Will it Blend? – Apple Watch

Will it Blend? – Apple Watch

Will it blend? That is the question it seems like I’ve been waiting forever for my Apple watch. While I was waiting, I made my own, I watch, but it was way too clunky. Thankfully, the real Apple watch is finally here and boy.

Is she a beauty? Thank you, Tom, that is nice of you to say, Siri. It’s, so good to see you again. You too, it has been a while so Siri I’ve, blended just about everything that Apple makes. Yes, it has been both inspiring and disturbing, but there’s.

One thing that I haven’t blended, yet I know don’t say it the Apple watch, but the Apple watch is a work of art. It should be on your wrist, not in a Blendtec Siri. I’m afraid there’s. No other way to answer the question: will it blend ouch then this is goodbye.

Farewell Tom move over Dick Tracy. I think I’m, going to press the force touch button. Wow, Oh Siri smoke, don’t breathe this. So what’s up? Next, I hear Apple is building their own car. I can deal with that.