Top 8 Features of Apple Watch Series 5!

We’re gonna be checking out the best new features of the Apple watch. Series – 5, hey everyone. It is aimed you from Apple Insider here and I am excited. We have the brand new Apple watches in our studio.

We have a few of them to check out today, so there is a few different changes in the Apple watch series 5 and we’re, going to go through all of our top features. So here are the best new features. The top features of the Apple watch series – 5 .

The first top feature of the Apple watch series five is to new case materials. We have ceramic which isn’t technically new ceramic debuted, with early models of the Apple watch, but has returned here for this series.

Five. It only comes in that bright, glossy white color. The second case, material is titanium. Titanium is entirely new for the Apple watch and there are two different versions of it. There is the darker version and the silver version, both of them have a lovely brushed texture to them, which is different than the glossy texture of the stainless steel and the matte soft finish of the aluminum.

Its kind of the best of both worlds gives you a great heavier feel than the aluminum and has a different finish compared to the stainless steel. It’s a little bit lighter, so not quite as heavy. It is very fingerprint resistant on both the silver and the black models, and because of that finish, that is on the outside.

It is far more durable in the stainless steel, which is prone to a lot of small micro scratches the next top feature of the Apple watch. Series 5 is at the s5 SOC SoC sans for system-on-chip, and it’s.

Basically, just a bunch of different components in a single chip, so you have your CPU, GPU and other components all baked into one component. Now the CPU itself is the same as what we saw with the series port, but with this series 5 it does have a few different parts that are different, including a new display driver and a power management chip that helps maintain that all-day battery life, and it Drives that new always-on Retina display we’ll, come back to that one in a moment.

Number three is the compass now adventurous. Individuals may be really excited about the compass, but a lot of other people are going to be completely count this out. They’re, not even going to bother looking at the compass Apple did do a great job implementing it has a gorgeous dedicated app.

It’s accessible to third parties and their apps, and it has a complication that can be viewed on the watch face from the app users can see the heading along with elevation latitude longitude and incline what really sold us as normal users on the Compass is the addition to the maps app now.

Maps can actually tell which way you’re facing. So, if you do a lot of navigation with your Apple watch in the maps app, this is huge. We use it a lot when we’re in the city and it can be a bit disorienting which way you’re supposed to be facing which streets to go down, so it can take a little bit to follow.

I’ve. You’re, just looking at your watch, but now you can say which way you’re headed, and you know, if you’re going in the right way. Number four is more storage. This is kind of a big deal this time around previous Apple watch is shipped with a maximum of 16 gigs, but the series 5 can go up to 32 since it comes with 32 gigs of storage gives you more room to store things like music for offline Listening but what’s even bigger, is with watch OS 6 apps can now be downloaded to wreck from the App Store to the Apple watch and be completely independent of your iPhone.

But that means is apps are going now be taking a little bit more space on your Apple watch, so that internal storage can go a long way. Next up is international cellular bans for cellular Apple watch users.

The series 5 now has international emergency calling should an emergency happen nearly anywhere in the world. Pressing and holding the side button will make the call to the local emergency services it functions.

Even if you don’t have a cellular plan. Currently active next is an improved ambient light sensor. The ambient light sensor has always been inside of Apple watch and it controls the display allowing you to brighten and dim itself based on its environment.

The new Apple watch series 5 has an improved ambient light sensor that makes the display even more responsive and quick to adjust its brightness. Wherever you are now, you’ll, never have to about the display being too dim or too bright ever again.

Number 7 on our list is that beautiful, always-on Retina display last year with a series for Apple, including an L, TPO OLED Retina display, but what it didn’t include, was the additional hardware necessary to keep it running all the time with the series? 5 and that new S 5 processor, it’s, going to allow that, despite to stay on all the time, it’ll automatically dim itself and drop down as low as 1 Hertz for refresh rate when it’s.

Not being actively looked at, a lot of people had been clamoring for this feature since the debut of the original Apple watch, but it took Apple some time to get it just right and in our opinion it’s, a feature that once you have You never want to give up.

It works on the watch face during workouts and even inside a third party apps last, but certainly not least, is the debut lack option. Poor the Hermes Apple watch. Now it no longer is limited to just silver.

So if you’re looking at the Hermes model of Apple watch, but you want something darker: it comes with those exclusive watch faces and sometimes the exclusive bands. So it’s, something you could only get by going with the actual air.

Mouthed Apple watch Edition. So with the black model, it now opens up to an even wider audience who may want that most premium of Apple watches, so that is it. Those are the top features of the Apple watch series.

5. What do you guys think is this enough to make you jump to the Apple watch series 5 or if you haven’t had an Apple watch. Yet, are you going to be picking up the Apple watch? Series 5. Definitely drop us a line below in the comments or between directly on Twitter at Andrew underscore OSU, and let me know what you decide: hey everyone.

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