Restoration of a Rolex Watch – Rusty Movement – Severely Water Damaged

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This has considerable time in itself for some, and the result is that there is a lot of rust in this watch. I mean Check out the date wheel And if you think that’s bad wait until you see what’s under that date wheel And if the damage is that bad, it’s even doubtful that the watch can be economically restored at all.

I won’t talk much in this video.

I’ll just focus on the repair and focus of this beautiful .

So Let’s begin.

This is not good In fact.

That’s not a good thing at all.

We have considerable and deep rust here, some key components, especially the quick date change and a component here.

What i know is pretty expensive.

I will move forward resolutely.

I’ll reverse the movement and remove the balance wheel and just see what I can do by cleaning up these components. Ok, they are covered in rust by the hour.

Wheel is good.

The minute wheel is good.

The idler wheel is good.

The clutch is good.

Now comes the advancing wheel over has some rust on the top of its screw, but otherwise it’s good.

We are not without problems here, but we definitely have hope now with this watch, And so I’m just testing the keyless works here, because If you remember this was the part of the watch that really corroded And the two little wheels that turn here.

That drive the rapid date change on the keyless works.

Here They were totally rusted, but, as you can see, they even lost a bit of metal.

You’re working really well now. .

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