Rolex President Day Date Tridor White Yellow Rose Gold Diamond Watches 18239 | SwissWatchExpo


Here for comparison at SwissWatchExpo, We have two Tridor President, a 26 millimeter on the left and a 36 millimeter on the right. Now they used to call these men’s and ladies this was the men’s on the right.

They Day Date 36 traditional size, And that was the ladies 26 on the left.

But ladies wear both sizes.

Now So just curious, which one you would wear as a woman, would you prefer the 26 or 36 millimeter Our manager here at SwissWatchExpo wears the 36 every day And of course these are factory original diamonds.

We don’t do any custom work here at SwissWatchExpo.

Everything’s factory.

These Tridor are really interesting and unusual because they’re completely 18 karat gold.

They’re white gold Rose, gold, yellow gold combined together, mostly white gold, but you can see the yellow gold, bezels and the stripes of rose and yellow and white gold in the center.

A really interesting look very unusual.

Definitely a unique that you can wear and not see lots of other people wearing the same one So 26 and 36 .

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