Orient Watch FER27001B0 ER27001B Symphony Automatic Mechanical Men’s Watches

Hey folks is market already watch USA, I’ll, come with the Orient Symphony and an IP black case, black tile and leather skin. For this watch is FP are 27001 B, oh and it’s. Part of Boeing’s. Mechanical collection now orient hallmark through over 60 years of continuous watch making has been well known for their mechanical technology and their classic styling and, as you can see, the symphony, those conditions are very well represented.

Now let’s. Take a look at each part individually, starting with the movement, although you can’t see it all symphony watch is using in-house orient caliper, which has an automatic winding system 21 jewels in the construction with three hands for time along with date.

Now all orient movements are made in orient own facility in the northern part of Japan, so you can absolutely expect Japanese quality. Let’s. Now take a look at the dial or the face of the watch. The doll uses a black games name IP case now.

That modern touch makes a big impact when it comes to design notice. How the case is almost blackened out like a gunmetal and that’s, what they called IP there’s. Also, a PVD technology, but orient decided to go with the superior IP technology, which means that the coating is gonna last a lot longer.

Now, if you take a look at the hands that’s, what they call dolphine hands, which is an excellent classic choice. Now, if we take a look at this modern case, a lot against the classic hands and the standard dial, you can see how the simply really speaks to a lot of people.

Now that we see the front of the watch, let’s. Talk about the casing components. First, let’s. Take a look at this 41 millimeter case. This has a 15 meter depth rating. If you look at the back of the case, you’ll notice that each watch has an exhibition case back.

This just means that they use a crystal for the case bag. So you can take a look at the movement without opening the case. Now the case on the side, as you cannotice has a nice standard size of 12 millimeters, the band to use, is a classic black leather and use the buckle to secure the watch around your wrist and, of course, this leather is genuine leather, alright folks, so this Is Mark with Orion watch usa.

com with the Orion Symphony, fer 27001 Bo hope to see you wearing one soon. You