Orient Watch ER27008W Symphony Automatic Mechanical Men’s Watches

Hey folks is Mark with Orion watch usa.com with the Orient Symphony in white doll and brown. The demand SKU for this watch is fer 2700 8 wo and is part of orange. Mechanical collection orient hallmark throughout sixty years of continuous watch making has been mechanical technology along with classic styling.

Now the symphony embodies those traditions in every detail. Let’s, look at each part individually, but the part that you can’t see or the most important part is the movement. The symphony uses orange inhales mechanical caliber or 87.

3, which does have an automatic wine system, uses 21 jewels in the construction, and the functionality includes three hens for time along with date, all movements are made in Orient’s own facility in Japan, so you Can absolutely expect Japanese quality, let’s.

Now, take a look at the doll or the face of the watch. The doll uses a matte white color, along with black Arabic indices. Now this is clearly a classic watch, but it does have a nice modern side just makes a big impact on design at a dolphin hands and classic Arabic index markers makes this clear classic winner now that we’ve seen the front of this watch.

Us talk about the casing components now this case is 41 millimeters. Now, if you at the crown that’s around 44 millimeters that depth rating is 15 meters. But what makes this a little special, especially for classic watch, is that the case back use does have an exhibition, so you can go ahead and take a look at the movement without opening up the case.

Now, just so you guys know, the thickness of this case are approximately 12 millimeters. The band use is a classic brown leather band and use the buckle to secure the watch around your wrist, alright folks, so this is Mark with orient watch usa.

com with the Orient Symphony. Fbr 2700, 8 wo hope to see you buy one soon. You