Quick Tip #5 – How to Remove/Swap bands on Apple Watch

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what's going on everyone back here with another video today I'm going to be showing you guys how to remove and swap out watch bands on the the what that I'm going to be using in this particular video is the sport 38 millimeter the same process will correspond to the 42 millimeter as well as the steel and watch additions as well so it's the same process throughout all three editions of the watch but the way you do this is there are two buttons on the bottom side of the watch it's somewhat hard to see because this particular watch has a dark color to it there you go you kind of see it right here so there's a button right there and a button right here so one above and below the heart rate sensor so essentially if you want to remove one of the Bands you just push down on that button and you need kind of some long fingernails to do this alright so once you've pushed it in and release the clip you can easily remove the band like so and swap it out with a different band of your choosing so if you want to say for example get the Milanese loop band which is actually a band that I highly would recommend getting it's quite interesting and really cool but yeah if you happen to end up purchasing that separately you just do this slide it off put it in there and there you go so if I do the other side push it in slide it out as you see so now here's the watch without any bands attached so it's just basically a little square cube it's kind of cool but yeah then the way to reattach bands is the same way you took them off just align the band back into the rail of the watch and wait for it to click as you can see now it's clicked in and put the other one on here put it right in there we go clicked into place now it's nice and snug and you are ready to go so that is how you change spill and/or swap watchbands on the watch so hope you guys have enjoyed this video make sure to hit the subscribe button also hit the like button as well let's appreciate it and if you guys have any questions or need help with this whole process leave a comment in the section below and I will get back to it as soon as I can so hope you guys have enjoyed and I'll see you guys in the next one peace out

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