The Apple Watch 1,000m Lap Pool Swim Test – Does it survive?

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I'm ready from DC Rainmaker today I'm going to go ahead and take the Apple watch swimming there's been a couple tests for folks that have done this in the pool just kind of plodding along but I'm gonna actually do instead so I will see how that works it's one of the hardest things to waterproof against so I'm gonna do about 10 to 15 minutes of laps something about a 50 meter pool behind me so I'll just keep on going back and forth my guess is that'll be somewhere between six and eight hundred yards torreón or meters depending on how I feel so with that I'll go ahead and get the water and I'll leave the camera on time-lapse so you can watch the whole thing happen okay describe the swim about a thousand meters long I took about 20 minutes and I spent another five minutes cuts around on the water getting some final shots so 25 minutes no water not too shabby if you look here at the watch you'll see that it's still turned on I can go ahead and hit the back button there and if I do it again I get back to main app screen and I think there's a bit wet so it's kind of hard to to move the display screen but nonetheless it is responding and I get back into the app they're showing the sorry there we go showing the 20 minutes and 14 seconds of the swim now for those tears my heart rate I did leave the heart rate on but the accuracy didn't seem to be too great I saw a bunch of random numbers there everything from 70 beats per minute up to 214 beats per minute so not terribly accurate there but that's pretty common for most optical watches that are in the water but the technology is not quite there yeah it's getting close but not there yet so keep tuned on my channel here as I put more Apple watch videos up the next one you'll see here will be the Apple watch in the chamber I'll take it down to 25 meters deep and especially designed waterproofing chamber and see well how well it holds up thanks for watching

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