Rolex Datejust 16013 & Rolex Lady Datejust 69173 Steel Yellow Gold Watches His Hers | SwissWatchExpo

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Penny here with SwissWatchExpo. Taking a look at a pair of that could
be a his and hers matching pair. The line is really great for
this entire, his and hers concept because they create such similar in different
sizes. You know these two both have Jubilee bracelets. They're both two-tone. They both got a champagne dial with Baton
hour markers and little minute markers. So they could be, you know, a matching pair
and a his and hers set is just a perfect idea for, you know, a very special anniversary
or maybe a birthday if you already own a and you'd like to get your partner or your
spouse another .

It's just such a great idea to celebrate something
big or exciting. Of course it's a fun way to match what the
one that you love and just such a different and unique way. Rolexes are great for that because they can
be dressed up or down, especially these two classic Rolexes. They're such a steal on the secondhand market
because they have great prices and you know, it's easy to find a that matches, even
if your has not, has been discontinued by Rolex. So check out these two or try and
find your perfect his and hers matching pair on

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