Zenith Watches shares their latest news at Baselworld 2018

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[Music] now we're gonna take you inside sauna the meet with Julian tour Nair and show you that the sky is not the limit it's just the view with feet come on inside I have to say for the last year it's been super busy but it's been a fantastic adventure because we really already feel the results of our new strategy our new product and the reactions of the dealer's and the press and everyone during these few days is so positive that the whole team is boosted more than anything we needed to have the right product historically we've had a fantastic iconic movement el primero the best chronograph ever in the watch industry but we were kind of missing the an iconic watch and from my very first days I told mr.

Beebe of the day we can have the iconic movement and the iconic watch together then we're gonna make it happen and that that's what we have now with the with the defy 21 and so that's starting really to kick off very strongly so we came first with the defi classic a 300 but still in the contemporary design of the the defi line and we also had to come back and this is the big year the comeback of Zenit in high in audiology or high which is so important because we were very strong in that segment years ago but again I wanted to do it in a contemporary design so we have the defy and we have inside this gyroscopic escapement which is honestly something unique most of what we call to be honest they are trying to compensate the effect of gravity and they do to us to some extent but with this gyroscopic escapement that we called zero gravity the regulating organ doesn't ever move it always keeps the same position you can turn the watch the way you want this one never moves so you have absolutely zero effect of gravity and this is the only watch I know having this these properties beat had known already a mystery back for quite a while and when I got on board I think this the second or third week I was on board I flew to New York to make mid and to get to understand this man and what we could do together and I was really positively surprised because not only okay is the celebrity he's well-known it's a great music producer and recording artist but he's also he loves he doesn't just want the partnership to have a partnership he's really into and from the very beginning he said I'm interested to organize parties to raise the brand awareness to help you for that fine but I want to create watching this okay so you have to come to Switzerland my influence was to take an amazing brand like Zen if that master movement and master craftsmanship and bring it to a wider audience bring it to a younger audience but taste-making audience and give them something fun to look at on the wrist as well the quote is skies not the limits is just a view there's footprints on the moon why should this skies be our limits you know so basically go further than you can even imagine and that's what we're doing with the brand and by mr.

Beaver and Julian let me express my creativity it's already going beyond the vision that this brand ever had you know even today we're launching the first ceramic watch with my collaboration but then it's like don't let people tell you what to do because guys mental image assisted view and I think it's perfectly matching the philosophy of Zenit because today what are we doing we are pushing the limits you know typically this is the 100 of a second chronograph after 1/10 now we have 100 so we push push push the limit at what you can do from a mechanical point of view so he's a great guy and we became very good friend and we have many more projects to come if I think the watch industry is doing well we had some difficult years but it's relatively difficult because after 15 years of uninterrupted success we had a few more challenging years but now we're back on track we back on growth and it's a regular growth then I think there is a big change now in China is the change of generation second generation of Chinese these guys and I know them because I was living there they studied abroad they speak English like you and me or more than like midden like you but they speak good English decent English they they go on internet like nobody else I mean they are totally different and they are much closer to our purchasing behavior than their parents that means we they need as a brand with this very good value for money and contemporary design we are very well positioned not only to gain the local clientele worldwide but also to gain these Chinese Millennials that now don't want to buy for Chinese they want to buy strong global brands that are recognized everywhere [Music]

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