Rolex President Ice Blue Dial Platinum Diamond Ladies Watch 279136 | SwissWatchExpo

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Today, we've got a special piece for you from 
SwissWatchExpo here out of Atlanta, Georgia.   This here is the platinum Lady Datejust, a 28 
millimeter case. Of course, it's got a diamond   bezel. It's got diamonds on all the hour marker 
indices, as well as inside the Roman numeral nine   here located at the nine o'clock hour. Absolutely 
gorgeous watch. It's got the ice blue dial,   the entire bracelet. The case is made out of 
platinum. Of course, it's got the hidden clasp.   This is a newer model. This particular watch was 
from 2018. Just a tremendous piece. Come check it   out here at You can find the 
stock number on this particular piece is 29606..

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