OPPO Watch VS Apple Watch 5

Hello, guys today we will make a comparison between the newly released or postmarked watch and the Apple watch 5. I will talk about the main differences between the two watches and I will answer your questions from my previous video.

If you haven & # 39, t watched my previous video about reviewing the Apple watch, you can go and check her out link is in the description. Now let’s begin with the design and the overall look of both watches.

The design of both watches is in some ways similar, but also very different. In the details, Apple watch has a bigger uncorrupt, 1.9 1 inch display compared to the 1.78 on Apple watch. The Apple watch has 2 buttons on the right side, and the Apple watch has one button and fully functional digital crown.

The speakers on both watches are on the left side. The overall size of Apple watch is slightly bigger and thicker compared to the Apple watch. Another difference in the design is counter. Watch band is attached to the watch.

Both watches use different style. Personally, I prefer the design of the Apple watch, even though this is not the most important thing. Both designs work. Just fine. However, if you like a different watch straps like me, it will be very difficult for you to find many different styles for Apple watch, as at the moment there are just few.

However, when it comes to Apple watch straps, there are thousands of different designs from which you can choose from now. Let’s. Compare some of the main features of the two watches. Both watches supports touch on wake feature.

When you touch the display of the watch, it will turn on. The displays of both watches are pretty bright, as I think, when it’s on full brightness, the display of Apple watch is even brighter compared to the Apple watch and when you are in bright daylight, you can see the Apple watch display quite well.

One of the questions from my previous video was whether the oppor watch supports always on display feature like on the Apple watch. 5. The answer is no, however. This is one of the features promised by Oppo in future updates.

Now let’s. Compare the watch faces between Apple watch and Apple watch, as here Apple watch has some pretty cool features to offer Apple watch has a lot of different watch faces, as most of them are customizable.

We can change the color and the style of the watch face Apple watch also has similar features, but we can say with fewer options of customizing the watch faces in some watch faces. We can change only the cour and in some we can change.

Only the module of the watch face Apple watch has one of the best animated watch faces generally on a SmartWatch and now apple offers something similar to that [ Music ]. We can also choose on customized watch faces in the watch up on the iPhone, while in the upper held up, we currently have only a few watch faces.

However, Apple came with some pretty good ideas for watch faces, so let’s, explore them. The first feature is goat outfit. You can take a picture of your clothes or wherever you like, and the application will match the colors into a watch faces.

It works pretty well and it’s. Fun, [, Music, ]. Another cool feature is to make a watch face from a picture and you have an option on where to place the time on the watch face pretty cool. Of course, you can also take a picture and make your own watch face.

This is how you do it. If you want to have an Apple watch inside your Apple watch, isn’t it fun. The gesture controls on the Apple watch are very similar to the Apple watch. The difference is that they’re reversed.

The interface of the apparat is very responsive. All the animation runs very smoothly like on the Apple watch. Here, Oppo did a good job. If we compare the settings between the two watches, you might think that Apple watch is more of a fitness tracker rather than a real SmartWatch.

This just shows the lack of features in appa watch compared to the Apple watch. When it comes to Appa watch, it should be noted that the watch was just launched in the Opera is continuing working to improve it.

Currently, the watch has only a few applications and they can be only installed from the watch. While on the Apple watch, we have an app store for watch applications here, the difference is huge. However, as I said, this will change for the Opera watch and we can expect many new applications in the coming months.

Now let’s. Talk about the health monitoring features. The Opera watch supports only heart rate monitoring, while on the Apple watch 5, we have heart rate monitoring an EKG, the heart rate. Monitoring works pretty well on both watches just for reference.

Let’s, throw one more watch into the comparison. The qua way watch GT 2 can also monitoring the blood oxygen levels. This same feature is expected to arrive in Apple watch 6. Later this year, similar to the Apple watch.

The Apple watch has daily activity where you can track your daily activities like steps and workouts. In the fitness section of the watch, we have different workouts like fitness room and outdoor walk.

The watch has a GPS and you can watch your location on the map. However, unlike Apple watch, where you can watch the map on the watch itself on the Apple watch, you can see this map only on the application of the form.

There are also so-called five minutes workouts, which are something like a personal trainer. [ Music ] operatic has its own voice assistant, which is called Brina. Unfortunately, it only speaks Chinese.

You can ask the voice assistant about the weather or to make a phone call [ Music, ], and if you want to know whether the oppor will bring the google voices system into the watch currently, this is still not clear.

We can make phone calls from the watch or we should say watch course also. The watch supports is sim, so you can use it independently from the phone to make phone calls. The speaker of the Apple watch sounds loud and clear.

One thing which is pretty disappointing, at least for me, is the fact that we can’t reply to messages from the watch check out. These guys tim is sending me these messages the whole day. The Apple watch has one interesting feature, which is called power saver and it’s, doing exactly what it says: saving the power of the watch when is in this mode, the watch can only show the time measure the heart rate count steps and show Notifications, however, this feature can be very useful if you run out of power and you can’t judge your watch to exit this mode.

You have to restart the watch or charge it now. Let’s, talk about battery life and charging on the Apple watch. Five, I get around thirty hours of battery life while on the apparat I get around forty hours.

Of course, this will always depend on how you use the watch. Charging Apple watch is slower compared to the Apple watch, the opposite end era fast charging is also present on the Apple watch. I get a 50 % charge in about fifteen minutes and a full charge in about an hour.

However, the Apple charger is more convenient and there are a lot of different accessories that you can use with the Apple watch. You’re, stuck only with their charger [ Music ]. That’s. It guys I think Appa watch is a pretty cool watch, especially for Android users.

As you know, the Apple watch works only with the iPhone. I think, in the coming months. Apple watch will improve a lot with new features and more applications and, as always, don’t forget to subscribe like and comment don’t, be shy and your SmartWatch will work a year without charging stay cool and I’Ll see you soon,