Watches for Men: 30 Watches from $300-$1,000

So I received a good amount of love when I released a video of 20 watches under $ 200. If you have not seen that video, I will link to it down in the description below. However, in this video we’re gonna.

Take it up another level. What is going on everybody? My name is Teddy Balthasar and in this video we’re gonna be talking about 30 watches from three hundred dollars to a thousand dollars that you should check out.

We’re gonna be going through these watches rather quickly. They’re gonna be solely contemporary watches because I think vintage watches deserve their own video and all the links to these watches will be in the description down below so to break it down.

We’re gonna first. Take a look at sports, watches and coronagraphs. I’m going to combine those together. Then we’re, going to take a look at dress, watches next field watches in every day watches, and then we’re, going to close it all out with diver watches, but without further ado guys.

Let’s! Jump in to the video first up are our sports, watches and chronographs in the first watch that we’re going to take a look at is the seagull 1963 hand winding chronograph. This watch comes in at $ 350 is a 21 June 1 de mint 38 millimeter case with a sapphire crystal, and I know some people might be hesitant because this watch to have the Chinese movement.

But when you’re, just looking at the price point and what you’re, getting you’re, getting a whole lot of watch and it’s. A great watch! If you’re. Looking for a chronograph under the $ 400 price point, next, we have the T so heritage 1948 chronograph.

This watch retails for over $ 1000, but you can pick it up in the secondary market for under a thousand. If you look diligently enough, I wanted to include it just because I think it is one of the most tasteful and beautiful chronographs in this price range.

It comes in at 39, and a half millimeter case is powered by an automatic movement. Actually, in fact, an edit caliber 2890 for next we have a watch from a brand. That is a micro brand actually, but these watches have really caught my eye and if they’re incredibly tasteful and that is from the brand Baltic, we’re, specifically gonna.

Take a look at the Baltic bio compact 0:01. This is a chronograph. It comes in. Just over $ 700 has a 38 millimeter case. They’re all handmade in France. The movement is actually a Venus one, seven five caliber movement, but it is a really tasteful looking movement.

These are amazing, looking watches as well, and I think you can definitely justify for the price point you know pulling the trigger on this squash because it does a lot of things right and then, lastly, for our sports chronograph watches we’re gonna Close it out with the Autodromo group be automatic.

This watch is 50 meters water-resistant. It comes in right above $ 900, and these watches they just are really authentic Autodromo. They make great watches. They really embody that race, like aesthetic comes in with a thirty nine millimeter case and is powered by a Miata nine zero one, five automatic 24 jul 2 2013 9 millimeter case and is a fully automatic wash powered by a T.

So caliber Powermatic easy movement. Next, we have the stove of marine class teak 40. This watch is 50 meters, water resistant. It comes in around 500 to 700 dollars, so it does fluctuate and comes in with a 40 millimeter case.

It is powered by an edit 2824 movement and also has a option for a hand winding or automatic versions, so really interesting and very unique, offering from stove ax and you’ll, see that continued with a couple other watches, as I mentioned as we Go through here next up, we have to watch lines from Seiko and the first watch line that I want to take a look at is the sake of sarve line, so specifically want to take a look at the star 0, 3, 3 and then the star 0.

3 5, so both the sarbs 0, 3, 3 and thus ARB 0, 3. 5 are 100 meters water-resistant. They can both be had for between three hundred and fifty four hundred dollars, and they both have in 38 millimeter case for the sapphire crystal, are fully automatic and are powered by say, goes 23 jul 6, our one five caliber movement.

The next line we’re, going to take a look at from Seiko, is the Seiko precise line, specifically the SRP, be for one and then the SRP be for six, both fifty meters water resistant and can be found for under $ 400.

They have a forty point, five millimeter case and are fully automatic powered by the for our three five automatic movement from Seiko and have a hard-luck crystal on both of them. Next, we have a watch from a very underrated Swiss watch manufacturer and that is Fredrik constant.

Specifically, we are going to take a look at the classic cindex automatic watch. This watch comes in right at our top price point of $ 1000 with a 40 millimeter case and is fully automatic with an FC 303 automatic movement.

Then we have the T so visit date, and this is a watch that it’s well beloved within the community out here on YouTube. This watch is one that I have own and it comes in four three hundred to five hundred dollars on average, depending on what dial color you get has a 40 millimeter case.

It’s, a fully automatic watch with an edit caliber 2836 to movement. So the watch here we’re gonna take a look at is the Mito Bahrein celli heritage. This watch comes in between 500 and 700. Dollars is fully automatic, powered by Meadows, caliber, 80 movement and comes in with a thirty nine millimeter case.

Mito is a brand that does not get a lot of love in North America is more popular in Latin America and Europe, but has been making waves over here to North America as of late. Next we have a personal favorite of mine and that is the young hands max bill.

So if you’ve been watching my channel, you understand that I really love max bill design. Powerhouse design watches I own the chrono scope max bill, chrono scope and although that watch is great, it would not be viable for the price range that we’re looking at today.

So, instead you can get the traditional max bill, dress, watch that comes in a 38 millimeter case, the one with an automatic movement. It comes in right under $ 1,000, the quartz one. If you do want to get a quartz movement, you just really want to buy this for the aesthetic purpose.

You can get it for about half the price. So you have some options here, but you’re, really getting this watch for the ascetics. More than anything else – and I will say it knocks out of the park and then lastly, we have the stove ax antia back to bottle house.

This watch comes in just under a thousand dollars and has many different dollars. The watch can be purchased with an automatic or hand winding movement again and comes in several different case sizes.

Actually so a thirty five point, five millimeter case a thirty six point, five millimeter case and then a thirty nine point, five millimeter case. Now we’re gonna jump into field watches, and I’ll, say everyday watches and we can’t look at this category without first looking at Hamilton, the hamlet says that we’re, going to look At are the khaki field line, first, being the Hamilton khaki field, mechanical comes in 50 meters water-resistant and also is just under $ 500 retail, with a 38 millimeter case, just like its name would suggest.

It is a mechanical hand. Winding watch powered by the Edit 2801 to movement, then we have the khaki field. Auto is slightly more expensive than the hamlets in khaki field, mechanical coming in right, around five hundred and seventy five dollars retail and is 100 meters.

Water resistant comes with a 38 millimeter case and then lastly, we have the Hamilton, khaki King Otto. This watch is 50 meters, water resistant and comes in just under six hundred dollars. Retail has a 40 millimeter case automatic again powered by the caliber H, 40 movement.

So now we’re gonna revisit these say co-starred line, and specifically we’re gonna take a look at the Seiko star zero one, seven, because I feel it fits this category much better and if you guys know this watch, You of course know it is also known as the Seiko alpinist.

This watch was actually just discontinued, and now the price is already jumping, so I purchased this watch around a year ago. It was $ 350, but is now hovering closer to above $ 400, and I’ve, seen it as high as $ 500, and it’s very difficult to find.

Now it comes with a 38 millimeter case and it’s. 200 meters of water resistant. It’s, fantastic watch. I’m, not the biggest fan of the green dial. It spoke to me when I originally saw it, but the there’s.

No doubt this watch packs a ton of value. So again, we are greeted by the brand Mito and we’re gonna look at the Mito Commando to this watch comes in between 750 and $ 1,000 has a 40 millimeter case. It is water.

Resistant up to 50 meters in is fully automatic, with a great 80 hour power reserve and then for our last field watch we have none other than the stove kleeger classique. The price of these watches fluctuate, depending on the version you get, but I will focus on the Pflueger classic 40 with no logo.

It comes in just at about $ 1000 at the retail mark and it comes with a 40 millimeter case in an automatic or hand winding movement option, and now it’s time to take a look at diver watches from this $ 300 $ 1000 Price point: first, we have the Helios Seaforth.

This is a very underappreciated brand and even more underappreciated watch. This watch comes in just under $ 700 and is powered by the Edit 2824 automatic movement and is 200 meters water resistant. The thing I love about this watch is how different it can look, depending on the bezel and dial that you decide on.

It is either a 40 millimeter or a 41 millimetre case, depending on the bezel that you decide on probably one of the best values that you can get in this price range. The only difficulty is, they sell out very quickly.

There are in limited supply, so you know good luck, finding one so jumping back to a brand that we’ve seen previously is Hamilton and we’re gonna take a look at their Hamilton, khaki Navy scuba. This watch retails just under $ 700, has a 41 millimetre case is automatic, empowered by a caliber, 28 34 movement, the only catches – it is only water resistant up to 100 meters.

So if you actually are trying to go scuba diving with it, there might be some limitations there. If you are someone that is really into the Hobby next we have the long jeans, hydro conquests. This watch fluctuates in price.

Pretty greatly. I’ve. Seen some go from 500 to a thousand dollars, you can get a some different case sizes for this different movements as well and is 300 meters water resistant. So we’re, not talking knives, but we are talking a brand that primarily known for that and that is the Victorinox Swiss Army maverick mechanical watch.

These watches come in from four hundred to five hundred dollars with two different case sizes. You can get one with a forty three millimeter case and a thirty four millimeter case. They are automatic, watches powered by the trustee at a caliber.

28 24 movement. Next, we have a watch that I have owned in the past and that is the glycine combat sub. So glycine, as prices have defi, been fluctuating a bit after being purchased by Invicta a few years back.

They come in between 350 to 500 dollars with a 42 millimeter case, are fully automatic and are water resistant up to 200 meters and for the third time on our list, we are secreted by Mito again and we’re gonna be taking a Look at the Mito ocean star and prop Cimino for having a watch in three categories here.

This watches 200 metres water-resistant the ocean star, comes in with a forty two point. Five millimeter case has an 80-hour power reserve. Is water resistance again up to 200 metres and is an automatic watch powered by their Mito calibre 80 movement? These watches come in from 500 to 750 dollars on average and really are a great value prop for this price point and then our final watch here is the Alpena C strong diver heritage.

So there are a lot of other versions of the C strong that are well under $ 1000. However, I love the Heritage versions, design it retails over a thousand new, but you can find it on the use market for under $ 1000.

It comes in with a 42 millimeter case, is water-resistant up to 300 metres and is a fully automatic wash powered by their Alpena caliber al five to five movement so guys. Those are some watches that I would recommend in this price range.

Of course, there are plenty more so please leave comments down below about watches that I have missed. I’m. Definitely gonna make a part two in this series for this price range. So guys, if you found this video helpful, please give it a thumbs up, be sure to subscribe, hit that little bell icon, because that helps out the channel.

We talk fashion, watches and everything in between on this channel, and I would love for you to join our journey here. But until next time guys be well – and I will see you all very soon – [ Music, ]