Maurice Lacroix Pontos Chronograph Valgranges Men’s Watches

So another important right now: okay, okay, Wow, okay. So this is my slacker Pontus turnover and price. Five thousand five hundred twenty dollars, but don’t. Worry it’s, just a retail price online store price for the swatch round.

Two thousand five hundred it’s very hard, looks like hard leather and okay. It’s, so Windham movement, its standstill case and but this case not a regular size. It’s, 47 millimeters, and this crown little bit bigger.

But you see it’s, it; okay, it’s, not something it’s buttons to buttons; okay, so it’s 47 and 16 millimeters thickness water resistance, 50 meters, okay, five atmosphere, Pontus and exhibition screw down; And with subfield crystal and same sofia crystal right here after my cue okay, this is the ho meter on the flange okay, what else? What else? Okay? This is! I show you here it’s.

Second, I & # 39. Ll. Show you, okay power is your indicator power here on, do and take okay, you’ll check this watching night. I turn off light. Okay, good, very good and, like I said price for this watch around $ 2,000, maybe more, maybe a little bit less.

It’s. A big watch, don’t forget about this. It’s, 47 millimeters be given usually, for example, this liqueur just really 8:47, my mistake and not by too big watch for you. First. Okay. Thank you. So much for your watching and please subscribe for channel and see you next time.

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