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hi there everyone my name 
is lisa and i'm getting fit   so for today's video i wanted to try something 
a little bit different now obviously if you're   a fitness lover and you love to track your 
progress smart watches are one of the main   gadgets you want to get i think 
there's a galaxy watch out there garmin i've heard   about as well there are lots of watches on the 
market at the moment that provide you with the   stats like steps sleep trucking heartbeat and much 
more but because there's so many on the market it   can become quite overwhelming if you actually 
want to invest in one because they're not cheap   normally they range from around 100 to 400 
500 pounds so i'm here to talk you through my   experience with my fitbit and why i switched to an 
now i should tell you that throughout   this experience i have used an iphone so it might 
be different if you've got a samsung or if you've   got another phone then i do i've got the iphone 
8 plus at the moment i've had it for like three   years so throughout this experience with my fitbit 
and my i've always had the same iphone   now obviously what's handy with fitness trackers 
is that you can track them using an app on your   phone so you can see statistics and you can see 
them more in depth than you would on your watch   now at the moment i've got an series 
six i just invested in one i've just had it for   over a week so i just wanted to tell you guys some 
stuff that i found my fitbit has and doesn't have   basically compare the two and let you know the 
pros and cons of both so that you can make your   wind up if you want to invest in one as well so at 
the start of my fitness journey i bought a fitbit   i think this was october 2019 where i bought a 
fitbit in a black friday sale so it was around   180 quid at that point it was the fitbit further 
too i wish i had it still but i've sold it so i   don't have it anymore but i show a picture up here 
somewhere and i loved it i loved it so much it was   so great to finally track my steps be able to see 
my heart be be able to track workouts on it this   fitbit obviously looks really pretty i had 
it in rose gold the same color as this one i also   had different bands for it i had a normal band 
that comes with it but i got allergic to that one   pretty fast and i had a sports band with more 
like holes in it to breathe through i also had   one similar to this and i also had a fabric one 
obviously i've invested in those bands throughout   my experience with my fitbit but after a few 
weeks my band started to itch and i got a rash   from it now i have looked it up and i see that 
a lot of people get this especially with the   band that comes with it so i was like i need 
to switch bands i need to get another band so   i got the sporty one which was fine but it was 
made of the same material the silicon materials   so that didn't last it was more breathable so i 
didn't get the rash as quickly but i still had   to change it up from time to time change the bands 
up then i discovered this one which was honestly   my answer because i just started wearing that 
when i wasn't working out and i didn't get a   rash at all so when i worked out i would switch 
it to the siligon or the sporty one and then   when i didn't work out i would just wear this 
one for like fashion purposes what i personally   love about the specs of the fitbit is 
that it tracks the sleep but it tracks asleep   in way more depth than the apple watch does it 
track sleep stages so attracts your rem your light   sleep your deep sleep and the time you're awake 
now i know this is not 100 accurate again this   is meant as a guide in itself or 
on its own it might not be as accurate but if you   track it for long periods of time it can be a 
really good guide the six plus day battery life   was great but it was also a problem because i just 
kept it on if i wanted to i just kept it on always   because i like to sleep with it the only time 
i would take it off is when i showered so that   became a problem especially in the beginning with 
the bands and with the rashes because the battery   dive was so good and that's one of the cons of 
the apple watch actually is the battery life   you have to charge it every day basically it will 
last you up to 18 hours as i think it says on the   website but when i come home and i sit around 
in the evening i just charge it which is fine   but if you forget it one day you can't sleep with 
it you can't track your sleep yadda yadda etc etc   horrible disaster obviously the price point is 
different the fitbit i think it's 180 what i   paid and for the i paid 
450 i think so that's a different price point   the battery life is the one thing for the apple 
watch that i'm like they could have upgraded this   way more but they didn't because they're apple 
and they've got the power over everyone but then   i guess how they work the difference in 
how they work makes up for it because   it didn't sync up well so at the beginning it 
synced up really well you've got the fitbit app   on your phone so you just go there and you see the 
stats in more depth and whatever normally what it   does it syncs up with your phone and stuff but 
once i had it for a year and a half it started   being weird with the syncing up it said fitbit 
not found device not found and then i had to   reconnect it disconnect it reconnect it again 
and then sometimes it said it hadn't synced up   but then it had because i saw that my steps were 
added and stuff on the app and it was just a bit   of a weird thing and i think that's because i 
just had it for so long that it just started like   acting up a little bit i haven't noticed that with 
my apple watch at all but i think that's because i   have an iphone so it syncs up automatically 
which is a way better system in my opinion   as well as the fact that every notification i get 
from my iphone go straight to my apple watch and i   can actually reply by text like by drawing on the 
screen as well as voice so that's great i've got   the messenger app on here i've got text app on 
here another con i think for the fitbit is that   it overestimates calories by a lot it's not as 
accurate as i think the apple watch is and i don't   know why that is but when you wave your arm around 
with a fitbit on it will count as steps because it   doesn't have built-in gps that's another thing 
the fitbit version doesn't have built-in gps   so i think that's why when you shake your arm 
and it doesn't really track where you are it   will think that you've done a step this one has 
built-in gps and also built in cellular so if   you're with i think it's vodafone ee or o2 you can 
actually for a couple of pounds a month you can   make a phone number for your apple watch so you 
can use it out and about when you don't have your   phone on you you can actually make calls and 
texts and stuff like that and use your phone   mobile data if your phone's not on wi-fi so that's 
great actually i've not really tried that out yet   but i kind of want to another thing i love about 
the apple watch when it comes to tracking calories   is that you can see your attract active calories 
so obviously you've got your rest in calories so   when you sit down and you do nothing all day 
you still burn calories the fitbit doesn't   really distinguish that from active and passive 
calories but the apple watch does so when you do   a workout i'll put a workout on the screen hold on 
so it will give me my active calories as well as   my heartbeat and my total calories as well which 
is great it does depend obviously on the workout   you choose how it's being shown but it always 
shows your active calories your total calories   and your heartbeat so that i think is a huge plus 
because i can actually see how many calories are   actively burned during that workout another thing 
i have noticed with the apple watch that i love   is the competitive factor with the rings now if 
you don't know what i'm talking about these rings   you have to close basically the red one is 
movement the green one is exercise and the   blue one is standing per hour basically you start 
you have to stand up for one minute every hour to   count towards your goal so the movement and the 
exercise goal are based on calories for the day   which you can then reevaluate after a week of 
use it's really satisfying to see the rings   close at the end of the day and to have like your 
notification like oh you've closed all your rings   and it's great you can also with fellow people who 
have apple watches you can see their achievements   with their inks and you can stay up to date with 
their workouts so that's also really fun fitbit   does have a whole separate community on their 
app where you can be friends with people and   do challenges with each other which i used to 
really love but the app watch doesn't have that   but instead it just has like only watch it's a 
bit more individual in a way but if you really   like that sense of community i definitely go for 
the fitbit because fitbit really has a whole app   dedicated to that yeah that's basically all i've 
got to say i have realized that i like the apple   watch more that's just because of the fact that it 
calculates calories more accurately and it syncs   up with my iphone like a dream and fitbit just was 
such a faff to sync up and that's basically the   reason why i switched from a fitbit to an apple 
watch because it was just such a faff constantly   not finding the device not finding the fitbit 
and just not wanting to sync up and just being   all over the place with calories tracking 
and stuff like that i also wanted a change   of scenery i had the fitbit for a year and a 
half and i kind of wanted a change and i loved   the layout of the apple watch so that is all for 
today's video i hope you found it informative   and if you want to invest in an apple watch or a 
fitbit let me know which one you want to go for   if you already have a please 
let me know which one you have i would be really   interested in reading that in the comments let 
me know what you want to see me doing next and   for now i'll just say thank you for watching 
the video i hope you like it give it a thumbs   up if you did subscribe if you're new and 
push that little bell icon if you want to   be notified of future videos and then i will say 
goodbye and i'll see you in the next video bye oh

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