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What’s up guys? My name is Marcel Flores and welcome back to my youtube channel one dapper Street. Now a lot of you have asked over the past few months. What my favorite watch is what my is: what’s? The best watch to wear like if you only have one watch best watch brands, and today I’m gonna try and answer it well pretty much at all of those questions.

The first question you’re gonna want to ask yourself is how much money do I want to spend on a watch? How much budget do I have available that’s? Gon na limit your selection of brands, and we’re kind of gonna go through that with my watches that I have here that are arranged from low price to high price, can kind of get a feel of what you like.

What you think, but, more importantly, you want to ask yourself the second questions: why do you want to watch if you want it entirely for aesthetic reasons that’s like me, for example, I not entirely, but a large large part for me is about The aesthetics and how it looks what I feel when I look down onto my wrist in that case price isn’t all that important, because it’s just about how it looks now.

If you’re more into the craftsmanship, then the higher price ranges, of course, have the more more developed movements. I am no expert on fine watches. I appreciate them but check out hoe dinky. They have amazing amazing articles and just info on fine watches check them out.

I think you’re better off there. If you’re all about the craftsmanship, they know everything about, watches now 3. Maybe you buy it as an investment, as investment vintage pieces are much better than new pieces just because they & # 39, ve already proven to hold their value and they likely will in the future as well.

So that’s, a better investment, but once again also check out ho dinky, not my expertise. Now. The fourth would be as a motivator that’s, the second large pillar. For me of why I have expensive watches, because it motivates me reminds me of the time and effort I put in to have this thing on my watch now, and it makes me want to work harder and work more those to the aesthetics, and that are a Big reason that I personally have this connection of watches.

The last question you want to ask yourself is: do I want to have a collection of watches, or do I want to have one watch? If your style is pretty streamlined and straightforward one watch might work? I have a very versatile style.

I wear a lot of different colors, so I have watches that work with different color themes, with different vibes of the outfits, with different metals that I might choose to accessorize. Those looks with, I am obviously on the other side of like many watches, but if you just want one watch kind of like we & # 39, ll go through these right now, just see like what you fall in love with, because that’s At the end of the day, the thing you follow, but you think it’s, absolutely beautiful! You’ll, find a way to wear it every day and you may even adjust your style a little bit to make that work.

Now. The first part I want to talk about is a watch that I actually do not have here, and it’s. My Timex, I designed that myself that feature on their website to design your own watch is absolutely amazing.

It’s, a reasonable price for like $ 150, and you can make the watch of your dreams if it’s, just about aesthetics disregard movements. Obviously like that’s, not something that Timex is primarily concerned with.

I for one needed, like a lighter khaki watch like a strap in my closet. I found myself often wanting one. I didn’t have one and made that, and I used it so so much so that both serves you. If you just want one watch, because you can make the one that you love, that you know you’re gonna wear the most and also if you want to order a few and design a few different ones that you know are gonna Work with different color combinations with different wardrobes that you have in your closet now.

The second brand I want to mention is Seiko. I do not own a Seiko, but according to the founder and executive editor of ho dinky, Benjamin climber, it’s. An excellent watch, and not only aesthetically, but also in terms of the movements you said there’s, not that bad.

I hope literally his words in a business inside a video about watches I’ll, leave a link to that down below it’s. Actually, a good video as well much more knowledgeable in terms of the once again craftsman shading affords a myriad of brands.

This is my personal preference more so as I’m guiding me through this number, three is for me: I’ve. Had a lot of beautiful, Tommy, Hilfiger watches in my wardrobe, they’re produced by Malvado, somos bottom make swatches, and then they take like the Tommy Hilfiger brand and aesthetic and apply that to their washes to create watch this for Tommy Hilfiger.

It’s, a licensing deal, and I think they do a really great job. This is one of my favorites. It’s, got a rose gold case with a dark navy base and a dark brown and Bossk leather strap got this about a year ago and I think it’s.

A beautiful combination of dark colors with the rose gold kind of brightening it up a little bit an excellent choice for fall winter in terms of aesthetics to go with like darker warmer colors. That I think makes for a beautiful watch.

So tell me: how forgets the first brand that I want to mention that actually have here? No, the next brand is called triva and it’s from Scandinavia. It was the first wash. I think I actually love. This is the Nevel.

I had the Havana Neville’s, it was different, color combination, but the same watch exactly it’s, a chronograph I love chronographs and the little dials in the middle. I think they add so much to a watch.

I have fine watch enough, but these keep making appearances in my outfits because I just can’t stop wearing let’s still think they’re, so beautiful this I use whenever I need something. Maybe this one is the Lanson that’s, the style of this triva.

Since I have my Piaget, which we’ll talk about later. I wear this significantly less, because this is my all silver choice, but this one’s. Just a bit more casual with the mesh strap and the all silver design, I still think it’s, a beautiful watch and the last one that I wanted to show you guys.

Is this one once again coming from the color standpoint, this green canvas and connieyc leather strap against dark green face and the brushed silver case make this watch a beautiful watch for it. For any time, I want to be wearing something olive green, which I have a lot of olive green, because I really like that color.

So I decided that I wanted this watch in my closet to complement that the next company I want to talk about is also produced by Movado actually and it’s coach, so same principle, Movado makes a watch takes.

Coaches aesthetic applies it to this. Watch they do a really great job at doing so. This is my go to black and gold watch. So whenever I wear a lot of black and I choose to accessorize with gold, this is the watch I will go for.

That is why that is in my closet, once again, primarily driven by aesthetics, really simple, clean face. I really like it simple, strap straightforward, nothing too, crazy, but well, designed. I think this one’s, a special one to me, because it combines silver and gold and I usually absolutely hate that I really do every now and then I’ll, try and do it.

But then I usually wear this watch to tie it in because I feel like. If something inherently has that design it, it’s, more of a justification like if it’s designer decided that’s, a good idea. It’s, more of a justification that I can do it myself as well, with the bright face it’s, a chronograph as well, and the conic leather strap.

You can see it’s like kind of worn out. I wear this watch a lot and absolutely love it. So coach is another one that I recommend you check out. They also have new drops every season and a somewhat small selection, but usually there’s, a few really really beautiful pieces in there.

Now we’re moving on to fine watch this and let’s. Just jump right in this is my mom blow. Mom blow is primarily known for pens, but actually, as I walk into the store look for a pen, I saw this watch and they make some beautiful watches.

They start around $ 1,000 and go up to most of them about five, six thousand. Of course, there’s; exceptions to that like with most fine watch houses there’s depending on the materials and craftsmanship there’s, watches that cost significantly more money.

I & # 39. Ve absolutely fell in love with this one, really simple design with a black croc leather strap. You just have a little bit of blue accents in the face that make this to me. So so beautiful I don’t know.

I wear it a lot with anything whenever I wear black pretty much that’s, the wash I go for it. Just has a I love this watch, I really do. I fell in love literally fell in love. The second I saw the latest addition to our wash collection.

Is this Breitling navitor one chronograph, GMT 48 millimeter is by far the largest case. I have it’s fairly thick. It’s, heavy its robust it’s very masculine. It’s, a statement. I love this watch. I love the face.

It’s like for one it’s, not white. It’s kind of off-white cream. I think it’s. Absolutely beautiful in the intricate detail in the dial is just it’s magnificent. Then you have the classic brightening bezel a silver case and a dark brown croc leather strap.

With contrast stitching, I love this watch once again. I think it’s very masculine, going into fall and winter now wearing this with chunky, knits wearing this with leather jackets and thick overcoats.

I think this is a beautiful, beautiful watch and, coincidentally, I am a brightening ambassador for the rest of the year. So you & # 39, ll, see a few videos with trips coming up that I have with the brand and just a closer look at the brand.

I’ll. Just say there’s, gonna be cool like just motorcycles and fine watches there’s. Gon na be like cool cool footage coming from this collaboration that I’m, just really excited about so a little precursor.

For that now we only have one brand to talk about, but two more watches and that is Piaget PHA – has a somewhat special position in my perception of fine watches, because this is the first fine wash I own it’s, a Piaget polo s In all silver with a white dial, the unique shape of the vase is something I needed to get used to, but now I absolutely love because I think it makes it very unique and you can tell from afar what watch it is.

Wasn’t, a big fan of the link bracelets prior to this, I really didn’t, think I was gonna love. This watch as much as I do, but I think by now it walks the line between sporty casual and elegantly luxurious, so so well, I witness with suits.

I witnessed a street where the silver makes this the most versatile wash, and I think I’ve shown you here, because you can wear with any color really, and I I love this piece which then triggered me to buy another Piaget, which is this One, the Altiplano it’s, a very unique watch, and probably the perfect example of something that you might not necessarily want to be.

Your only watch because it doesn’t work with a lot of things. I bought this because to me it is absolutely beautiful, very sleek and elegant very flat. Very minimal rose gold together with dark grey and both dial and the leather strap, but the grey is kind of like a transforming grey.

Sometimes it’s more green. Sometimes more blue, depending on what you’re wearing, I absolutely love this wash and it’s, just something that I got myself as a reminder of all the effort and time I’ve, put into everything I do and Who I am today this reminds me of that the most and with that I want to end on a personal note saying that I love watches.

I really really do I love them for the aesthetic and for the way they make me feel two things that I do, that will drive, watch, watch aficionados, absolutely crazy. It’s like they’re, pretty scratched up, because I just wear them because I want to wear them and I want to feel good about.

I want to not have to worry about. It should be a positive experience and none of these are actually set to the right time. I don’t know if you saw that I checked my watch. I checked the time on my phone and I just wear these purely for those two reasons that I told you very sorry.

You can go crazy in the comments I don’t care. I’ve got my own reasons. I watched alpha Emma’s, video on his collection. I thought it was really interesting. I thought he had a great point at the end of the day, this is just stuff.

Of course. There’s, benefits to to owning these and like how they make you feel beyond the the physical level. But if I have to, if I could save somebody else’s, life, if I could save my own life, because I’m going through a rough time by selling all of these, I would in an instant – and I just want to Leave you with that note, because when you talk about something that cost so much money, I want you to never forget what it’s really about.

I still also donate money to charity. I still use that money to in ways to help other people. I think there needs to be a balance. Don’t spend all your money on yourself. It’s kind of like the message I want to put out.

There should just be a solid level between self-love love for others and that’s. What I want to end on, I hope you guys enjoyed this. I hope I answered all the questions that I have received about watches in that regard.

If you have any more, please leave them down below. Maybe I can make another video to answer those more specifically. Thank you so so much for watching. If you & # 39, re, not subscribed to my channel yet make sure to change that and turn on the post notifications.

So you don’t miss out on any of the videos coming up other than that that’s it. For me today, once again, thank you for watching, and I’ll, see you soon with the broken collarbone. Still next, video stay to have her bye, guys,