy not pink, not covered in flowers or anything, just simple classic. Look, I think what’s happening? Is the watch world watch? Industry is showing its age.

That’s. What I think is happening. It’s, an old world right. We’re into mechanical watches. We have no need for them. We can tell the time on our phone and it’s more accurate time. We have no need to spend thousands on a mechanical watch.

Why do we do it? It’s, the same as guys, buying vinyl buying analog a turntable, an amplifier valve amp’d and speakers. You’re going for that old. You know you’re. Appreciating that kind of old vintage thing it’s like somebody buying a manual camera or a Rolleiflex camry, and all those things you look down into the Vivian Mayer stuff.

You know portrait shots on the street street photography things like that. It’s. Just appreciating that beautiful old world it’s like buying a sailboat made of wood. Instead of buying some new, you know graphite speedboat or something it’s.

It’s, different tastes. I think it’s, an old-world. I think it’s. It represents something that’s gone. It’s, an anachronism. It’s gone. It has no use anymore, ladies watches, unless you’re buying for your grandmama, you know, or unless your grandmom is wealthy and she walks into the Rolex tore herself and goes give me that rose gold thing with diamonds all over it.

You know with a pink dial or a you know: mother-of-pearl dial. You know that kind of stuff. My daughter would throw up. If I bought her that she likes the book lead aisle date juice. She loves that because it & # 39, s got Roman numerals, but they’re, not applied.

They’re just printed. She likes chemin de fair, which is the railroad all around the edge like that. But these are 36 millas. These are men’s, watches from the 70s and 80s. She can’t wear a 36 mil. She loves the the Seiko alpinist.

She did. She help me film that Cortina video, but the Seiko alpinist, if you haven’t, seen it go and see it that’s, one of my best videos and the panoramic shots in there. Most of them are hers. If you see any of that stuff, that looks like a movie – a 70 millimeter movie that’s.

Hers because she’s, got she’s like a real photographer like she knows a lot more about this stuff than I do so she came along and did all that b-roll for me and it’s. Just like breathtaking sty, I mean it watching it on iPhone as a crime.

He should watch it on a big cinema screen or something anyway. I digress. She loves the Seiko alpinist because it’s vintage. It has the cathedral hands it has. It has an old-school style. It has that deep green that looks like a poker table or something like that, but it’s too big.

That’s a 30 there’s, a 38 or 39 caramel right now it’s under 40. I think to begin her like she was wearing it for a week and she was wearing it down over beyond her knuckle down. Basically, on her hand like that, because her you know wrist is tiny, but that’s, the style she’s into, and a lot of girls are into that style.

What we have here, guys is a super sell out. There see the way the clouds are climbing, like kind of like cauliflower shape, reaching very, very high into the sky. That is a supercell. You can see from the structure the side along here as well, the walls of it as it spreads out pretty soon.

The top is gonna reach up to the to the jet stream, and the jet stream will catch the very top like you know, hair and the wind, or something and push it over, and you you get this kind of enveloping shape.

So, as you can see here, just above there, that’s, a large wall and it spreads out like a mushroom, so you get a bit of a an anvil shape happening here as it spreads there as it reaches those extreme highs.

That’s all, but probably thirty thousand feet up where planes tend to fly. If there’s a plane taking off from Marco Polo Airport, now they’ll, be avoiding that you know water fly through that unless you want everyone to start saying their Hail, Marys and our fathers, because you could be sure to some Serious turbulence in that big puppy.

Now, if this were the United States, a super Sun like that would usually in many many cases, form a tornado somewhere down around here. Not in all cases, of course, tornadoes are extremely hard to predict, but they only ever happen out of a supercell.

She come right right over me here. Look she’s spreading out on the top, I think, watches are showing their age. I think the watch world is a bit embarrassing. Those Omega constellations are a disgrace that’s, watches from a different time that’s when women wore these tiny things that were basically bracelets.

These aren’t, really the real watches and, as it happens, women dig the history of the watches too. They dig the power of the day tone of the coolness, the the speedy for all it’s, a cool kind of delicate vintage grandfather, clock, look off the dial and so on.

You know they say that if you buy Daytona, you should hide it from the wife, because she & # 39, ll steal it because women, quite often they see their husbands, watches they’re like yeah blah blah blah.

I’m not into that I’m not into that. They seem probably see a panel Ryan think it’s supposed to gross thing ever and certainly G sharks and things like that and the thing that looks bulky and like a man trying to look like I’m and all that kind Of but then they say it said in the watch world that the moment the day you bring home a Daytona which, by the way, is a great day, because when you move to Daytona you’re in a whole other level.

You might have your explorer and your soap and your gmt huh you get daytona. You’ve gone up to the next level, guys it’s, hard to come back from daytona world. It’s, just it’s, the truth, but they say if the day you bring it home, don’t show it to the wife cuz.

She’s. Gon na go ooh. I like that so girls, if you’re watching, I feel for you. It’s. Absolutely right. Like the the watch world, isn’t catering to women enough that’s, why girls are buying Daniel Wellington’s that are just a simple.

You know, based on the Belle house, based on a max bill or whatever they’re based on simple designs. I mean, I know for sure that the speed master reduced looks amazing on women. If they’re tall enough – and they have you know the right kind of arms for it, they can pull it off.

It looks really good. When I was with that girl. She would wear her Speedmaster. I would wear mine, we both had vintage straps. I thought hers. Look better than mine did look better on her. The mine did on me.

I found myself looking at her watch. Her from the factory was easier to look at than that. The watch looked amazing and style. I’d, classic wear like a fur coat with a speed master on a vintage bracelet.

Ah, come on cool, so yeah Omega pull the finger out for crying out loud you and your special-edition this, and a special edition that make it make one cool watch for the women throw out all the constellation novices, throw it all away it’s.

All it’s for them it’s for the birds, I was about to say: [, Music, ], alright, guys that is it. I hope you enjoyed that thanks once again for watching the time has watched channel thanks to all my patrons on patreon.

You guys are the best. I will see you the next one. Take it easy: [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], you, you