Wear Multiple Watches At The Same Time? Can A Man Wear 2 (Or More) Watches & Be Stylish?

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How To Wear Multiple Watches
[0:00:00] In today’s video, gents, how to wear multiple
watches at the same time. [Music]
So, I got this question years ago, Antonio, can a man wear more than one watch at the
same time and still be stylish? At the time, I totally discounted the question
like I’m not going to make a video of this. But, I got this question again and, now, that
I love watches and I’ve got actually some, I have found myself wearing more than one
watch at the same time. So, I decided to create this video to actually
make the case that a man can wear more than one watch at the same time and still be stylish. So, let start this video off by answering
the question why. What are reasons that men would want to wear
more than one watch? Okay.

So, imagine you’re the CEO of a company
and you’ve got a status watch. The original James Bond Explorer because
you explore the world and this is a symbol of what you’ve earned. But, right below that you want to wear your
old trustee Databank. Why? Because you started off as an accountant. You love to calculate numbers and you want
a calculator handy, but you also go diving in the afternoon to take a private jet down
the Bahamas and so, you’ve got your trustee diving watch. Now, the point I’m making with that quick
example is that different watches serve different purposes. One watch you may wear because of status because
of just the design. You love the way it looks. Another one, because of the function because
of what it reminds you where you came from. Another one, because it can go down to 200
meters, it’s got different time zones, you’ve got people working in five different areas.

I know for me, I’ve got people that work
for me in nine different time zones. So, guys, understand that you can actually
bring in different watches and if you treat it like jewelry, maybe wear one on each wrist. I’m going to say that you’re going to
wear them all on the same wrist, but what you’re looking here is you’re wearing
different watches that serve you in a different way. Again, two different watches, two different
purposes, both of them very durable, but that’s where the similarities really end between
these watches. This one got set with atomic time. This one I can actually get the temperature,
I can measure my heartbeat. This one is a very smart device. I can go through the mud with this one.

You probably don’t want to go with the mud
with this one, but if I’m going to be on a yacht, hey, wear the Yacht Master. The point is different watches different purposes,
they serve different functions. Another reason to , you simply
like the look. You want to be different, you want to stand
out from the crowd. You want to get questions about this. You like the way that this white dial makes
the blue dial look even bluer. The simply the contrast, the silver works
together, but here you’ve got the leather strap with the metal strap. You like the contrast. Again, you do it for yourself. Maybe for some of you guys, you feel it brings
balance to your outfit. You know you just feel weird with the watch
on one arm, so why not put it on both that way you balance it out. And I’ve heard some people even cite safety
concerns especially when they depend on their watch.

Let’s say you’re a deep sea diver and
you need to know the time, you need to be able to split time, you need to be able to
use this information to make important decisions. You’re a first responder and you don’t
want to rely on just one watch where the battery could go dead or the other one it just get
smashed and gets destroyed, you want to have a back up. In that case, why not . And a quick bit of related trivia when Sir
Edmund Hillary first climbed Mt. Everest, he took two watches with him. Why? Because you got to be able to measure how
much oxygen is left in the tanks. They didn’t have a measuring device, so
they used timers. Which watches did he take? Guys, one of them was a , the other one
was which brand? Let me know down in the comments. I love to hear if you guys can guess it and
if you know your history.

The next reason wearing more than one watch
at the same time is that you’re going to get more wears out of those watches. So, let’s face it, your collection has grown,
you’ve got a modest collection of fifty watches which means if you wear one watch
per day and you rotate through, seven wears per year. Guys, that’s not enough. You love your watches, you want to wear them
show them off more, so you start to wear more than one at the same time and guess what? You’re able to wear them more throughout
the year and kind of pass the love around.

Finally, and this one is straight and practical. When I’m traveling I don’t want to leave
my nice watch in my luggage, so guess what? I’m wearing two watches through security
that way I can keep track of them. I know where they’re at I’m not going
to damage them and I just don’t want to lose my luggage and then lose one of my nice
watches. So, I end up when
I’m traveling if I’m taking multiple watches with me. So now, let’s talk about the dangers of
. The first one is that you look too awesome
and you’re just going to blow people away. No, seriously, people are going to ask questions,
they’re going to look at this, they’re going to like, ah, what’s going on here? And, yes, this is overkill. But what I want to stress here also is you’ve
got watches rubbing again each other, so you will get scratches on your watches if you
wear multiple watches.

Another thing, if you’ve got watches that
are basically mechanical and they’ve got very intricate movements in there, you got
to be careful because knocking up against other watches can actually damage the inner
mechanics. So, how to pull off the look? Well, you can go on each arm, the balance
look. Wearing an odd number of watches than one
side you can make the strong side. Now, you can’t wear both watches on one
arm, understand this one is going to get stronger. And if you’re going to do this, I like to
go for a little bit of contrast. And, finally, pay attention to proportion.

Smaller watches should be closer to the wrist,
the larger watches can make their way down the forearm. [0:04:56]
Now, for you watch guys out there, don’t take this video too seriously, I’m just
having fun with this video. But if you want more, I want you to go check
out all the other great videos I’ve got here at Real Men Real Style when it comes
to watches such as really understanding what it means for a watch to be waterproof. I feel that the information out there is messed
up is convoluted, I try to make it clear right here or if you’re going to be going out
there and buying watch, make sure to use my checklist.

Gents, in this video I go through a step-by-step
process, so you can buy the right watch for you at the right time at the right price. I’ve got a PDF you can download. Again, it’s this video right here and all
of these I’m linking to down in the description. And, gentlemen, now it’s your turn, I want
to hear from you down in the comments. Agree? Disagree? What do you think about today’s video? Let me know down in the comments. And you know I love to recognize my notification

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I want you to start dressing in a manner that
sends the message you want to send. That’s my goal here at Real Men Real Style
and I’m proud to help you with it. All right, gentlemen. That’s it. Take care. I will see you in the next video. Oh, and by the way, in past videos, I have
worn multiple watches on multiple occasions and no one ever notices. So, yes, guys, you can pull it off. [Music]
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