Should You Get The CELLULAR Apple Watch?

Should You Get The CELLULAR Apple Watch?

To cellular or not to cellular, that is the Apple watch question that doesn’t quite roll off the tongue. The same way Shakespeare wrote it, but that’s, the question: what’s up YouTube? It’s! Your boy B Mac and one of the questions I get the most amongst my friends and amongst you guys, my subscribers with the Apple watch actually has to do whether or not you should get the GPS and cellular version or just the GPS version, and speaking of Which for the rest of this video, I’m just going to refer to the GPS and cellular version of the Apple watch as the cellular version of the Apple watch and I’m gonna refer to the GPS.

Only version of the Apple watch as the GPS version of the Apple watch for sanity sake. Hopefully, by the end of this video you can decide for yourself whether or not the cellular version of the Apple watch is right for you, that’s.

What I’m gonna do today, let’s, get to it. First up and probably one of the most important decisions when deciding between the two Apple watch versions has to do with price. How much of a price difference is there between the cellular and GPS version between the cellular and the GPS version? There’s, been about $ 100 difference in the series? Three: it’s.

That way for the series, four – and if I’m, a betting man, I would guess that it’s, going to be the same for future Apple watch generations. But something else you got to keep in mind here is where you actually purchased your Apple watch.

Cellular from. If you purchase your Apple watch, cellular from a non cellular store, such as Apple or Best Buy chances, are you could actually purchase the cellular version of that Apple watch without actually having to activate the cellular before leaving the store, and that’s important To remember, because do not forget if you get the cellular version of the Apple watch, you should expect to have to pay around $ 10 more per month, just to have cellular service on the thing and building on that that’s, why, I always Say take a good hard look at the fine print details of deals you might see from local cellular stores for the cellular version of the Apple watch.

Chances are that deal they’re running actually requires you to sign a two-year contract committing to that $ 10 or whatever the price is per month. To have that cellular connection on your Apple watch, cellular, which means you actually have to probably pay an early termination fee.

If you cancel that contract before the two years is up on top of the likely the vation fee, you’ll have to pay just to get the thing up and running on your account. So in other words it’s. Really only a deal if you’re dead, set certain on getting a cellular version of the Apple watch, which, hopefully, you’ll, decide whether or not you want based on the other features of the cellular version of the Apple watch.

We’re about to talk about in this video, so now that we got that out of the way let’s. Talk about why there’s, a difference in price between the cellular version of the Apple watch and just the GPS version, first and foremost, kind of the obvious one Internet.

Let’s, talk about Internet, all, Apple watch, cellular and GPS versions. Connected the internet through Wi-Fi, they could also connect to your phone to receive data that way, but only the Apple watch.

Cellular version actually connects to a cellular network to get data without having to connect your iPhone or Wi-Fi. So it’s when your iPhone isn’t nearby and when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi that the cellular version of the Apple watch actually comes in handy.

That’s when the Apple watch cellular could connect to the Internet and your Apple watch. Gps can so now that we understand that, hopefully, that makes things a little bit easier to understand when it comes to music on the Apple watch from music.

Both the cellular and GPS versions of the Apple watch can stream Apple music. So long as you’re connected to Wi-Fi or again your iPhone. But once again, if you don & # 39, t have your iPhone nearby. If you’re not connected to Wi-Fi only the Apple watch, cellular version is going to be able to connect to the Internet to obviously stream your Apple music building on that both versions of the Apple watch, cellular and GPS actually allow you to store Music locally, but with a two gig limit, pretty annoying.

If you ask me, I’ve, actually voiced my pretty strong negative opinion of that limit on a channel in the past. Hopefully, in the future Apple removes that 2 gig limitation, because it really is right now, just a software limitation, they basically just remove that limit and boom.

You can store more than 2 gigs of music on your Apple watch. Just let’s be honest, who really needs 16 gigs of space on the Apple watch in order to store apps? I don’t. If anything, changes in regards to that 2 gigabyte, local music storage limit, I’ll – be sure to write about it in the video description box of this video below.

But for now just keep in mind Apple watch, cellular or Apple watch. Gps. Both can store up to two gigs of local music locally next up, and this is an important one battery. How long do these puppies? Actually, last for once again, the battery capacity of your Apple watch is going to depend on your particular Apple watch series model, but one thing is for certain, based on pretty much every test.

I’ve, seen online when you’re using the cellular connection of your Apple watch. You’re gonna drain. Your battery a hell of a lot faster, in other words, pretty much every aspect of your F watch usage but especially talking or listening, is going to drain the battery faster when you’re on cellular, as opposed to when you’re Connected to your iPhone or on Wi-Fi now, I’m, not going to get into the specifics of what this translates to literally in terms of the number of hours the battery’s gonna last for on different models and different configurations That’s gonna lead to way too many complex and confusing numbers.

But this is an Apple watch. Cellular first Apple watch, GPS comparison should just know when you’re on cellular. You’re gonna drain that battery a lot faster like substantially faster than if you were on iphone or Wi-Fi, and then, of course, we got to talk about aesthetics, design, material right, believe it or not.

Material availability actually depends on whether you’re, looking at the Apple watch, cellular or Apple watch, GPS, and as of right now, the Apple watch. Gps version is only available with an aluminum casing.

In other words, if you really like that stainless steel casing, you could get on the Apple watch or for your fan of some of the other premium casings. You will have to shell out the extra bucks to get the cellular version of the Apple watch just to have that material on the Apple watch once again kind of annoying.

I wish I could get the stainless steel version of the Apple watch without cellular, but that’s, not the case. If you want to stay in the steel or another premium material option on the Apple watch, you’re gonna have to get Apple watch cellulous.

So taking all this into consideration here’s. My take on this debacle. Those are the specific differences between the Apple watch cellular in the Apple watch, GPS, but at the end of the day, those differences really don’t matter.

I think what you ultimately have to look at is how long you actually have your iPhone with you. Throughout the day, like I previously mentioned the only time you’re, actually going to need a cellular connection on your Apple watch is when your iPhone isn’t nearby or when you don’t have Wi-Fi available.

Considering I have my iPhone with me, I’d, say 90 plus percent of the day. That only leaves 10 % max of the day. That actually would be having my Apple watch without any kind of connection. Do I really want to pay $ 100? More and ten dollars per month just to have a cellular connection on my Apple watch, the 10 % of the day I otherwise wouldn’t have an internet connection on my watch.

I’m gonna say no, I think for the typical Apple watch user. You’re gonna, have your iPhone with you, or at least a connection to Wi-Fi, probably 90 plus percent of the day. But then again, there are situations in which I think it might be helpful to have a cellular connection on your Apple watch.

Maybe you have a job which, for the majority party today actually requires you not to have your iPhone nearby. You don’t. Have Wi-Fi available, but you still want to get data and Internet connectivity on your Apple watch on your wrist on that particular situation.

Maybe it wouldn’t, make sense to look at the cellular version of the Apple watch or the other situation, which I personally think is the most popular amongst Apple watch. Cellular users is, if you’re, a runner.

If you’re, going for a run outside several times per week, and you don’t want to bring your iPhone with you. Obviously you’re, not gonna. Have that iPhone connection? Obviously you wouldn’t. Have Wi-Fi either if you’re runner and you run outside, but you still really want to sell you a connection on your wrist.

In that case, take a look at the Apple watch. Cellular you & # 39, ll, probably benefit from it, but for all other situations. Again. In my experience, which i think is the majority of situations I’m – not so sure the Apple watch cellular would be worth it.

So unless I really want the stainless steel version or some other premium material version of the Apple watch or if I find myself outside of the house without my iPhone or a Wi-Fi connection, I really don’t.

Think I’ll ever be getting the cellular version of the Apple watch. I’ll save the hundred bucks. I’ll save the ten bucks per month, but that’s just the way I’m. Looking at it, don’t forget to comment down below your thoughts when it comes to the Apple watch.

Cellular verse Apple watch GPS battle. I do like to hear the different situations in which the cellular version of the Apple watch would be helpful or how you guys are actually using in your daily life, so comment down below your thoughts.

I want to know in the meantime, I’m gonna get this playlist ready. I’m gonna go hit that gym. With that Wi-Fi connection no cellular Wi-Fi. I got that Wi-Fi hookup at the gym gonna listen to some Apple music.

I will see you guys in my next video pre-workout is flowing. Energy is up it’s. Gon na be good workout. I’m pumped up, let’s, go out. It’s kind of hurt, [ Music, ]