LK flexible film Screen Protector installation video for Apple watch

step one turn off your watch and take off your watch band [, Music, ] step, two peel off two stickers on the round foam and place the round foam on the desk step 3 place your watch on the round phone make sure your watch Sticks to the round foam firmly step 4 use the alcohol prep pad to clean the dust on the screen.

[ Music ] step 5 use the microfiber cloth to dry off the alcohol on the screen step. Six use the dust absorber to absorb any remaining dust on the screen: [ Music, ], step 7 peel off the tab. One film step 8 place the screen protector on the screen, align it properly.

If you can’t align the screen protector properly, pull up the screen protector and reposition it well. Step 9 use the squeegee to squeeze the screen protector. [, Music, ] step 10, pull up the tab to push the squeegee from the dotted line to the top of the screen.

[ Music ] step 11. Pull up the tab. 3 push the squeegee from the dotted line to the top of the screen. Step 12 use the squeegee to squeeze out the bubbles on the screen protector step 13, pull off the tab for film step 14.

Use your finger to press down the screen protector to the screen edge smoothly, make sure the screen protector adheres well step 15. Put on your watch band [, Music, ] installation is done.