Omega Speedmaster (Vintage) & Audemars Piguet Royal Oak; Patek Philippe; Rolex Cellini Mens Watches

Welcome back to watch is live. The only show that we shoot here on watch box reviews jumping into the chat. I should let you know my stream is rather curtailed by the net connection. So I’m gonna do my best to interact and remind you that I will pay you for your time over the next 30 minutes link in the description I’m, giving away an Omega Seamaster rail master, 40 millimeters, the black Dial, the full bracelet box and papers, the complete set all it needs is your wrist link in the description International eligibility, though, for some reason Rhode Island is excluded.

I don’t understand it, but everyone else you should be good jumping into the box. Today, I can see we & # 39. Ve got friends joining from around the world, with Hale Bopp Gianni, Pia joined an N edward Levin from Sweden Andrew Thomas Burnett, Turkish ER, Meister Jack Purcell Mesa on one Erin Murphy.

We’ve got Remy mem. We’ve got Richard T, we & # 39, ve, got Russell nine. Nine six guys welcome! Let’s jump right into it. I promised you to share, look cooled and I am going to deliver. If you hit the clickbait thumbnail, you saw this watch.

Let’s. Take a closer look. This is a two hundred white two hundred piece white gold, limited edition 42 millimeters from 2011. It’s, a very special timepiece. Now you can see the photorealistic moon phase with age of the moon inside a pointer style radial date now at center, there’s, a 1/6 of a second food rental, lightning seconds hand and then right up to a clock.

You can see the hours and minutes of the day you’ll. Also note there’s, a power reserved for the balance and escapement and then a separate power reserved for everything else. You see here so the escapement has its own power supply to maintain constant amplitude, in spite of the fact that the watch is driving several complications as well as Center seconds, which I neglect to show you the first time now turn it all over.

You could see where the power comes from. This is calibre 381 twin, mainspring barrels, each with a 50 hour power reserve. You turn the crown in different directions to wind each of those barrels and note the exquisite pocket watch style, double ratchets on each wheel with blued screws.

This is as good as it gets from la santé Asia’s, really cool the grog Mae’s own, producing a movement that looks like a pocket watch. You can see it uses German silver, but since we are in the Swiss, why making region and the Kanto niveau here we’re gonna call it my short, which is what they would call it.

Nickel copper zinc that’s. Why? All of these bridges and plates have a golden hue, not the silver of rhodium plated brass on a conventional watch. You’ll, also note the depth of the movement. You can look into this one and diagonally through this one, not just down upon it.

The balance beats way at twenty one: six and it’s. Free sprung, everything is hand decorated and, of course, you have an extraordinary zero reset system on the dial. Not only does this one have hacking seconds but take a look, stop seconds for the food rail stop seconds for the Center seconds and then a second stage that resets everything to perfect alignment top to bottom resetting to the second and the sixth of a second.

It’s got all of that 42 millimeters in white gold. It is not a small watch, but you will see – and I owned this watch in its chronograph version for a lovely four years. It does wear well on a smaller wrist.

Now my wrist is 16 centimeters circumference, you can see. The watch across the wrist is broad at about 50 millimeters, but it’s also flat at about 13 millimeters. It’s, got a lovely white gold case with the double finished flanks.

You can see how the flank of the case is sat and finished, and then the lugs themselves are actually black polished and these are welded lugs. You can see that short break between the case band and the look.

The lug is actually welded on and then hand finish to remove all evidence of the soldered joint and take a look at the crown on this watch with that double knurling to make it a tactile pleasure to use and that’s.

Just the attention to detail paid to the crown where the centre is blasted and the logo is relieved and polished that is jlc at its finest by the way that watch designed to run at or better than chronometer rates, jumping into the box right here, AMRO asking Luongo when well, i can deliver that richard teep love moon phases, you’re, going to see another one and then we can see we’re Eternals, the same love jlc and then we’ve got sebastian t saying how Easy is it to set up such a piece very user-friendly.

That piece is rock-solid and short of dropping it. It’s, pretty bulletproof, plus just about everything on this watch. With the exception of the single moon phase, adjustment between the lugs can be done through the crown or with the date pusher.

Now let’s, jump straight to the long that because AMRO asked and he’s, one of our show regulars. So I deliver for the folks who deliver for me. Let’s. Take a look at a thirty eight point: five millimeter, along between zona laa, one moon, face now a few things to shout out.

First, it’s, a lovely composition. Second, you could see that the constant seconds is now coaxial with the moon face which prevents the upsetting of the classical orientation, and there is a wonderful mathematical geometry, predetermined for its aesthetic value.

You don’t mess up the orientation of the primary register and the sub seconds you just add a moon phase and the moon phase by the way is solid gold. The dial is made of solid sterling silver, so you get a lot of precious metal with your longa and thanks to the pusher that allows you to actuate the grande date or the panorama datum you get.

The same tactile feel that you would experience with a fine column, wheel, cronograph like a day to graph, for example. Now we’re gonna see that material again, German silver, nickel, copper, zinc, made golden by the copper in the alloy.

All of the hallmarks of modern German watch finished by the way three-day power reserve. Let’s. Take a look glassy two stripes they’re, not cote de genève were in saxony. Now you can see the pivot. Jewels are fixed in Chautala, held in place by fire blued screws.

This is pocket, watch style and we’re, paying tribute to the 19th century and fa longa and his family. So you could see that there’s, a 3/4 style bridge. Again, another tribute to pocket watch style note that the half bridge for the balance is freehand engraved underneath the black polished, swans neck fine adjustment mechanism and the cover the half bridge for the escape wheel is also black polished.

Finally, there’s, a small sliver of mirrored chamfering along the edge of the bridge and an engine turned pelage on the base plate. All of this, in a thirty eight point, five millimeter watch that anyone can wear.

I mentioned the jlc is big for a dress watch. The longa is classical the 38.5 that first debuted back in 1994 with the first longer one. It still has that proportional grace and it wears well on any wrist rose.

Gold watch solid gold, moon phase, disk sterling silver dial jumping into the box right here we have pilot style, one two three saying but Lanka technically has coke titian F, it’s, the same basic process coat de genève and Switzerland stripes in Germany.

They’re, laid down with an abrasive wheel. Cheap watches will have them stamped on this caliber of watch. They’re, laid down the old-fashioned way, basically a wooden wheel with like sandpaper on the edge and that’s, how they create it, and then right here we could say mmm we’ve got friends joining from Jordan.

Marwan is in the box. Thank you for staying up super late in the Levon. Okay, let’s, jump to a vintage watch. We’ve, seen some fine stuff, let’s, talk about sports watches, but let’s turn back the clock to 1975, when we first saw a watch that some call the Omega Speedmaster mark 4.

5. Technically. This is not part of the mark series. What it is is the Omega Speedmaster 176 dot, zero, zero one. Two forty one point: seven millimeters wide 44 point: nine millimeters lug to lug, with a classic 1970s oversized tunnel case.

Look at how well this watch is survived. You can see that the dial in its original tritium all present and correct. You can see that the case with its original radial satin finish laid down with a Swiss lapping machine almost entirely intact, not a watch that appears unworn, but a watch that appears never refinished.

You can see that radial pattern that can only be laid down on the proper factory equipment. You can also see that the bevel along the flank of the case on both sides has survived completely intact and the mineral crystal its mineral in this era, 1975 to 1986.

This watch the mineral is entirely intact. We have some friends joining us from Switzerland, Germany and Austria. You’ll note that this watch features a German calendar, Lamanna 5100 inside doing business as Omega calibre 1045.

It features a 24-hour sub dial, a chronograph. It has the day the date, a double quick set hacking seconds and you’ll note that there is a radial 60 minute indicator. So you read the minutes and the seconds radially on this dial, throwing this one on the wrist it’s on a proper, Omega 1162 period bracelet.

This is one hell of a survivor again. You never expect to find one of these watches in perfect condition, but when you find one that’s, 95 % and never refinished – you & # 39. Ve got a real keeper. You can see because it’s.

Only. Forty four point: nine look to look even on my smallish wrist. This true vintage speed master wears easily. Now you might wonder why did I call this? A mark 4.5 speed, master unofficial, nickname it’s, not a mark series, but that’s because it actually features a unique mark for case with the movement from the German market mark 5.

So that’s. Why? This is sometimes called a mark, 4.5 stainless steel and very easy to wear in spite of its size. I love this watch to death. I hope it goes to a good home. Now let’s. Talk about a more contemporary Omega.

Let’s say you. Don’t want to take your vintage watch out in the water by the way. Back in the day, that watch was water-resistant to 60 meters. I wouldn’t test the theory today, but it was a tough stuff kind of watch today I would wear a modern watch if I thought I was going to get wet and wild, and this is one of the rarest modern iterations of the Omega Seamaster aqua, terry, you will encounter teak deck, striation, dial, 41 point five millimeters, yellow gold, bezel and bracelet, and crown with a dial in matching gold.

Now you can see the dial is described by Omega as metallic champagne, but it is a perfect tonal match for the yellow gold of the crown case and bezel. You could see that the watch is actually fairly easy to wear it’s.

Only about forty eight and a half millimeters load to lug and 13 millimeters thick. So though it’s, a large watch it’s, not an oversized watch 60 hour power reserve Omega exclusive calibre 8500. You can see a little bit of it through the case back the thing that I always find pleasing about this movement.

Though it’s, not artisanally finished, you can actually see if you look the coaxial escapement just below the balance. Bridge 60 hour power reserve, coaxial, escapement silicon hair spring twin mainspring barrel COSC certified Swiss chronometer it’s, got the works.

It’s even got the full balance bridge and the free sprung index for shock resistance and, of course, plenty luminescent. You could see how beautifully detailed that dial is with the gold hands. The gold Omega logo, the gold indices, the gold chapter in the gold base, it exhausts super and it’s.

A very wearable watch, jumping into the box right here, Russell nine, nine six, eight I can’t work out. If I like Omega or not, I think the answer is yes and you’ll, find, as you discover the sheer breadth and scope of omegas work past and present.

You will find references. You like you & # 39. Ll also find references you hate, but that’s. The great thing about Omega it’s. Almost like a universe waiting for you to discover you might find a few constellations.

You might find a few planets, but you’re. Going to find something you like, and you’ll like the brand as a whole as a result, and then right here we have Freddie Turner, saying nearly as ugly as a in response to the Aqua Terra right.

There John Doak begs to differ. Saying that gold Omega is badass and I could see Garrett Miller agrees, see, master and gold is beautiful, love the face of that watch and Jay a man not just of one name but of one letter saying great use of yellow gold, and I concur.

Okay. Let’s, jump back to the finer things in life from our sports watch as we jump back to dress, watches and a great one, this model of an existing reference line debuted at si th 2011. This was a watch then known as the patrimony contemporary a timepiece now known, just as the patrimony reference eight one, one, eight zero forty millimeters in platinum and here’s.

What was new for 2010, the slate grained gray dial, which is simply exquisite. It has a wonderful blasted, like texture, a close-range polished, dimpled style, minute track outboard. You can see the three-dimensional swell of these applique white gold indices on the dial.

You can even see how the hand has been curved and the indices have been curved to match. The contours of the dial – it is a beautiful and minimal, watch only seven point: two millimeters thick and knife-edged.

It features a manufacturer, caliber 1400, underneath the case back. That is solid platinum. Why would you haven’t even all mark movement under a solid case, two reasons, one. The solid case back is thinner than a sapphire two, because this is a platinum watch and only 45 millimeters load to lug 7.

2 millimeters thick. You need that extra structural rigidity that comes with the full metal to preserve the integrity of the case and the 30-meter water resistance. Plus you do get a little bit of extra heft on the wrist and the value of that extra one and a half ounces of platinum.

Now you throw this one on my wrist because it’s only 45 lug to lug and 7.2 thick. It wears like a second skin limp it like on the wrist it’s almost below my wrist hair, that’s. How flat it is absolute comfort, grace elegance to fit underneath any wrist and underneath the case back, because you want to know Geneva hallmark, 40-hour manual, wind Vacheron, caliber, 1400 and manufacturer movement properly decorated you’ll, also note externally.

The Geneva hallmark on the case back because, since 2012, the Geneva hallmark has been a full watch standard, not just the movement back in the box right here I can see. Some of you guys are up to this J is saying I would love to see the movement alexis Imola of finland saying vash runs.

Simplicity is pure class. Scottish watches saying: would you buy that VC over a Patek Phillipe Calatrava? It really depends. There are some Calatrava references that i would not favor over that and i think a great comparison would be something like a 51 96 p versus that Vacheron.

Eight one, one, eight zero, and i would i would pick the vash run over that particular manual. One two Calatrava, which i think is a nice apples to apples comparison, but I happen to prefer the pink lady over the Golden Delicious, and so this is my pink lady and I’m.

Choosing that particular strain of Apple and then right in the box, I could see Edward LED and asking do you follow Formula One? If so, which team I’m, a long-suffering McLaren fan? I remember the glory days of Mika häkkinen and David Coulthard and those seemed like great times compared to the late state of affairs.

That said, they’re, not as bad, quite as bad as they’ve been alright. Let’s, jump into a watch that splits the difference between the tough stuff and the good stuff. Let’s. Talk about a watch that came out last year from Blum huh.

This is the Fifty Fathoms bath, the SCAF complete calendar 43 millimeters in stainless steel. You can see this is a minimal vintage-inspired case. No crown guards big crown aesthetic. The crown is oversized ten millimeters in diameter.

You could see that the case, flanked itself is very minimal. Everything is satin; no polish. The lungs are square it off minimally beveled. This is designed to look like an old-school dive watch until you get to the dial, which is a triple calendar, moonface anthracite, sunburst dial, you can see the our indices are outboard of the inboard pointer style date with the lunette indicator.

Now the watch is still 300 meters water-resistant, in spite of the case flying pusher adjusters. It is a manually finished watch. You turn it over and you realize how gracefully it’s been executed. Note that there’s, both satin channeling around the gold rotor and a blasted Center.

You could see that there is a satin finish across the bridges you cannote, that there is a mirrored chamfer or on glossy on the edge of every bridge, as well as in every jewel and screw countersink. There are black polished screws with sham furred slots.

There is engine-turned pelage on the base plate. This is the caliber 665 4p complete calendar automatic, winding three-day power reserved for hertz, beat rate free, sprung for durability, adjusted in six positions rather than a chronometer five very nicely executed, and this is a watch that still glows like a torch in the dark and gives You that dive watch legibility by de Blanc pound was smart to put the indices outboard of the calendar, now listen to the bezel, because the bezel is part of the experience of a dive watch.

I’m gonna put this one up against the microphone and let you have a listen now. You can hear it’s, a chunky kind of bezel. It’s, not the silky Glide of the standard 50. 15. This has its own voice in its own, feel it’s, a bit more raw.

It’s, a bit more visceral and in terms of bezel, feel I actually prefer this over the over refined feel of something like a Grand Seco diver. A standard 50 15 50 fathoms were like a dive watch a sea dweller or a sub, a really nice watch throat on the wrist.

You can see forty nine point: nine millimeter slug to look and not thick, only thirteen point four, despite the automatic, winding 300 meter resistance, rotating bezel and the complete calendar. So this is a big watch, but an easy one to wear and you can see I’m.

I’m easily shipping it with plenty of space on either side of either lug. So you can wear this on even a smaller wrist. A great 2018 edition from Blom Pat a bit fatuous but very fabulous, and I have to remind you most of the time we wear our dive watches at the office.

Wear a calendar complication can really come in handy and then right here. I could see kimby agrees with me that blonde Pat is the bee’s. Knees and True Lies Ain. Blonde pot is seriously overlooked. Richard chaos contend how much value is on the desk.

The answer is two hundred and eighty five thousand dollars. I was ready for you. Alright, let’s, jump back to the special stuff, a brand we don’t, often discuss, but which I revere greatly parmesan a flurry a – and this is the tonda couture retrograde annual calendar.

A 40-millimeter white gold watch with modular teardrop style looks it’s. Only forty five point: five millimeters look to look so this is a watch that even a very small wrist can wear and you can really see how much clearance I’ve got on both sides.

Now the dial, let’s, turn this one. The right side up for comprehensions sake, features a double moon face, north and south hemisphere. It features a 31-day, retrograding calendar, it features a day, it features a date and you’ll note Center seconds with a hacking feature there’s, also a wonderful three dimensionality to the style, starting with the Delta style hands that’s, what parmigiana calls them and they are loomed, and then you go through several different layers of dial the hour and the day track: outboard the sub registers, the logo, the hands and then the base of the moon face and all of this with a parmesan.

You manufacture, caliber, note automatic, winding, twin mainspring barrels. Fifty hour power reserve, you can see those Twin barrels peeking out and the true rose lathe cut golden winding mass. This is a beautiful looking movement and it is actually related to the same base.

Caliber used by Richard Mille, so not only does it have pedigree, but it has famous associations. This watch in white gold is easy to wear on any wrist and a dynamic way to display a calendar and everyday wearable annual calendar.

You need just at only once per year, the jump from February to March. You can see those modular teardrop style lugs and how dramatically cambered they are michel parmesan. He wanted a shape that separated the case from the ergonomics and that’s, exactly what he got and I could see pilot style flirt, one two three saying parmesan a flurry, a sounds like Parmesan, cheese and floral patterns.

For me, it’s, a silly reason not to be interested, but that’s. The way it is that’s. Okay, it’s, an emotional and irrational hobby, and I could see Simon whole late. He says, but always welcome Simon.

Your rig the channel says he always loved Ferrari when he was young in their glory days. They had Michael Schumacher and an Irish lad. He loved named Eddie Irvine, who ironically, wound up making more money in real estate than he ever made as the second fiddle to Schumacher.

Okay, let’s, jump to a brand. That Michael would recognize. Audemars Piguet he and now his son ambassadors and let’s, talk a little bit about the Royal Oak. Now you could see the Royal Oak in its cronograph form here, the latest boldest post 2017 dial in case now.

The dial changed in 2017 large registers for hours and also minutes by the way I think Mick Schumacher, might actually be a Richard Neal guy. My mistake, you could see hours and minutes for the chronograph with minimized small seconds now.

Another feature that changed for 2017, though it’s. Not visible is the change from screw down to simulated screw down chronograph pushers, so we still get that hexagonal crown like shoulder to bolster the pusher, but you no longer have to screw down or screw up to access the chronograph or secure your watch against water still.

50 meters water-resistant. How much do you love that chocolate pantograph engraved tap grunt, apiece, redial, petite, tap a Surrey is the Jumbo Garant. A pacer E is the 41 millimetre watch and then mega tap.

A Surrey is the offshore. I love the brown and golden rose golden tones. A very warm look now this watch, though a 41 is only 11 millimeters thick. It is very broad, though. I have to remind you that if you buy a Royal Oak, buy one size smaller than you think you need, because this watch at 41 is actually fifty five point.

Five millimeters, when you measure end link to end link across the wrist, though, on the strap an on Hornbeck gator. I find it does wear a little bit better than on a bracelet or a Hornbeck Gator. If you’re gonna wear it on a small wrist, get the diver strap or get this particular leather combo it’s, the way to wear the watch.

If you & # 39, ve got a small wrist like me, but you could see. I have no margin for error there. If this wasn’t a perfect fit for the shape of my wrist and probably the outlook, even at 16, centimeters circumference, a lovely piece and in my opinion, unless you really need 100 metre water resistance, get a Royal Oak chronograph than an offshore.

It’s, a better value, it wears better. I think it’s closer to the original Gen 2 design, and I think it will age better jumping in right here I can see we have jean-claude beaver, not be there saying that one looks sick on the wrist and then Aaron M, saying bracelet Would be so good, he’s, a fan of the full bracelet integration design and then Freddie Turner, saying any Royal Oak off a bracelet is missing the entire point of the design.

Surely one might say it’s like a muscle car on donut tires, perhaps interesting analogy turn that one over in your head see if it makes sense to you let’s, talk about a watch that retails for 1,850 dollars and even Less pre-owned, one of the real stars back in 2015 at Basel, was the Auris divers 65.

Turning back the clock with a classical look that’s, the antithesis of the pro diver or the Aquos. This is a minimalist. No crown guard highly cambered plexi, like sapphire and, as you can see minimal size at 40 millimeters with a very simple slim historically inspired case profile.

You could see that the strap is a perforated embossed pattern designed to evoke the tropic straps of the 60s and 70s, and it’s, nicely evacuated on the bottom, with ventilation and air pockets to avoid trapping wrist heat plus look at the value or Is giving you these little pull tabs spring bars so that you can easily remove the strap? Knowing that guys, who buy this kind of watch like to swap straps it’s, a lovely light duty, diver 100 meters means snorkeling and light duty scuba only but a fun time, peace and a great way to get into a steel men’s luxury dive watch without spending a fortune.

You can see it on the wrist easy to wear plenty of clearance on each side, and I love that domed sapphire. It really does have the charming off axis distortion of a plexiglass from the 1960s a great timepiece and tank tough horas diver 65.

Then we have Kimbo and asking Tim just where the AP higher on the arm. It’s, tough to wear. Well, I mean, unless I wear it on my bicep, which I guess is an option. It’s, tough to wear a watch high on the arm without it migrating down, because if you open up the strap enough to wear it up here in Ewa Blee, it’s, gonna be shaken loose and then hula hoop around Your wrist, so maybe you’ve, pulled that off I haven’t and right here I could see jean-claude beaver saying royal little chronograph over the offshore all day long, let’s.

Talk about a watch that is a bit further up the tech tree and the pecking order. This is an apex predator of the deep. This is a watch that came out in 2017 that modified in many way upgraded the much-loved 2013 Panerai lumen or submersible 1950.

A magnetic now that was the 389 in 2013. This is the 13 eighty, nine titanium 47 millimeters and you can see that it features a ceramic insert on top of the bezel 3d power reserve manufacturer movement.

90. 10. This one’s, actually a little bit thinner than the old 389. You can see the silora Elan 2 Corsa on the back, the manned torpedo used, most notably by Italian commandos, in the 1941 raid on Alexandria, the British fleet in the Mediterranean and, of course, this watch part of the 2017 to present 1389.

If you like your paramilitary Panerai, this is a great example. It’s, a what. If watch this, the Frog men of the decima flotilla never had anything this fine as they slouched through the mud and the grime, but the bottom line is for a big watch.

It were as well, they’d, be proud. The timepiece fits on my baby wrists and you could see. I actually have a little bit of clearance on each side, but not a whole lot. The good news is in titanium, it wears fairly light and, of course, you & # 39.

Ve got that iconic Panerai, locking guard. This is something that the Italian TAC war, guys of the 1940s wouldn’t have known it was introduced in the 1950s, but it remains an icon of Panerai and very smart.

It’s, easy to dive with a crown not properly screwed down it’s hard to miss this red flag and there’s, a cam system inside, and you can see the little roller that’s, built Into the cam that compresses the crown and gives you that 300 metres of water resistance, plus the crown guard, gives you all aspect, protection against shock, abrasion and shearing much more protection than a shouldered crown guard, and I believe this is the best bezel to tent.

In the business with competition, only from doxa let’s, take a listen! It’s chunky and it & # 39. S got a little bit of a spring and a spritely and chunky does bezel PM 1389. Alright, let’s, jump back to the nice things.

Let’s, talk about one from Germany and not alonga. This is part of a model on the bowed at Basel world 2008 and everyone else immediately asked why didn’t. We think of that this is the glosso to organelle panel in verse, 42 millimeters in stainless steel.

All the action is on the dial side. It’s. Basically everything you love about German watch making without having to remove the watch from your wrist. Now you can see this is caliber. Sixty six zero six manual whined there’s, a power reserve as you’re, seeing it just below the balance.

There is a jeweled drivetrain featuring screw fixture tongue like the longa, and you could see both sides of that balance bridge not just one with black polished, swans, neck indices, for fine adjustment of beat error and free hand engraving.

So no two are exactly alike now. The watch will turn it right-side up, so you can see the bit more easily features a DLC anthracite coated set of German stripes. They have that 3/4 style bridge and I’m going to show you them side-by-side.

They have all of these design features of the longa, but on the dial side of the watch, you see the stripes the engine. Turning the freehand engraving the jewel set in shot on fixed by screws. You can see the balance you can see the escapement.

All of that and the ability to tell time a glorious and ingenious system of aesthetics that’s. Also very functional, has a wonderful three dimensionality from the applique dial all the way down to the base of the movement.

You can turn it over. It looks good on the opposite side. There are two black polished access, ports and more jewels set in shuttle, but all the action is here and again you don’t have to remove it from the wrist to enjoy.

This is the heart and soul of glut, suta original. If they have one icon. This is it. This is the one to own. If you can only own one – and I could see Matt foster joining it saying he missed most of the show that’s.

Okay, it lives forever once it buffers and uploads and I’ve got watch, aficionados, saying geo rocks and then jean-claude beaver saying illegible, but still sick. As you know, and then right here, we have Roy P, st.

great watch reasonably priced too, and then we have Mesa on one saying I should like that, but somehow it’s, not grabbing me. It’s, not for all. Sometimes it just doesn’t strike you. That said, you have plenty of options.

We go from fine things to outrageous things, though I’m, not gonna under sell iw C’s, manufacture, watchmaking, but this watch is too large for my wrist. This launched in 2012 and made through 2015 is the IWC big pilots watch.

It should be called the very big pilots watch Top Gun Miramar reference 50 19-0 to 48 millimeters in black polished ceramic with titanium hardware. It has the miramar dial with that faded tobacco, brownish black, the e crew style, coloration of faux-tina treatment with a few red accents and, as you can see, the Arabic numerals one through 12 are inboard on the scale and the 60 Minutes scale is outboard.

This is a watch that features IWC zone, manufacturer caliber, five, one one, one one that’s, a lot of one’s; seven-day power reserve power, reserve indicator automatic, winding and properly sized. For the case.

The watch is 48 millimeters in diameter and 58 millimeters lug to lug. So this is a huge timepiece. It’s fairly light because of the ceramic and the titanium, but you should have a large wrist before wearing this watch or you’ll.

Just look foolish now that logo on the case back. This is not actually a u.s. Navy logo or any part of the Top Gun program. If you check the original 1986 movie poster that’s, the logo from the movie poster.

So yes, there is such a thing as the Navy fighter weapons school and it’s no longer at the old it’s no longer at the old mirror more base, but it does not use that logo. That’s. All Tom Cruise inside all Schaffhausen and a good-looking watch, but you do need the wrist for it and I recommend 18 centimeters, circumference or larger all right, jumping into the box right here.

Some comment about Game of Thrones: oh here we go jean-claude, be very saying seriously: who can wear this stuff, the mountain from Game of Thrones yeah? Probably that guy, who I believe is six foot nine four hundred pounds is your one legitimate customer for that watch.

It would look like a date just on his wrist and I have right here Richard Casey and I absolutely love the Miramar. I do love that dial and I do love the polished ceramic case and I do love that it doesn’t scratch all right in the box.

We got a lot of friends here, but we got too many on the table. I got to make some choices: let’s, go straight for the best of the best patek philippe 55 50p advanced research for launched in 2011 in 300 pieces with a vertically satin grain, steel style, silver dial and yellow gold accents in the form of Indices and hands: this was the culmination of the 2005 to 2011 Advanced Research series, full platinum diamonds between the lugs at 12, o’clock, which you can see right there and, on the case, back a built in loop for calibre 240 q.

What’s different? What isn’t 70, our power reserve instead of approximately 48. You could see the gyro max si balanced, a combination of silicon and yellow gold. It is a yoke style. It’s, not a wheel.

You can also see the escapement featuring the pulse ax max silicon lever. The SIL involve a free sprung spiral max silicon hair spring. All of these, the wheel, the lever, the hair spring and the balance known as asila max and all that technology only comes together in this watch.

It’s. The only place you’ll, see all of these features together. Micro, rotor automatic. You can see all of the hand finished the unclutch, the cote de genève, the engine turning there is even a coined ridging on the beveling of the 22 carat micro rotor.

This is the ones own if you’re going to own just one of the advanced research series, I say if you can collect the set, but if you’re going to own just one own, the one that has all the technology And the only one of the series that was a perpetual calendar throw this one on the wrist.

You can see how special this timepiece is very wearable, a watch that has the gravitas to match any wrist size, even a tree trunk, but it’s. Nicely proportioned and dimensioned for those who have smaller wrists, only 9 millimeters thick and very substantial and platinum, a lovely DeLorean style dial with that brushed steel.

Like effect – and I should also mention for you fans out there chilly knee. If you want toughness and accuracy there’s, nothing better than a reference. 5515 39 millimetre rose gold. Shalini date, you get the date you get, the lovely sunburst style, give shade dial and it’s, a deep, rich grooving.

This is not a conventional sunburst. This is a three-dimensional sunburst. You can see the mini sunburst inside of the date indication and a fun feature that we’re not used to seeing on Rolex watches on Omegas.

We’re used to seeing the stepping timezone feature for the hand of the hours. But here you get that feature and you get it on a Rolex, so you can actually keep telling time note. The watch is not stopped and I can actually drive that hand independently.

As I travel driving the date forward or backwards, you can see the date jumping forward and backwards as I crossed the International Dateline, a lot of fun, 39 millimeters, the movements just as tough as you’ll, find on a Submariner full balance, bridge free, Sprung index / coil, hair spring and power, chrome, blue anti-magnetic, COSC, chronometer, 39, millimeters and only 45 point five millimeters look look! This is one of the rare cases where you & # 39.

Ll see a modern Rolex watch with a strap and a pin buckle and the nice thing about getting your Rolex watch on a strap is it opens avenues to customization. You can get custom, straps and aftermarket options that never look right on a bracelet, Schad Rolex watch and of course I promised you a pin buckle here.

It is one of the few you’ll, see on a modern Rolex. That is a good-looking watch. Elemental all you need right there, the chilly knees, hugely underrated. What I recommend you buy them new, probably not there’s, a lot of depreciation but pre-owned.

It’s, Rolex accuracy and toughness in a dress watch package. If you have a Rolex collection, you should have one dress. Watch now let’s talk a little bit about the Nomos zurich designed by the late Hannes vet Steen.

This is a series of strong Carrera lugged Nomos watches. They are somewhere between sports watches and dress, watches in style. Now you can see the Zurich veldt site a world time or dual time with the night blue dial, nacht Blau beautifully, sat ingrained.

It’s, a blasted style finish, and then you have the zurich with the date. Do you prefer simplicity, or do you prefer complication? I’m, a complication guy both of these watches or fractions of a millimeter under 40 millimeters in diameter.

Both of them feature Nomos, manufacture, calibers, which you can see right here. They’re good, looking movements, and you can see that double spiral on the reduction wheel. The winding system that part of the movement is always finished by hand.

They have one guy who’s, an ace at making that spiral, and he makes it over and over again in house calibers, your flavor of Zurich offered both ways: okay, Tudor another way to get into a dive watch from a great brand.

That’ll, be around forever, but this is a different kind of heritage. Black Bay. This is the 2016 black bait dark 41 millimeters, its stainless steel, but it’s, black PVD, no date dial. You can see this one features: a lovely triangular index on its rotating bezel, no crown guard profile and it & # 39.

S got snowflake that is 1968 to roughly 1976 tooters snowflake Submariner style hands on the dial. So it’s, a pastiche of vintage, Tudor cues, some dating back to the submariners of the 50s, but it’s.

A lovely combination well chosen on a NATO style, strap that actually works like a conventional strap. You can see a clevis style, counterweighted pin buckle with the Tudor shield built-in clever, and then you can see that it uses conventional apertures.

So you simply insert into the pin, buckle and size no need to worry about the gooseneck style, tangle of strap components on a conventional NATO in house caliber 70 hour power reserve silicon hair spring COSC, certified 200 meters water-resistant.

Let me see what else have I got here? I’ve got some good stuff. I’ve got another protective perpetual calendar, another watch from 2016. This is the 5327 are note. A few features of the dial. First, applique, a pro-gay style rose gold, numerals very special second leaf hands at center.

These point right back to the design cues, the original Calatrava. Finally, a gloss ivory, lacquer dial that appears wet bottomless and lustrous a perpetual calendar with another caliber to 40 micro rotor.

This is an awesome: thirty, nine millimeter, Patek Phillipe complication with more nuance about its design than you might expect. Look at those black polished, hollow concave, scallops on the flanks of the lugs and the concave bezel profile that visually pairs, the masts, a graceful and immaculately detailed watch front back end profile.

And finally, because I’m a fan boy, the brand Zenith, the manufacturer of la loca stablished in 1865, one of the first complete manufacturers in Switzerland, George Fogg Shaco, would be proud of this 2010 Zenith.

El primero tour beyond cronograph 44 millimeters in stainless steel, Zenith, el primero, caliber 52. Our power reserve tour beyond and note the tour beyond features a circumferential, quick, adjust date.

Let me show you how this date works because it’s, absolutely brilliant. Now the tour beyond we’ll talk about that in a moment, but look at the date around it. Now that I’ve pulled the crown out all the way I can rotate the date around the tour beyond with the quick-set system.

So you even retain the up romero’s. Quick-Set function. Now, look at the tour beyond carriage entirely hand finished. The back of the movement is mostly mechanically executed, but the carriage is entirely hand finished and you could see it looks like a flying tour beyond.

There is actually a second sapphire under the top sapphire. You could see it at that angle. Let me see if I can get it back, but there’s, a sapphire over the tour beyond carriage. That makes look like it’s, a flying tour beyond with no upper bridge and no obstruction of your view of the hand finishing or the tenn beat per second 36,000 vibration per hour.

El primero escapement throw it on the wrist and you can see. This is a rare 44 that, where is easily 50 meters, water resistant, stainless steel, a no-joke tour beyond chronograph that you could wear every single day.

I can necessarily say that of every higher ology grande complication style watch, but this one has those el primero bona fides in terms of precision and durability. Nice not terribly thick wearable on a small wrist and as good as things get in stainless steel complications from the folks in the Lok.

If I were ever to start a new collection with a theme, it would be Zenith longa, ORS in Zenith, you’re on my radar and I hope Zenith is on your radar. Thank you. So much to everyone who joined link in the description win that Omega rel master.

I’m, giving it away international eligibility. All it needs is your wrist. Thank you. So much doing me, a Tim underscore muscle on Instagram, remember open a new window. Keep me streaming pick up your phone Tim underscore mah.

So all video reviews hundreds now available, you can literally binge watch my 60-second watch reviews and I’m updating tonight. Thanks to you, thanks to my crew, especially our new crew member, behind the center camera time out Tim out, and thank you for logging on [, Music, ]