Rolex Datejust Steel Yellow Gold Black Dial Ladies Watches 79173 / 69173 | SwissWatchExpo

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Hey everybody, this video is going to be 
exclusively talking about two-tone    Datejust with a black dial and the variations of 
the dial that we can get. Of course, if you're not   into staying into the stainless steel and yellow 
gold, of course, these dial configurations can be   found across all the different lines, whether 
it's, you know, different materials, steel and   rose gold, yellow, gold, just stainless steel, 
or even, you know, a solid, precious metal case.   Again, this is going to be that dial that is, you 
know, just the clean, smooth black dial. If you   want a little extra, you know, complexity to it, 
your variation from that more traditional dial,   we've got the tapestry dial that has some lines 
in it. My personal favorite is going to be this   pyramid dial. You can see it actually has little 
like pyramids actually on the dial. They do stick   up. You can see some of the shadowing from 
the lighting, a great variation of the dial.   They even make the sunburst or Sunbeam dial. 
Come check all of them out at .com..

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