Good morning guys, so I am on my way to a meeting this morning. Yesterday we didn’t end up what we did really briefly going to grantee. But if a hubby wants to go back again today and probably have a lot so I will try to block that and then we are going to take the kids for to Bondi Beach because they haven’t been before.

So I will take you guys along so you know just back on pit Street Mall. As you can see, I’m, just walking just a buzz of activity, even though today is of today’s, actually a public holiday, but I’m just going to turn around and yeah just show you the goodwill wall.

Again, which is right here so that is the goodwill wall for Fred Hollows yeah. I’m. Just amazed that $ 25 can actually restore sight, so do consider donating. I actually have link down below, even if it’s $ 5, guys whatever you can, if you can do 25, that’s great, but every little bit counts.

So I will set that up below and it goes Auto Fred Hollows. As you can see already donated a portion of all my earring sales, I have gone to Fred Hollows already and throughout the year we’re just going to keep that open and hopefully raise money.

Put such a good pour that anyway, we’re gonna check out some more watches and bear in mind. I don’t know that much about watches, but let’s. Take a look together guys we are in grand Sanko at the moment.

Hubby is trying on a watch. This is I don’t even know. I’m gonna get Victor to explain. This is an automatic watch. Isn’t it that’s correct. So this is an automatic grande Seco GMT part of the elegance collection, and so what makes grande psycho different like is the.

Is there something special about it compared to other watch brands? So I suppose, like I was saying before what makes grants acre as different or special, is that a lot of the movements are hand, hand done and hand finished, and we can see that it’s prevalent, especially on the case.

I can also on the dial of a lot of our watches so, for example, the snowflake house. This I was telling you guys before yeah it’s. I’m, a signature doll in a grand Seiko collection of a look at that. So when you say hand finished all of this sort of dial up all this is like, oh, that’s, correct [, Music ].

The thing is with the Sunburst I like that it you can see it has more as I alright yeah as I move, you can see it sort of moves very, more interesting with them. This is more flatter, but on actually video, this looks better, but in real life this looks just as nice, but it’s good just to get a video of it.

You [ Music, ]. So, whilst hours at my work meeting hubby took the kids to see some of the amazing Sydney sights so Phil Oakey is a definite must visit for those of you that have been to Sydney because it’s like the center place, and you can See the Sydney Harbour Bridge you can see all the boats and the fairies.

Actually, if you look at the yellow and gold fairy, Fred Hollows actually has one named after him, but unfortunately we missed that one but yeah the keys gorgeous. You can see the Sydney Opera House as well.

On that day there was some construction, so we couldn’t, go up the steps, but knowing you can explore that a bit more, which is always amazing to see, and there’s, always like street performers out there.

So I highly recommend not to mention the rocks is nearby with lots of shopping as well, and that is where we are off to connects more much shopping for hobby. So, as you can see there’s. Long jeans, Omega Man Blanc tag righto, so yeah it’s really good floor.

If you’re watching thew Xia’s to come and have a lot so Megha C master. I quite like this is quite simplistic, see master again, but it’S got the gorgeous croc embossed leather strap, which makes it a lot more dressier, doesn’t it.

Okay, that looks quite nice on. So here are some of the mega speed losses and then javi wants to try on some of the diving watches. I believe so. This is a dive watch and how can you tell it’s? A dive would just cut the rotating bezel.

That’s, got the rotating bezel better. On then off is the tag. Monaco watch square face not sure how I feel about the square face, but you were saying Jamie. This is quite rare. Quite rare I don’t mind the colouring.

I’m, just not sure about the square face. I like this circular face on you better. It’s good to kind of try. So this is the glacier teh guys I don’t know as much about watches, but this brand I actually haven’t heard of, I think I’d, prefer the IWC, which are these ones, which I’M told that this, and this is their best selling models of it yep.

What do you think do you like so now? This is the IWC and is the latest range which is stood fire which is named after airplane, all right. It’s named after a fighter plane, so now we have some yellow patches.

I hope I’m pronouncing that right. I’m, pretty new to watch these guys, but I thought I’Ll just show you some, since hobby is trying someone so just because I’m in DFS, I’ll. Have a look at coach.

This bucket bag is quite cute. What do you guys think of this bucket bag? It’s quite simplistic, but I quite like it. So just a quick look around I don’t know what that’S called, but I like the top handle not so much in this, but just give you a quick look, some of the bags and monogrammed bags.

I’m, not as familiar with coach guys, but I hear what you’Ve said you wanted me to vlog a little bit, so the backpack is very, very cute. Really like the tabie. I think the tabby is such a versatile bag.

Show you I like this one with the buckle and then the tweed version as well good afternoon guys. So here we are at the famous Bondi Beach. I think I’ve been here years ago, but not for a while. So now it’s.

Sunny the kids are gonna show they’re gonna go in the water, but they did bring their babies. As you can see, it is so so busy, but it is a beautiful afternoon. [, Music, ], [, Music ] here is actually some footage of the lifeguards.

We have a show called Bondi rescue in Australia. You can see that they’re filming for it just shout out to all the lifeguards out there for keeping us safe at the beach. So yeah just make sure you heed all the warning signs, but I just thought it would be kind of fun to show you that [ Music, ] [ Applause, ], [, Music ], so we are just sitting outside now.

Gon na have some gin, our pizza, pasta or the good stuff. Really it’s cooled down now, which is really nice. Look at my hair, frizzy hair don’t care. I leave the humidity, but that’s. Okay, the best do you want to say hi, you shed a good swimmer, my brother on the beach and our guns, just starting now, so it’s.

Gon na dig in so I’ve got the Scotch fill it. We & # 39, ve got some naki and I’Ve got a big pizza coming as well: [, Music, ], sorry, birth will swear and they put some of the displays the year of the rat, this little guy.

So last day insignia was short but sweet. We decided to have brunch at a place called the grounds of the city which we love. It’s, a quaint place, love with a sort of decoration. The food was delicious, the kids loved it, my beloved.

It yeah definitely would go back, and then we just spent the final hour just sort of like wandering the streets of Sydney where you’re. Seeing now is just George Street, which is a very popular straight there and yeah.

We just thoroughly enjoyed our time three days. Definitely wasn’t enough, and hopefully we’ll, be back soon, hey guys, so we’re just at the airport. Now we’re, just waiting for our flight to board, so I really hope you enjoyed coming along to Sydney with us.

Did you have a good time? Yes, and we saw some of the sights the kids went to Bondi Beach. Where else did you go into circular key circular keys Sydney, Harbour Bridge, so thank you so much to Fred Hollows for flying me up by the way guys this video is not sponsored by them.

I was just so humbled and honored that they asked me to come. Be the Luna Nia ambassador and that we got to bring the kids we pay for the kids flights, which is all be fun for them because they’ve the knee before.

But I’ll leave a link down below only 25 dollars. Restore sight to one person: I think that’s just so worth it, and someone can see it again and yeah. I just hope you enjoyed a bit of the shopping sightseeing and just spending a bit of time with us, but do consider donating.

I just I’m just so happy to bring some awareness on my channel. I definitely want to do more charity work. So if you liked this video give it a thumbs up, and I’ll see you in my next bye guys. [ Music, ]