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216570. The Modern Orange Hand. The is one of the most durable
and practical watches – both for expeditions and everyday wear. It began its journey in 1971 with the famous
‘Orange Hand’ 1655 model, but today we’re taking a closer look at its latest version:
the ref 216570. A bold and modern tool and adventure watch,
it has become a popular choice for a first , or as a watch that you’ll have on
24/7. Here are three facts about it. First, the reference 216570 pays homage to
the original Orange Hand 1655 Explorer, seen here.

But, it’s not a tribute timepiece! 216570 was launched in 2011 to commemorate
the 40th anniversary of the Explorer II model. They brought back the orange 24-hour hand
as a homage to the first ever Explorer II, the reference 1655 “Freccione” model from
the 1970s. But the comparison really ends with the orange
hand. As you can see, the 24-hour bezel, hour and
minute markers, and even the hands, are a departure from the original. The latest Explorer II looks very modern
and avante-garde. What the Reference 216570 is, is a natural
evolution from the previous, modern Explorer II Reference 16570, seen here. Apart from the orange hand and the bolder
and larger markers and hands, Rolex updated the case from 38mm, to 42mm. Originally created for spelunking and caving,
these features are well suited for long hours in the dark. The 216570 still comes in the same color variations
as the previous modern Explorer II – a lacquer finish for the white dial and a satin finish
for the black one.

Both dials bring out the Chromalight-coated
markers, hands, and of course, the 24-hour orange hand. The 216570 also came with a few updates that
were considered first among Rolex professional watches. First is the bracelet. Along with the update from the 16570, it was
fitted with a new bracelet instead of using the existing one. The new model came with solid centre links
and a solid clasp, and features the Easylink system exclusive to Rolex. It allows the wearer to extend the last link
by 5mm for greater comfort. But the biggest change in the Reference 216570
lay within its case. The calibre 3187 was the first movement specifically
developed for the Explorer range. With the addition of Paraflex shock absorbers,
it offers greater resistance to shocks and extreme conditions, and is an improvement
from its previous calibre, the 3186.

All these improvements have made the latest
II an ideal choice, whether you’re taking it for an adventure, or using
it from day-to-day..

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