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– Five things I love about
Jaeger-LeCoultre watches, numbers one, two and three, all focused on design. They're timeless, they're elegant and the design is always
perfectly balanced. Number four, they're
technically masterful, and number five, they tend to fly under the radar. I've got two of my favorites from the new
collection here today and we're gonna check them out and see what there is to
love right after this. (upbeat music) I'm Brian Sacawa and you're
watching where we give you the
information and inspiration you need to dress well, have more confidence and
unlock your potential. The Reverso is obviously 's most recognizable and its popularity kind of overshadows a lot of the other models
in the brand's portfolio. One of those being the
Collection which has been around since 1992. In my opinion, the Collection
is an overlooked gem that once you discover it
and really get to know it, really shows you how diverse and versatile is as a brand.

Because despite the Reverso's beginnings as a sport designed
for polo players, it really has evolved into and become this apitomy of elegance, refinement and sophistication which often manifests itself
as a very formal and therefore JLC a very formal brand. But the Master Control Collection, along with the recently
re-imagined Polaris really speaks to the depth
of offerings from JLC and shows you that one of
their biggest strengths is making hardworking classic, versatile, and beautiful round watches. I was able to get my hands
on two of my favorites from the collection, not my
personal watches, unfortunately and we're gonna take a look
at them in detail right now. First up, we have the Master
Control calendar in Rose Gold.

This is referenced Q4142520
powered by caliber 866 also available in stainless steel. It's a 40 millimeter case with thickness of 10.95 millimeters which means it's a great kind
of contemporary sized watch. The dial is silver with
a nice sunray finish. We've gotten applied
indexes with lume plots on both the dial and in insets
on the hour and minute hands. If anyone's wondering, it's got a water resistance
of 50 meters though, don't think anyone would be
taking this in the water. Let's take a closer look at the dial which I think is just absolutely gorgeous and perfectly balanced, already pointed out the
beautiful hour and minute hands at six o'clock as a sub-second style with a running secondhand which also houses the beautiful
moonphase complication. This is a calendar watch, so we have apertures
below the JLC signature for the day of the week on the left and the month on the right.

Date laid out in a ring around the dial and indicated by this
red tipped hand here. Everything is set with pushers
on either side of the case. And I must say that one of the coolest and most understated features
you never knew you wanted is the fact that this date
hand jumps over the moonphase from 15 to 16 so it
never obscures that dial.

And kind of the attention to detail that really sets JLC apart in my opinion. This is an automatic movement with a power reserve of 70
hours, Chronometer certified, 1000 hour master control certification. On the wrist this watch is just perfect, it feels great, it looks amazing, kind of unassuming with a low-key elegance that is perfect for daily wear. Price in Rose Gold, $24,900 and then in steel, you're looking
at a price tag of $11,000. Next we're going to look at a watch that I was honestly
prepared to not like at all but as is often the case, the opinion you might have
just by looking at a photo can completely change when you actually see the watch in person.

And here it is, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control calendar chronograph in steel. This is reference Q4138420 powered by the JLC caliber 759. This watch is also available in Rose Gold, though I must say, I do
really like it in steel. It's got a 48 millimeter case diameter with a thickness of just
over 12 millimeters, 50 meters of water resistance and a power reserve of 65 hours. The most beautiful thing
about this watch obviously, is the dial so let's take
a closer look at that. What is most striking
to me about this style, is that despite the
number of things going on and complications that it has, is that it just looks so
balanced and harmonious, silver sunray finish, Pulsation scale around the dial.

It's got applied indexes, lume inset on the hour and minute hands and then also around the dial
at three, six, nine and 12. Got a blue chronograph hand, pushers are at two and four. At nine o'clock, a small
running second style, three o'clock we've got the
chronograph minutes register. At 12 under the JLC signature, you have the day aperture on the left, and the month on the right, and then at six o'clock we
have the date indicator, which in circles the moonphase. On the wrist this watch
wears really, really well.

It's got a little bit of
heft which feels quite nice. And again, I just love that
this is such a beautiful and elegantly designed watch that calls absolutely
no attention to itself. Price in steel are shown here, 15,200, and then in Le Grand Rose Gold you're looking at a price tag of $28,500. If you love watches and want
to watch more, watch videos, I put together a playlist right over there featuring some great pieces. Some are from my own personal collection with the stories of how
and why I came by them. And some are pieces that I've had the great
opportunity to experience over the years and would
consider adding to my collection. So, click right there and check those out..

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