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From SwissWatchExpo… Spotlight on: the and Yacht-Master
2. Knowing the difference. The and Yacht-Master II
are two of the newest models from the portfolio. While the watches were
made for the sailing community, the two watches are actually very different – and perhaps
their name is the only real connection they have. Both luxurious sport models, we’ll explain
why these two watches, are special in their own ways. Let’s start with the Yacht-Master. Launched in the early 90’s, there was much
excitement for it, being the first new model from , since the Daytona’s launch in

It was promoted as a luxurious, nautically-themed
watch, as opposed to a tool watch. With a water resistance of 100m, the Yacht-master
is best suited to the decks of yachts or lounges of yacht clubs. The Yacht-Master was the first in the Professional
Range to be offered in 3 sizes. It came in a men’s 40mm case, a midsize
35mm case, and a ladies’ 29mm case. Over the years, continued to push the
limits of luxury design with the Yacht-Master. They came up with a beautiful mother of pearl
dial, as well as Rolesor designs that combined steel and gold. A major facelift in 2012 also gave birth to
the editions – a combination of robust 904L steel and luxurious platinum. The blue, slate and silver dials also made
for even more stylish and versatile designs. While the Yacht-Master is a luxury watch through
and through, the Yacht-Master II is also a professional regatta watch. Not only was it a departure from the Yacht-Master,
but from Rolex as a whole. Its bold colors and massive case really stood
out. The Yacht-Master II only comes in a massive
44mm case, which makes it the one of the largest watches of Rolex, apart from the Sky-Dweller
and Deepsea.

It’s also one of the most complicated watches
from the brand. At the center of its regatta function is the
. Whereas, watch bezels are used separately
from the rest of the watch, the Ring Command Bezel works in conjunction with the movement. By using the Ring Command Bezel with the crowns,
the wearer can accurately sync the watch, with the starting sequence of a yacht race. In addition, the Yacht-Master II can also
be used as a chronograph. In looking at the two watches, one cannot
be better than the other. The Yacht-Master fits the mold of classic
Rolex sports watches; while the Yacht-Master II has pushed the boundaries of what regatta
watches can do. It all depends on whether you’re looking
for an elegant sports watch or a top-notch tool for yachting. Both are excellent luxury watches that can
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