Orient Watch FTT11001B0 TT11001B Captain Men’s Watches

Hey folks, that’s, Kevin with orient watch, USA, and today I have the watch. We call the captain. The captain is a very sporty diet. Chronograph watch powered by the courts, caliber kfb zero, zero movement, which is capable of measuring to one tenth of a second.

The captain has a very tough 45 millimeter case that has a depth rating of 200 meters and a screwed-down crown for further utility. The captain features a luned stainless steel, bezel and 8 2 commodore dial.

We definitely feel that this is a kind of watch that will take pretty much anything you throw at it on a daily basis. This particular version of the captain comes in a slick, IP coated, black stainless steel case and bracelet.

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Please be aware: a fake Orient watches online from unauthorized dealers so give us a call to see if we can match price and exceed your expectations. Thanks for watching. I hope to see you wearing this orient watch soon.