Rolex President Datejust Midsize White Gold Diamond Lugs Watch 68159 | SwissWatchExpo


Blake with SwissWatchExpo here. And I have an incredibly elegant looking great
ladies watch. And this one just really sparkles all over. This is a 31 millimeter midsize white gold. Ladies President. This with a full diamond dial bezel and lugs. Absolutely incredible. And if that weren't enough, we also have the
here, which does add so much shine to the dial with this silver
color. And it really blends so well with the diamonds. It's like every visible part of this watch
shines and sparkles. So incredibly bright. It's got an incredibly strong bracelet.

It's in fantastic condition and like always
has been fully serviced and authenticated by a trained master watchmakers. If you're a fan of white gold, or just looking
for an incredibly flashy and elegant take on a for ladies, give us a
call. This is in such an incredibly popular size
and it won't be here long. We'd love to talk to you about it. So reach out to us at

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