Men’s Watches 101: How to Choose a Wristwatch

I've always had an interest in watches
but up until recently I never really thought about how they worked or what
separates a good watch from a bad watch so after a little bit of research now
I'm here to share some findings with you when you're exploring the world of men's
watches things can get pretty complicated and pretty overwhelming so
in this video I'm just gonna stick to the basics and let you know the
fundamental things you need to think about when buying a watch hey guys I'm
Kyle from The Distilled Man before we get started I want to give a big thanks
to DAEM Watches for sponsoring this video and supporting the channel so what
do you need to know about watches types of watch movements so you can't really
talk about watches without talking about movements no not not those kind of
movements you can think of a watch movement it's basically like the engine
inside the watch that keeps it running so it powers the hands and any other
features on your watch there are really just three types of watch movements that
you need to know about quartz mechanical and automatic quartz movements so quartz
movement is what you typically find in an everyday watch quartz watches come in
a wide variety of quality from less expensive versions that you might find
at mass retailer end brands quartz watches are battery-powered and that
their movement causes that signature ticking of the second hand and they're
called quartz timepieces because they actually have a tiny piece of quartz
crystal inside and the energy from the battery vibrates that crystal at exactly
32,768 times per second these vibrations get measured and converted into 1 pulse
per second so the pros of quartz watches are that number one they're more
accurate they're less likely to lose seconds or gain seconds throughout the
day quartz watches have fewer moving parts so there's fewer things that can
go wrong inside them so besides just swapping out your your watch battery
every few years they don't really require that much maintenance they're
the least expensive as a general rule quartz watches are almost always less
expensive than mechanical or automatic watches they're also more durable the
fewer moving parts in a quartz watch also benefit them in this area if your
job involves getting dirty and dusty all day then a quartz watch might be right
for you now for some of the downside of quartz watches first they don't have
if you're looking for that sweeping smooth movement of a mechanical watch
then you're not going to find that with quartz that sort of exaggerated second
hand tick-tick-tick action is it's just kind
of a signature of the way that the the mechanism operates in quartz watch
quartz watches are more likely to be mass-produced so there often isn't that
same level of craftsmanship or care that goes into making a quartz watch as there
is into going into a watch with a mechanical movement mechanical movements
a mechanical movement doesn't require a battery instead it needs to be manually
wound periodically to keep on running mechanical movement uses a spring driven
mechanism called the mainspring which once it's wound up transfers energy to
smaller springs and gears that power the hands and other functions of the watch
here are some pros and cons of mechanical watches first they last
longer a quality mechanical watch if it's
properly maintained and properly cared for it will last your entire life you
might even be able to pass it on to another generation with a mechanical
movement you never need to worry about batteries dying or needing to be
replaced and rewinding your watch each day can become an enjoyable ritual
mechanical watches just tend to look and feel better and be of a slightly higher
quality than most quartz watches many many of them might also have gears
exposed so you can see the inner workings and oscillations of the watch
they tend to feature higher quality materials overall like sapphire crystal
instead of glass mechanical watches are also generally more tactile and have
more character to them smooth hand movement a lot of people really like
that sweeping movement of a mechanical watch and even find it a little
hypnotizing so that's important to you you should definitely consider a
mechanical watch here are some of the downsides to mechanical watches first
they require regular winding with a quartz watch you can put it in a drawer
and it's just gonna keep on ticking and stay on time for several weeks even
months maybe but with a mechanical watch you really can't go more than about two
days without winding some people enjoy winding up their watch at the end of
each day and look forward to it while others find it a nuisance and if you
fall into that latter category then maybe mechanical watch isn't the best
choice for you they aren't as accurate even the best mechanical watches are
only about 99.99% accurate and that may sound amazing but even a difference of
point zero one percent can result in you losing a
second or two each day over the course of the years your watch will get less
and less accurate every five to ten years or so you'll need to take your
watch to the jeweler to get tuned up a bit quartz watches don't tend to fall
out of sync like that they're environmentally sensitive mechanical
watches are full of tiny gears and springs so exposure to dust shock
moisture even magnets can really wreak havoc on them and most mechanic modern
mechanical watches are designed to counteract those things but if you're
constantly working with dirty parts all day or hammering then it might be easier
to wear your quartz watch at work and then just reserve your mechanical watch
for when you get dressed up and finally they're more expensive a lot more work
and craftsmanship goes into making a mechanical watch so naturally that is
reflected in the price it's hard to find a quality mechanical watch for under
$200 and most of them are going to be well over $500 and with luxury brands
like Rolex or Cartier you could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars
automatic movements an automatic watch movement uses the kinetic energy from
the motion of your wrist to drive the mechanism of the watch instead of
relying on being manually wound or relying on a battery automatic watches
are often also called self-winding watches so if you think the idea of
having to wind your mechanical watch every day it might sound annoying then
an automatic watch might be worth looking into these movements use a metal
weight called a rotor which spins when you move your wrist and the spinning
transfers energy to wind a mainspring inside your watch so here's some of the
pros of automatic watches first no winding or batteries required an
automatic watch almost works like magic as long as you wear it regularly then it
will continue to function normally an automatic movement it comes with the
same sophisticated look and smooth hand movement you'd expect from a mechanical
watch but without the added hassle of having to wind it every day automatic
watches tend to be a little bit thicker than other mechanical watches even
because they need to accommodate the extra space for the rotor an automatic
watch feels more weighty and significant on your wrist and a lot of people like
that heaviness but if you're looking for something a little more minimalist that
actually may be a downside for you the cons of an automatic watch are similar
to those of a mechanical watch so they're less accurate than quartz and
they'll need some tune ups to keep going and they're more sensitive to
environmental factors like other mechanical watches automatic watches
similarly have a pretty high price point because
the extra craftsmanship and engineering involved in making them work biggest
downside to an automatic watch is that it needs to be stored in a watch winder
when you're not wearing it a watch winder is a machine that slowly spins
and keeps your automatic watch wound while you're not wearing it
it doesn't cost that much money but it is gonna take up extra room on your
shelf and it's one more thing to think about of course the alternative is just
to make sure that you wear your automatic watch every single day the 5
c's of watch terminology now the world of watches hasn't it's its own entire
vocabulary but here are just five terms that you might hear when shopping for
the perfect watch that don't have immediately obvious meanings
first there's calibre and don't be confuse this is just another fancy word
for movement chronograph a watch that has a stopwatch function in addition to
being able to tell time chronometer so this is a watch that has been
independently tested by the COSC which is the official Swiss chronometer
Testing Institute and a watch that meets this threshold has to be verified as as
accurate for a certain number of days complication I know it sounds so
negative right but it really is just any extra feature beyond telling the time so
a watch might have a calendar built into it or a moon phase indicator or
something like that crown the crown of your watch is the little knob that
sticks out on the end that allows you to change time that little wheel bonus term
bezel okay I know this one does not start with a C so it totally messes up
that whole cute little alliteration thing but but bezel is also good for you
to know a bezel is an outer ring on the outside of the case of your watch and
often it's made out of the same metal as the case of your watch or it can be a
different metal for contrast also one other term you might hear when
thinking about watches is horology which believe it or not actually means the
study of time because kind of sounds like some well nevermind I'm not going
to touch that one how to buy a men's watch when it comes to buying a watch
for yourself or finding a gift for someone else here are a few things to
keep in mind first what kind of movement does it happen we've already talked
about quartz mechanical and automatic movements the main thing to keep in mind
is the mechanical or automatic watches generally are more expensive to buy and
more expensive to maintain quartz watches are going to be better if you're
on a budget and they can still look great what is the case size or diameter
now this one really did on your proportions so I'd recommend
going out to a jewelry store and trying on several watches to see what size
watch works for you if you're a bigger guy you might want a really large and
hefty watch or if you're smaller you you might also want something that matches
your proportions for most guys a watch diameter of around 40 millimeters tends
to be ideal though in addition to matching the watch face to your
proportions you should also pay attention to the the thickness of the
watch especially if you have wear tightly fitted sleeves what materials
and colors is it watches come in all different types of case and face
combinations and different materials and different colors some people love all
black watches because they're easy to match to anything while silver and gold
are a little bit more traditional I'd recommend looking at what other jewelry
you usually wear so trying to find something that matches your wedding ring for
instance rather than clashing with it might be a good idea what kind of bands
do you want a leather band or metal links can be great for a business or
professional setting fabric or canvas is great in terms of comfort and durability
but style wise it generally is on the more casual end of things
suede bands are a little more modern and urban and plastic or rubber bands are
often used for inexpensive or sports watches with leather and other fabrics
one thing to look for is whether the materials have been glued together or
stitched together because often stitch materials are gonna hold together a
little bit longer than they're glued counterparts what about water resistance
so watches say that they're water resistant but without quantifying it it
usually just means that they have some basic guards against humidity so they
can handle a little bit of splashing when you're say washing your hands but
you wouldn't really want to shower bathe or you know submerge the watch in a pool
for instance you're gonna be around water a lot if your water your watch is
actually gonna be submerged you want to get a watch that specifies the depth to
which it could be submerged so something that's at least like 50 meters and then
the real question how much money do you want to spend there's almost no limit to
the amount of money that you can spend on a quality men's watch now literally
there are mechanical watches out there that are upwards of a million bucks
it's possible to find quality mechanical watch for under 300 bucks but most are
going to be in the $300 to $700 range and more well you know luxury brands can be
as many as thousands of dollars before we wrap up I just wanted to give another
big thanks to DAEM Watches for sponsoring this video and making it possible
for us to share this information with you
the name DAEM is an anagram for the word MADE they create watches for ambitious
men who run the journey to becoming self-made
it's a watch for people who create opportunities for themselves and for
others DAEM's watches are designed from scratch in Brooklyn New York they have a
wide variety of designs whether you're looking for something casual or a bit
more formal and they're timeless designs go really well with almost any outfit
their watches use swiss-made Ronda 505 movements for precise and accurate
timekeeping and their face is protected by an ultra scratch resistant sapphire
crystal glass and the straps that they use on their watch feature a genuine
stitched italian leather for added longevity and comfort DAEM watches have
a diameter of about 40 millimeters which I think it looks good on almost any
wrist their watch isn't too thick either I like the slim profile of their watch
it measures just about 9 millimeters from case bottom-to-top
despite all their finer touches dame watches are still really affordable for
the everyday guy which I really appreciate and if you're interested in
checking out dame watches you can use offer code DM 20 a check out to save 20%
off and I'll go ahead and link to their website in the description below alright
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