PAID WRIST WATCH REVIEWS – Blancpain mistake averted!

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hello I'm Archibald Chesterfield the third affectionately referred to as AC 3 AC 3 your premium authority on luxury goods and today I'm doing paid reviews paid reviews hi Archie I need your advice on my next purchase by email only on this occasion as I don't want to be learning other to the hwachun question okay 15 dollars it's on its way we'll be asking for a paid review of my collection after purchase what do we do what do we do here boys okay after seven years of not wearing a watch at all I bought my first decent watch in 1996 I've been buying pieces slowly since in order of purchase I have an RS big crown questing for December 1996 a Breitling Colt bought new February 1998 a relic Submariner 1406 so import new November 2008 a balun Ross vintage BR 1 2 3 bought new April 2011 a Panerai Lubin are 372 plastic manual winding sandwich style bought new January 2013 up to this point all were bought with no real interest or knowledge of horology but having seen them in magazines in fact I did not like Rolexes at all until I saw a no dates up then bought it two weeks later I know I committed the cardinal sin of buying new you bet your goddamn ass that was dumb but at least I bought each of these on two years interest-free credit Panerai radio yo more for for a plastic manual wine California dial bought pre-owned November 2013 Jagga look cool throw tribute to 1931 bought new August August 2015 20% discount on this price your enthusing about the watch significantly influenced me on this purchase photos are attached generally I love simple manually ideally plastic two-hand watches but now feel I should add a complication a chronograph as I have no desire whatsoever for a GMT I know the obvious choice is a speed master men on the moon particularly given my love of manual and plastic a knife but having tried one on it doesn't seem to me make pane white ATK white gold silver dial Villa red chrono my advice to Steve was simple Blancpain this is why I'm releasing it Blancpain terrible market value do not buy buy potential Brigade for that money you will never get your dollars back what an absolute bad move you about to buy a blank page man that is bad don't find you don't find you new is for dummies dummies that's right dummies for buying new and it's really quite really quite sad there look let's have a look at your collection the RS big brown I quite like an horas the Breitling called the sub yes tick the bell in Ross vintage Bo one two three the Panda pens okay I like the pen actually what would I buy a tell you one buy tech to bring up your collection by an explorer to polar I would also be buying a Omega Speedmaster man on the moon buy it buy it wear it enjoy it that's what I'd be doing what do you mean by it doesn't sing to you me dead it's not a canary it's not a canary buy it and you will thank me got a canary okay so the canary in my friend the other options are a brigade type 20 but don't buy that new that's a dog on the new market you got to buy it secondhand the other thing I would be buying is a Rolex explorer too Bagon Bagon Bagon Bagon love the reverse oh that's a cool piece that is cool I will forgive sins because you've got the the reverse I like like your power I do like your Panerai nice collection there nice collection but please no more new that's that's a Baloo it's damn dumb it's stupid why do you can't want to buy new I'm Archibald Chesterfield the third tell me what you nasty vicious think of that nice one Archie great beard we are specialized here in pre-owned Rolex watches Raleigh's watch is very special timepiece and we always do the servicing exactly as factory specifications with buy a pre-owned piece and we put it into brand-new condition we have product certified technicians working on that we completely disassemble the piece we adjust and polish and change every single part of the watch you have to have certified watchmakers that know what they're doing if you have expensive car you're just not going to bring it to any mechanic that doesn't know what they're doing you have spent five thousand dollars is like if you put money in the safe deposit box and one or two years from now you will keep having your five thousand dollars we have to spend a lot of money to get all this equipment together but makes me feel I doing what I supposed to do it's not a question of money there's my passion jeweler's on time simply the best

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