Should Women Wear Men’s Watches?!


So I recently did a video on 10 reasons why you should own a luxury watch. And on one those examples, it was that women
like watches. And not only do they like watches on us, but
they also like to wear our watches, the men's models. [opening intro music] So let's face it guys…women take everything
from us. They take our cars. They take everything from us. Look at that. They even want to take our watches. The truth is that women will be happy with
the watch you buy them, even if you buy them this 36 millimeter Presidential, which is
actually a men's size, most commonly used lately for women in the two-tone versions
and the steel.

But let's just face it. They will look at our watches. They'll sit there and say, �I want this
one,� you know? Let me know how you guys feel in the comments. How you feel about women wearing men's watches. I for one feel that it's sexy as hell. I don't know why. I don't think I'll like a girl wearing a Breitling
Super Avenger, but it's pretty hot man. I remember I sold one time to a very good
looking woman a gold Submariner, blue on blue, and I was just in shock because she was very
particular about the watch and she asked me many questions and I thought maybe it was
a gift for her husband or something. And she says, �No, no. This is for me!� I was like…that's what I'm talking about! At least where I live in Miami, women are
wearing men's watches.

They're wearing the 41 millimeters Rolexes. I even sold a couple of Sky-Dwellers to ladies. The most extreme watch I ever sold to a woman
is a two-tone Yacht-Master II and, believe it or not, she wore the hell out of this thing. It looked amazing! So it's kind of like a trend I've been seeing
the last ten years. It's getting more and more and more like that. One thing I wanna point out is that one of
the most common watches that women wear are the brands. Why? They got a good price point, very fashionable,
a lot of different combinations you can get with the colors and the dials. But if you notice, most of those watches are
pretty large. It's only like when they go to then buy a
that their mom or their husband might recommend, �Oh, but you should get a smaller
one.� And it's what I always say. I say, �You know, your is a
42 mm. Why not buy a 41 millimeter ?� Look, I don't like putting a boundary on things,
alright? If you're a man and you want to wear a 26
mm, I think it's ridiculous, but Hey, it's whatever you wanna do.

Thirty six millimeter for me nowadays is a
unisex watch. That 36-mm myth, yes I know, it is a classic
size for men and I hate to label it as a women's watch because, truthfully, it is a men's watch
and men are the ones that are still buying it the most. But, get real guys! Nowadays, it's mostly the ideal watch for
a woman. And, when I'm talking about women wearing
men's watch, I really wanna not even talk about this. I wanna talk about the big bodies. I think it looks amazing…a girl wearing
a 41 millimeter Presidential….I think it looks great. I, for one, don't feel threatened. I don't feel like, �Whoa, she's got a better
watch than me!� I think it's hot! So, that's a new trend lately and I see it
more and more and more. Women are wearing steel Subs. That's the one they want. I know what I'm telling you. Ask your girlfriend if she wants to borrow
your watch and you're gonna see, your girlfriend or wife, and you'll see what she's gonna tell

So guys, I could understand where it could
go to an extreme and, for some of you, you guys might not be into it and I get it. It might look a little bit too masculine,
but it takes a particular girl to pull it off. I wouldn't wanna force a girl that doesn't
wanna have a men's watch to have it. It has to come naturally. If she knows she wants it, then that's what
she wants. I've seen several girls actually wear a 42
mm Offshore AP. I thought it was great. And let me tell you something else…CONVENIENCE! It's crazy because, if you're gonna gift your
girlfriend or your wife a watch, the convenience of buying her a men's model is that you could
wear it also or you could just let her borrow one of yours….or if things don't go the
right way, you could repossess it and wear it yourself. So, I think it's kind of funny. I find a lot of times that guys are buying
their girlfriends men's watches and they're also telling me, �Plus I could wear it too,
you know?� So it's kind of like a double whammy, so I think it works out great.

It get's my thumbs up all the time. For me, I think it's a must. I think it's the best thing for a woman to
do, is to step it up and buy the bigger face. If you're not comfortable with it, I get it. There are some girls that have their wrists
that's so small, that the actual case overpowers and it's bigger than their wrist. I get it. That might not be for you. But, nowadays, we're in a progressive era. Things are changing very fast and that seems
to be the latest trend and I love it. Here's a list of a couple of watches that
I feel are no brainers for ladies. Number 1: Submariner stainless steel. Number 2 would be the two-tone Submariner. Again, great choice. Doesn't matter if we're going also guys, GMT
or Sub.

Same case, same overall look. I think it's perfect. Number 3 would be Datejust II 41 or the new
Datejust 41. I think it looks fantastic on a girl's wrist,
especially the two-tone, rose gold Jubilee. Number 4: Sky-Dweller. Believe it or not, it looks great. It takes a certain woman to pull that off,
but I have seen it done flawlessly several times. Number 5: Date-Date II 41 Presidential. I can't even talk to you more about how much
I feel about that. I think it's amazing! One of the most classic women's watches, well
really guy's watches, but like I said, they take everything, would be the Daytona in rose
gold or a Daytona period. The Daytona, in my opinion, is the men's watch
that is mostly obsessed…women obsess with that watch. And if you don't believe me, ask your woman
at home how she feels about the Daytona. So how do you guys at home feel about women
wearing men's watches. Go ahead and leave me some comments and tell
me how you feel. And if you liked this video, please like and

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