Orient Watch FTT11003W0 TT11003W Captain Men’s Watches

Hey folks is Mark with Orient watch usa.com with the Orion captain. Skew for this watch is ft. T 1, 1. 0. 0. 3. W this modern sport design includes a one twentieth of a second chronograph which was added for functionality and for looks the captain uses an analog Ward’s, caliber kfb 0 0.

Now the functionality of this movement includes 3 hands for time date. Along with that 1:24, the second chronograph now a chronograph in layman’s. Terms means that it has a stopwatch. Now, all of the movements use and orient watches are proudly made in Japan, so you can absolutely expect Japanese quality.

Let’s. Now take a look at a dial or the face of the watch, and you see the dial has a sporty yet military feel to it. Let’s. First, take a look at the hands and you’ll notice that each hand has Allu on it, which simply means they can wear at night every the time there’s.

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Also, it’s, a commoner on the inner bezel portion, which means that if you know a certain constant speed, you can calculate a certain distance or if you know a certain distance for the act with the classes feed me, you can figure out the Speed the choreograph not only has a function, but it gives the wash of extras up the house, which gives it that sporty feel now that we & # 39.

Ve talked about the front of the watch to talk about this case. What you’re. Looking at is a 45 millimeter case which has a theft rating of 200 meters and has a thickness of 11.6 millimeters. You’ll notice at the front of the case, has a brush finish and the sides are polished.

You’ll, see that pattern again later on on the band. The unidirectional bezel on the captain has 60 clicks and one rotation, which is a common feature in divers watches. This oversized case has a rugged stainless steel band.

The sporty Bank construction uses three links using brush metal on the top side of each link and polished on the sides. Alright, folks, this is mark with aura watch usa.com with the orient captain. Hope you see you wearing one soon.