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– Hey guys, this is doublelift. We make a valorant three five, with the three of our Valorant professional players play against the entire league team. I'm really excited to see if we can play against the pros win a few rounds or even the whole game. [TSM ] – Where are we going guys? [TSM Spica] – How about we build it right in the middle? – Are we going to the middle? Spica – Shouldn't We All Get to One Location Quickly? [TSM Wardell] – They're just five men at A or B. But I think it's more like A. [TSM Doublelift] – Why do you have a shorty, Ming? – Psst, no, no, it's a tech gang. [TSM Broken Blade] – Guys, whoa, whoa, whoa. [TSM ] – Look how they all hide away. – Oh, are they all together? – I think they just grunt in the fountain. [Doublelift] – Drop the bomb. – Somebody is throwing bombs. – Somebody throw a bomb, oh, I have the bomb! – Ming, it's our turn.

– Yes, I have it, I have it, I have it, I have it, I have it. [TSM ] – B, get off the side too. [Drone] Oh god! – You come, that's a, oh! – Oh, headshot! – oh – Name is. – Go in. [Wardell] – All I see is … Oh God, Biofrost, Oh God, I'm so sorry. Press point, go to backup. Good gracious! – Doublelift just messed me up, brother. [TSM ] – Beware of double lifts. I saw him play , he rocked the P90. – Did you see how he caught me? [] Yes, I have. When he caught you, I was scared. [TSM Wardell] – They're going to go to A now, watch out. They're … Oh god, they know. – Ah, they don't go to B, we should go to B. – Oh, drones. – Here it is, there. Is that a drone, is that a drone? – We're not going, we're not going. – Oh, we're not going, okay. Get out. – They're scared of me, they're scared they do B. [TSM ] – There's one out there.

[TSM Broken Blade] – They got elven things. [Biofrost] – I went the wrong way. [Bjergsen] I have a few butts for you guys. [Subroza] – You just shot that one too … – Vincent, Vincent, was that another goal? OK. – oh Help Vincent, help Vincent? – I'll come back to them later. – There are always some. – Turn to the middle, turn to the middle. Oh no I'm in the middle – You still have to wait. – I got one! In the middle, one in the middle. – Yes, a heaven? – Grilled chicken. – Wait, guys. – We're caught in the crosshairs. Oh, who do we have here, Astroboy99.

– I'm under a lot of pressure, guys. [Broken Blade] There was a sniper. Yes. – They do A. – Whatever you do, stick together. Don't underestimate … – You can run away, but you cannot hide. – You sweat, right? – Somehow. Focus, let me focus! – [Woman] 30 seconds left. – They know how to play jungle. – Is he playing in the jungle right now? – He's playing the jungle, for sure. He's looking for a red buffalo. – Oh yeah. – Oh, he hears you too, bro. – Psst, it's okay, we're throwing a bomb. – Well aimed, he's on the right. – Astroboy, oh oh oh oh! Good gracious.

– It's okay, we had to buy something. – We had to drop the bomb. – Guys, we're saving this for the operation. – No way. – Let's win one of these rounds, and too clearly, they'll sit there crouching. – If we push them, they'll do the same. – I know they'll do that. – Guys, don't worry, we can do it. We got it, you can throw the bomb, BB, anywhere. – I'm in the middle? – Some guns go out. – Oh, this way, left? – Wait, there are two people here, I'll do B. Two people are in the middle, I'm doing B – Yes, we do B.

– Oh my goodness, doublelift. I'm not afraid. – He'll be smurfing, he'll be smurfing. – Two ropes, two ropes. – Already a CT, it will still flank our seven CTs, Ambush, ambush. – [woman] your fault. – Good gracious. Yikes – clutch! – Very nice. – Come on! Come on oh – Yes! Guys! – I want to hear your comments this round. I want to hear the com. He's in, he's in, go! – Couldn't I shoot him through that thing? – No, that's no longer bangable.

– oh – So Phoenix ult? – What the hell, man. – What have you done? – I just looked at him and he died. – Enemies, very close. – I can't talk now, Peter. Oh god, he's in the middle of Yas. – That’s either a Heaven or a CT. Folks, Vincent is in A with the bomb. You can bomb him, Vincent, behind you. – I'm coming guys. – Get the bomb, Vincent. – Get the bomb. – Hold four, hold four. You got it, dude. – He'll likely be on screens, or he … – Behind you. – [Woman] – One more enemy. The last player. – You only have a one-on-one location.

We're just faking it for him. – [woman] An enemy yet. – Gotta go, I'm out of here, he was out. – Not like that, not like that. – Oh, reload. Reload, bee zerg sennnn, oh oh! – Soren, do you play for the KDA in this three-on-five game? – What, how do I play for the KDA. I chose someone. – No, do not do that. – I know what's the problem here. We should actually expand. – Really, do you mean? – No, but they'll pick one at a time.

– I know, but we don't have much to lose anyway. – Yes. – Yes. – Okay. – Exactly exactly. – Guys, we just have to show confidence. If you are confident, you will win. – Okay, okay. – This is true. – I'm with Vincent. – Do you want to press Tab and see its result, and? – Age, age … Center? One in the back. – No problem. They're up there, up there. What happened? – Wait, one more had CT, I think he comes to you via B. – It's like a new scene. He was pulverized. – One more enemy. – [woman] Flawless. – Oh, B is not unlocked! – We should actually split up. – All right, guys, I've got it, let's do A, and just look at my guns.

I have us. – Listen, they'll make it after this round not one round, let's just do three. We have to give them a few rounds because if we have League of Legends play against them, they don't give us a single one. – I don't play them in the league, are you kidding? – Hey, two, two, two there. – [man] No more fun. – I'm waiting for his buddy. Oh hello astroboy! Astroboy, come back. – [woman] An opponent no … The last player. – Oh! – Oh my goodness, how? – I was lucky. – I see. – Release the area. – Well, I have a shotgun too. – Dude, why are the two stack A, they can see through us. – They're too smart. – I think they're listening to our comments this is what happens here. – Guys, I really think the game is just like bucky and kite.

I can see. – If we don't attack, they'll attack us. – That's true, that's true. – Get out of my way! – The hunt begins. – I got a hit. – I am the hunter! – Okay, BB is the hunter. – BB is on the hunt. – He's on B, in B behind you. – Our B? – Yes. – He's on the CT. CT CT. – [woman] An enemy yet. – yikes. – Dude, these guys play so well together, holy … – Yes. – That makes sense to me. – That kind of makes sense. – Dude, these guys are like professionals. Vincent, you don't need to sneak around if the game has not yet started. – Guys, I'm lurking. Oh come on, Wardell is too good. – Another in the middle, two more. – Biofrost is not buying the right weapon. He's not buying the right weapon.

– He's right here. – What weapon is he buying? – How is it that Wardell is always where I am. Buddy, Wardell is in A with an operation and I am afraid. – No, everything is OK. That's okay. – [Man] Pathetic. – [Woman] Your duty is not over. – [Man] Thank you very much. – [woman] An enemy yet. – Oh, he's so bad, he's so bad. – My goodness, win it, oh, double lift! Oh, if it wasn't for a double lift, I'd win. If it weren't for the double lift. If it were Astroboy or Biofrost. – Oh my goodness, he's just a lot better than you.

– Bloody hell. – That was the beginning. The beginning of victory. – Ten dead in nine rounds, BB, impressive. Impressive. – That is worthy of an achievement. – What the… How come Wardell is always where I am. – [Omen] Watch them run now. – I drop a bomb on B. – Rotates, I see. – Rotates. OK. – [woman] An enemy yet. – It's B, man, B.

– Nothing spawned, nothing spawned. Are we going to the left? – You capper, cap! Stop them! – It was made, it was impressed. – Stop the cap. – No caps, dude. – no! – We almost won that. – I will never go to Wardell's side again, I only go in the middle of the lot. What if we only 5 men attack him? We don't even need the bomb Folks, we're just going to break out. – He's coming soon. – Headshot. – I have the next … Oh the next one. – enemy killed. – Where's Biene Zerg sen, you're here. Here, I know he's here. – You go first, go first. – You go first. Hurry up, Evan. – Rock-paper-scissors, who goes first? – You're getting out of here, BB. – wait! – Last man. – Oh, that was close! – One more enemy. – Okay. – He didn't fall. Buddy, he's doing mind games.

– [Woman] 30 seconds left. – Guys, I [ __ ] my pants. – Let it be, Bjergsen. – Let it be! Let it go, dude! – He never missed. – He read my mind. – oh I'm getting out of here. – I thought they were coming to B, thought we go to B if we sneak up to A. A dead one. – Another one? – Another one. – They go back to B. – Ok, ok, fake A, go to B. – They drop a bomb in B. OK. You are a bait, feel good as a bait. I'm here. – I'll bait you guys.

– Wait, am I the bait? He's here, I think he's here. – I'm definitely playing double heaven right now. – He's playing Heaven, he's playing Heaven? Heaven Heaven Heaven. – Spray through smoke and miss every shot. Kill him! – guys? – Juhuu! – Okay. It can't be that good. – Good gracious. – Now we're attacking distributed. Man, that was tough. – Let's go? – Yeah, we're going. – Triple D. – All right, it's a short lap now. Now they have to get this. – Definitely not a close round, one million percent. – Good gracious. Tell them what happened He's up here on the right. – What should we do? – Buddy, why are they leaving, I hate these guys. – Here we go. – That one guy had a shorty. One more enemy. – Ooh! – [Woman] Last player. – Sorry for going to B, you've been set up, dude. – They go to B? – Yes. They went to A and then to B.

– Man. I think I'm just saving my shield here. – No you don't, no you don't. Are you trolling, it will be there soon, take the ghost and crush it. – All right then. ♪ When I lie down to sleep ♪ ♪ I pray to the Lord that I will wake up again ♪ ♪ That I wake up again ♪ ♪ That I wake up again ♪ – yeah you see? Why do the professional players get shorty, and we don't, Peter? A little strange, isn't it? – Yes, that's right. – Is Peter sabotaging us? – I'm actually on their team, folks. – Oh, it's actually a four V four. – Maybe Shorty is the right move. I think so too slowly.

– Five. – Oh, are they coming? – They come to B, they come to B. – B? – Careful now. – I'm kind of scared. – He flashed that angle and I'm going to double flash. – [Phoenix] Oh, you're not coming back. Ah. – They drop a bomb on B? – Yes. – Mike. – oh – He's got 20 horsepower. – Where is he? – He came from Heaven. – 14 horsepower than the world him needed most, Wardell. – He's got 20 horsepower. – It is impossible that he … – It has 20 hp because … – It has 20 hp. – He's got 20 horsepower. – 20 hp. – How much horsepower do you guys have, how much horsepower? Man. Yes. – wow! Why is he so good? Wait guys, how much horsepower did he have, how much horsepower? What was his horsepower? – I think he was 20. – That was kind of crazy, guys. – There. – Too easy for Matt … – There it is, he has to climax, he's scared. I know he's scared, I know he's scared. I'm too cocky for that, man. – cluster.

I do a pre-flash, and then … Where am I? – Teleported to somewhere, dude. – I know I found him. Get down! – Ming, you're kind of crazy. Looks like B. – Ah! They're coming for you, bro. – One more enemy. – Oh, that kind of … – Last player. – Oh what? He's on the ropes. – I have the spike. – A, A, A, A. – Drop a bomb? – Yes. – The world will need him again Wardell, one on two. – Gotta listen. – I have a drone. [Sova] – drone is dispatched. – Oh, he's here – oh, no. – Hey! – It's quiet, he didn't hear it, he just wanted to see what would happen. – Oh! – He's heavenly. – No, BB is playing Heaven. – Yes, I know, but he will come to. – He is too, he was too. – What? – BB! Oh, there is no such thing. – I told you he was there! Try a defuse and then go! – cuckoo! Cuckoo, cuckoo! – The eagle led you.

– Our teamwork goes one level higher. Just kidding, it never becomes one Reach a higher level because we are League of Legends, am I right folks? – I don't even know what this game is. – Neither do I, I've never played it. – Thank you guys have looked at the Valorant . If you have any comments or suggestions, please write in below. I'll see you next time..

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