Rolex Cellini Classic Yellow Gold Slate Dial Watches 5116 | SwissWatchExpo [1 Minute Watch Review]


Penny here with SwissWatchExpo, looking at
two Rolex Cellini men's dress watches. Cellini is the sub-brand under Rolex that
specializes in dressy watches, you know, more formal watches. As you can see, these two are both very simple,
plain formal looking watches. They make ladies' watches too, but these are
men's watches because these are about 31 millimeters in diameter.

I've got one that's got a gold case with gold
Roman numerals, and one that's all monochromatic with stainless steel case and silver Roman
numerals. I think that the gold is really fun because
it warms up the whole watch. The stainless steel one is great because it
keeps it very cool and simple. Both watches are great and they can be paired
with lots of different bracelets and bangles if you're into that or worn alone.

I think these would make great ladies watches
as well as great gentleman's watches because they're just so simple and that makes them
so versatile. You should check these and all of our Rolex
Cellini watches out

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